Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finally... Finals *Again* !!!

Hell yeah, the time is here again, the damned final exams !!! 

After finished busying with the thesis, I felt like I've lost a big burden in return of a lots of pimples and panda eyes. When the thesis was bound and given to me at the photocopy shop, the first thing that pop into my mind was, "my half year's hard work finally bears a fruit !". Oh yeah, most importantly: no more dealing with alignment problems, strict formatting, used of US/British English words and sleepless night now !

#The cover of my softbound thesis.#

Curious about what am I doing with the apples ? Take a glimpse on it here:

#Looks disgusting ? These are the crude extract that taken me quite some time to extract out from the apples ! It might contain phytochemicals that has the potential to be a drug/cure to cancer.#  

#Acsorbic acid standard solution added with violet/purple coloured DPPH free radical, one of the bioassay to test the antioxidant activity.#

#ABTS cation solution is another solution used test the antioxidant activity using another bioassay. Dont you just love the colour of the solution ?#

And guess what... final exams are coming *didnt I just mentioned it earlier ?*, and I'm still slacking to get enough sleep. Haha~~~ In the end I'm sharing this song to you lot that I've been listening to for the past few days. Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin, and then later on rearranged by Disney in Fantasia 2000. Enjoy~

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