Thursday, July 29, 2010

SOUVENIRS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Souvenirs !!! Who doesnt like souvenirs !? Everyone LOVES souvenirs of course !!! Some of the ex-TE 4rians went to travel before the hectic weeks coming ahead. And thats the right time you ask for souvenirs from them just before they kick start on their journey ! Hahaha~~~

SL went to Cameron Highlands with a bunch of his friends and bought back tons of strawberries and cherry tomatoes !!! Whats more is that he's becoming a part-time Santa Claus by giving away lollipops to his coursemates ! How nice is he...

#This is no ordinary strawberries and cherry tomatoes. Its so sweet and juicy !!! *Yum yum*#

While for Sensei-sama, she went to Taiwan with her sister and friends, and of course, she bought back a shirt as souvenirs for all of us !!! I was so happy to get a shirt from her. Should we all dress on the shirt she bought us for her to snap a picture someday ?

#The semi-formal shirt Sensei bought.#

#Sensei said it might look good if I put on the vest that I bought that day. I tried to match it and wulala, it does look good !!!#

#And so I'm thinking: why not put on a tie too !? I tried a silvery-white tie ...#

#...and a shiny-black tie on it. Seems like both of the ties looks just nice on it for me. Love this shirt to the max !!!#

Oh yea, not forgetting our Ring Ring who just came back from Russia for her holiday ! I heard the others said she bought all the ex-TE 4rians souvenirs too, but she cant come to Kampar alone. We'll definately meet you someday later on before you go back for your studies. So until then, please wait for us !!!
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3D Television !!!

The 3D tech is here, but the main problem is: how can we view it without the need of the crappy glasses ? Looking for answers ? Watch the video below.

The first thing you notice from this video is that: amazing, its real...

The next thing you realize is: but its just a projected image !!!

And the last thing you might noticed from the video is: yeah, its from Samsung.

Samsung has released a 3D LED TV which supports 3D graphics and enables you to view 3D movies. I'm not sure whether this TVs are out in the market now or not but sure the tech is impressive.

Well, Sony is gonna come out with something similar too, which needs the special glasses to view the 3D effect on the TV. Watch the ads below:

I'm not sure whether you'll be able to view the video in 3D with those glasses since I dont have one.

If you're paying attention nowadays, it seems like everything got to be in 3D in order to catch people's attention. Movies, games...and even the notices in my university are handmade into 3D shape which pops out from the notice board to gain attention. With all the 3D techs we're having now, are we gonna be able to feel and navigate through the 3D world in the future ? Perhaps gaming in the 3D world too and not just watching the 3D screen...

Lastly, if I'm given a prize and to choose between these two awesome TVs, I wonder which will I pick... mmm...
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sky Chord - Tsuji Shion

The plot of the anime/manga Bleach has been giving more and more surprises in every episodes/chapters recently. I'm one of the weekly follower for the manga as the plot goes further beyond the anime, but one thing that makes me watch the anime series is the opening, ending, and the moving characters in bright coloured clothes and environment.

If you're wondering whether the manga or the anime has more plot ? Answer is anime. The manga only focuses on the main plot while paying little attention on all the connections between the characters; but for the anime, all the relationships between the characters are shown either directly, or through a flashback.

So while I'm watching the episodes about how Hirako and gang hollowfies, I come across a very nice ending song. Named Sky Chord, performed by Tsuji Shion.

The beats of the song was simple, mostly composed of the gentle guitar string and drum beats. One more thing about this song is that, I thought it was performed by YUI actually for the first time, but found out to be Tsuji Shion. I actually liked her name "Shion", as its how it supposed to be pronounced for Kingdom Heart's Xion in Katakana, シオン. Lol~

For those who wanted the lyrics...

Sky Chord - Tsuji Shion
Credits to this site.


素直なウタが歌えない かざりつけてしまうから
いつからこんなに楽に 自分守ることを覚えたの?
校庭から見える空 君には何色にうつる?
ただ真っ白な雲でも ときに真っ黒に変えたくなる

みっかんない Sky chord 昔ならあったのに
なくした Sky chord 誰のせいでもなく自分

きっと大人になることなんかより 大切なものがあるの
きっとそれを見つけらんないまま 大人になってゆくんだ

朝まで起きていたかった もどかしい子どもの頃
いまは時間に追われて 眠ることすらできないでいる

みっかんない Sky chord 昔ならあったのに
なくした Sky chord 君に教えてほしいよ

きっと大人になることなんかより 大切なものがあるの
きっとそれを見つけらんないまま 大人になってゆくんだ

ずっとこのままじゃいれないって 分かってるよ 歩きだせ
そっとノートに書いてた文字は 変わってなんかいないの

きっと大人になることなんかより 大切なものがあるの
きっとそれを見つけらんないまま 大人になってゆくんだ



Sunao na uta ga utaenai,
kazari tsukete shimau kara.
Itsu kara konna ni raku ni,
jibun mamoru koto wo oboeta no.

Kotei kara mieru sora,
kimi ni wa nani iro ni utsu.
Tada maashiro na kumo demo toki ni,
maakuro ni kaetaku naru.

Ikanai SKY CHORD mukashii nara atta noni.
Kakushita SKY CHORD dare no sei demo naku jibun.

Kitto, otona ni naru koto nanka yori.
Taisetsu na mono ga aru no.
Kitto, sore wa mitsukeranai mama,
otona ni natte yukun da.

Asa made okite itakatta,
Modokashii kodomo no koro.
Ima wa jikan ni owarete,
nemuru koto sura dekinai de iru.

ikanai SKY CHORD, mukashii nara atta noni.
Nakushite SKY CHORD kimi ni oshiete hoshii yo.

Kitto, otona ni naru koto nanka yori.
Taisetsu na mono ga aru no.
Kitto, sore wa mitsukeranai mama,
otona ni natte yukun da.

Zutto, kono mama ja irenai tte.
Wakatteru yo arukidase.
Zutto, no oto ni ga iteta moji wa.
Kawatte nanka inai no.

Kitto, otona ni naru koto nanka yori.
Taisetsu na mono ga aru no.
Kitto, sore wo mitsukeranai mama,
otona ni natte yukun da.

Kodomo no mama ja irenai
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Time Experience: Resident Evil 5 for Windows

#Resident Evil 5 box art.#

Sometime in July 1998, a terrible incident happened to the once-to-be-peaceful Racoon City. T-virus outbreaks from the experiment centre in the mansion and ultimately, the whole city was destructed to prevent it from spreading.

11 years later, even though Umbrella Corp. was down, they're still some companies interested in the research of the viruses so they could make it into a bio-organic weapon. Chris Redfield, now a Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) agent, was sent to Africa to investigate a terrorist Bio-Organic Weapon (BOW). He meets Sheva Alomar as his partner and they set on a journey to search for the truth behind the chaos and, Jill Valentine.

#Chris Redfield with his handgun. Nice hair ! And oh yeah, dont mess with him, he got big muscles.#

#Sheva Alomar with her shortgun.#

For those who played the old Resident Evil game before, you'll be a little surprised that starts from Resident Evil 4, the game starts to have a "3rd person shooter" like feeling now. You control your character from over-your-shoulder perspective. And for the first time ever, you're having a partner along with you throughout the game. If one of you dies, the game ends.

The gameplay goes off by chapters, and each chapters has several sub-chapters. In each sub-chapters, players need to reach the checkpoints to complete the mission.

Zombies ? Not those slow-moving, standing-there-day-dreaming types anymore. Once they spotted you, they will ruch towards you with the meele weapons they carries along ! There's even some that could use crossbows and drive to attack you.

#Get outt my way you freaking zombies !!!#

And since you're having a partner now, you can do all sorts of commands with her. Assist jumping, a storage and sometimes helps you to find a way out of the crowd of zombies. In addition to that, commands had been increased a lot, from kicking down a ladder to raising it up, kicking a door, struggle from a zombie ambush, jump over, punch, kick, stomp, elbow, neck twist and help your partner from danger.

#Assist jump.#

For the inventory slot, since you're having a partner, you inventory has been increased and hence can carry more items with you. But one thing is, you gotta take items, heal, reload, change weapons, combine and exchange items with your partner WHILE you're battling the zombies. Its a little tough, but its fun.

#2 inventory slots for you ! Nice huh ?#

Remember all the crappy cutscenes in the old times ? All the cutscenes are now very cinematic, as if you're protraying the main character of the movie with a very cool voice from the voice actor.

Whats more, you can now upgrade your weapons with the coins that you found or dropped from the dead zombies you killed. Run out of armor ? Zombies drop them too. And you could always use a knife, just that the damage isnt as much as the bullets.

Resident Evil 5 was initially released for the PS3 and XBOX 360, but the PC version was released not long after that. The game also can be played online to finish up chapters of the game. Below is an online gaming from chapter 1-1 on the XBOX 360.

The game was fun, eventhough using the keyboard. Its hard to get control of the character at first, but once you get used to it, you'll be shooting more zombies that you expected. A little like L4D2, just that you dont walk that fast while you're shooting zombies. Choose between L4D2 and RE ? I vote RE for its storyline, L4D2 for the mobility. Ratings: 9 out of 10.

Resident Evil 5 is licensed under Capcom.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Best Kiss !

Still remember the movie and book: Dear John, that I've been talking about in my blog a few months back ? Click here to view back my previous movie review for Dear John.

And guess what, the movie itself just got rated in Yahoo's "Best and Worst Movies of the Year... So Far" !!! Click here to view the page and find out yourself whats the other movie that has been listed there.

Dear John is what should I say, awarded with the title "Best Kiss", which I'm totally agreed with ! There it goes the picture:

#Congratulations to Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried for the scene that makes the book more alived than ever !#

Not enough ? Perhaps a video from YouTube would be nice.

And if you're wondering whats the song that plays at the end of the clip, here it goes:

Well, looking back at the scene, it wasnt even last longer than 30 seconds !!! But with the help of the shelter and the unexpected rain, the scene just magically become romantic after some little chat between the actors.

So feel free and get a copy of the movie yourself and watch it. Its gonna be sad while watching it, dont say that I'm not warning you...
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rain - SID

The final opening theme for the anime Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which just ended few weeks ago. The memories of cathcing the episodes every Monday still hunts me, and I missed those days. Here's the song I got from YouTube. The original music video of the song was removed by YouTube due to copyrights, so we're not gonna get a chance to watch it there. If you try to search around the Internet, maybe you might find it.

The video wasnt that bad, at least we got the chance to listen to the whole song. Romanji lyrics found below.

Rain - SID
Credits to for the lyrics.

boku ga tsu no uso
me no mae no hontou
sephia ni shinai koi
yorisou toka nukumori toka
wakaranaku natteta

kimi wa hitori de
he kite kara me to
hoshitsukete sayonara
sonota to hi no hi atsume nara
kiki akita hazu na no ni

nari yamanai yousha nai omoide tachi wa
yurushite kure sou ni mo nai
me wo tojireba ikiyou iimasu bakari de
tomaki de kimi ga warau

ame wa itsuka yami no deshou ka
suibun nagai aki datsumetai
ame wa doushite boku wo erabu no
ikeba no nai boku wo erabu no

yatto mitsuketa atarashii asa wa
tsuki hi ga jama wo suru
mukau saki wa sugi ja nakute
sugi bakari oikaketa

nagi samekara ii kake wo kureba kimi to
hirameshiku kowagari nan boku
soro-soro kana tesaguri tsukareta koto wo
kara dou ga kobore ochiru

katou shirita kana na hitomi
arai nagashite kureru yubi
yasashii hohabatte iya sugitsu oto
todoki sou ne todokanai yomi

ame wa itsuka yamu no deshou ka
suibun nagai aki datsumetai
ame wa doushite boku wo erabu no
tsutsumarete ii ka na

ame wa yamu koto wo shirazu ni
kyou mo furitsuzuku keredo
sotto sashita shita kasa no naka de
nukumori ni yorisoi nagara
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

More and More Surprise !!!

#The TRC group as their appeared in xxxHOLiC special chapter.#

We will defenately meet again... for sure...
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday's Surprise

Been very lazy to update my blog recently. With all the dramas, assignments, mid term tests, lab reports, Di Zi practice, games and movies, 24 hours doesnt seems to be enough for the average student like me.

To satisfy those hardcore blogwalkers around, I'll randomly update something here whenever I'm not that free to have a full update of interesting happenings and events or stuffs: a picture of the day, or perhaps just a phrase or memorable dialog from the movies or drama series...

#This is gotta be fun...#
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Mapling Day

#Everyday Mapling Day~~~ *how hard I wish it was real*#

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