Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a Surprise !

Just after we finished the lunch yesterday, we hurried up and went for the class which we've already 5 minutes late. Found a seat in the lecture hall few minutes later and while I was searching for my notes inside my bag, I saw a hand put something into mine and "My" Chelle's bag.

"Hey... ?" while talking it out, i said.

"DONT TAKE IT OUT !" Rannie said, and stuffed it back into my bag.

"Eh ? Is was you huh ?" was shown on my face and I looked carefully of that plastic container inside the bag, it contain 3 pieces of sushi. Its a very simple handmade sushi: seaweed, japanese rice, cucumber, tuna spread and a crab stick. I said a thanks and we paid our attention back to the boring class with all the enzymes and proteins and bondings and molecules...

I kept it inside the fridge after I got back and just took it out after my dinner. And here's the picture of it.

#Handmade sushi by Rannie-chan. Seducing huh ?#

Since its handmade, I didnt expect much from this sushi. As long as I can stuff it inside my mouth without voimitting then it'll earn a thumbs up from me. And sure this sushi does earn it, the cucumber was still crunchy and tasted fresh.

Lastly, thanks to Rannie-chan again for this sushi. I wonder what could I do to repay this and last semester's popiah...
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

When I Was a Boy ...

I got a lot of pictures when I was a boy. My dad just loves to snap our pictures, put it in a frame and place it everywhere around the house...

During my recent semester break which was like, 5-6 weeks ago, I found some of the interesting pictures in the cupboard while I was searching for my stuffs. Seconds later, I found myself taking these pictures down with my own camera and wanted to share it out...

#Brothers and sisters, left to right: my younger brother, me and my younger sister.#

And this is my favorite piece.

#Me and a guitar... suddenly I felt I'm short !#

Of course, this was taken in a photo taking shop. And where did I got that guitar ? I'm not sure, but I bet it may belongs to the photo taking shop itself.

#Yeah, there's a date written on it. I bet it was my dad's handwritting, but I'm not certain of it. February 18th 1994 huh ? Which makes me 4 years old then...#

Besides, I also went to Gohtong Jaya to help out at the Strawberry Farm. The environment and the shops changed a little, and there's a Tom Yam restaurant in Kites City ! Standing there during working hours sure do makes me hungry. Haha~ The most important thing is, I got to meet my cousin again !

#Well, being inspired by the movie Iron Man and the game Megaman, I make this "armor" with my brother on him.#

#Oh, my cousin Juno sure does know how to pose huh ?#

#He seems to be delighted with his new toy !#

When we're going back Puchong, he was so sad until he wanted to follow us back down. Of course he'll be sad, since his playmates: my brother and sister were leaving. But thee's always a time to meet up again, so until next time, I'll take more pictures of my cousin again.
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Series Review: Dollhouse

If you're asked about the dollhouse, the first thing that pops into your head might be little girls playing tea party with barbie dolls. But for the citizens of LA, its a different story. There's an organization that snatches people and make them do what they want them to do, and they become dolls...

#Dollhouse season 1 promotional poster.#

Welcome to Dollhouse, which is a huge facility that hires human to wealthy clients for all kind of purpose: from romantic relationship, a friend, a loving mother to skilled assassin, computer genius and professional negociator. The one in the LA is just one of the 20+ Dollhouses around the globe.

#Characters of Dollhouse, left to right: Paul Ballard, Active Victor, Active Echo, Active Sierra, Topher Brink, Adelle DeWitt and Boyd Langton.#

Dollhouse hires volunteer and sometimes offers people to become a "doll" or an Active in their facility and sent them for "missions" or Engagements to the clients. Each Active has their original personality wiped clean and stored in a hard disk, and impinted with new personality and skills that helps them to complete their Engagements. When the Actives had their memories wiped, they enter a tabula rasa state, or blank state and rest inside the Dollhouse during their non-Engagement time.

#Inside the Dollhouse with the imprinting room on the first floor.#

#The imprinting chair. Blue lights indicates the Active is being imprinted or wiped; purple light was shown when the Actives are assigned to their Handler, a person who'll take care of them.#

#Sleeping pods inside the Dollhouse for the Actives.#

Each Actives were contracted for 5 years and when it ends, the original personality will be imprinted back to their bodies and they'll found themselves with tons of cash in their bank.

And the story revolves around a volunteer Active codenamed Echo, who starts to develope self-awareness about the imprinting process and begins to remember trace memories of her own Engagements even though they're wiped clean. When FBI agent Paul Ballard was trying to search for the Dollhouse, he meets Echo and eventually vows to bring down Dollhouse after knowing his neighbour and going to be lover Mellie, was an Active to spy him.

Dollhouse lasted for 2 seasons and officially cancelled, with 27 episodes including 1 original pilot and 1 unaired episode "Epitaph One". Since this is a short Sci-fi series that actually ended due to cancellation, so it doesnt hurt to finish it up if you do like science and technology. The series starts off with "giving what people needs", and later on dealing with the rights of humanity to create a personality and imprint it into a body and the darker secret of the company that funded for the Dollhouse: Rossum Corporation.

With all the actions and heat in this series, I give it a 9 out of 10 for its awesome plot and the actress Eliza Dushku that protrays Echo. She's really good in her acting skills that she could be proffesional, deadly, sexy, loving, caring or even crazy and then enters the blank state in just a few seconds.

Gotta continue on with my season 2 now, hope you'll find this series interesting too. Ciao...
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

优乐 Chinese Orchestra Night 2010

After all the hard work and practice with my Chinese Orchestra friends, our very first concert was held in Block A's heritage hall yesterday ! A million thanks to all the committee members and helpers and performers that make this concert a success. I would like to give a special thanks to all the players who played all the unforgettable songs too.

#Early morning of the concert day outside Heritage Hall...#

Its been days that we're all waking up early for class and sleeping late for the practice. All these hard work was worth when I finished playing my part in the concert, I heard all the claps from the audience.

#Posing at the backstage a day before the concert with our Katana.#

Its been months that the committee prepared for the concert, from paperwork to proposal and lastly organized a camp for us to practice the songs for the concert. For us, everything seems like just a performance; but for the committees, its a battle for survival and future planning for our club.

And then yesterday, all of us were finally on stage performing for the audience and VIPs... I felt touched for every single song that the seniors played, and I'm glad that I'm able to perform some songs too.

#Di Zi solo. Credit to Hermin for the picture.#

#Taking photo with our Di Zi teacher after the concert. A little surprise to found him here actually.#

This is a night that I'll never gonna forget, and all the times that we've been through during practice too...

#Taking photo with our Chinese Orchestra Chairman in the preparation room.#

Honestly, I'm deeply falling in love with Chinese Orchestra now. I just cant stop myself from singing the songs that the seniors played ... a phenomenon which I called it: music poisoning. Lol...

Sorry that I couldnt get any videos uploaded here since I'm having lousy connection. But please do visit my Facebook profile for some of the videos I've uploaded there and lots of pictures behind the concerts. To get to my Facebook profile, click here; please do visit our Chinese Orchestra Facebook group for more pictures by clicking here too !
I guess its time to get myself back on track and go on with the studies again huh...
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alejandro - Lady GaGa

What you're waiting for is now here, the latest Lady GaGa's music video Alejandro !!! Please load this video and carry on if you got a slow connection speed just like me.

Lady GaGa did it once again, a weird and ... weird video !

Well, few points to note here:
1. Weird costume seems to be very obvious here. From her swimming glasses, half of the machine guns on the chest to the quite albino make up makes her unique. Oh, did you just spotted her Jedi look ? The white robe with red markings and a hood... lol

2. Sexy moves from Lady GaGa herself and the dancers ! The bed scene was scary, their body was so flexible as if they got no bones in them. And talking about the dancers, their hair style and costume was quite weird too...

3. The whole MV wasnt that bad, but I do prefer Bad Romance and Telephone more. The colour used in the MV are mostly black, white and gray, which creates a dark and mysterious feeling for the song.

Nothing much to say now, just enjoy the video. ^^
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Movie Review: At The End of Daybreak (心魔)

#Movie poster featuring Wai Ying Hung (惠英红) and Chui Tien You (徐天佑).#

Not sure whether you all heard about this movie or not, but there's one thing you got to know: this is a movie directed by our very own Malaysian director Ho Yuhang (何宇恆) and had won several awards including Asian Film Awards (Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actress), Golden Horse Awards (Best Supporting Actress) and Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards (Best Actress).

The whole movie was filmed in Malaysia and based on a true story.

In case you're wondering about the movie title, it has nothing to do with demons and supernatural beings. Here's a synopsis I got from IMDB:

"Tuck Chai (德仔, 徐天佑), a man in his 20s, meets Ying (盈, 黄明惠), a high school girl, through the internet. Their sexual relationship, however, is soon discovered by the under-aged girl's parents who threaten to press charges against the man. According to the law, sex with a minor constitutes rape. The man's mother (惠英红) negotiates with the girl's parents, however, and reaches a monetary settlement instead. Yet, after the mother has successfully raised the cash, the girl's parents still insist on suing him. The man, fearing an impending jail sentence, secretly asks the girl out to try to convince her. By this time, though, only fear, frustration, anger, hatred, and distrust exist between them. Matters begin to spiral down to a tragic denouement."

This isnt a movie gonna be liked by most people, as the way the movie was presented to the audience is quite different compared with other movies. The movie suddenly starts with scenes we dont know whats happening. As time goes by, you soon to realize whats been happening between the characters and their relationships.

#One of the scene where Tuck Chai's mother helping him to cut his hair. *Which reminds me that I just got mine cut too !*#

Points to note:
1. Accent of the Hong Kong actors are very alike with our typical Malaysian Chinese. They must have been done some homework or observed our daily Cantonese before filming this movie. Good work on saying "mata" in Cantonese, meaning police.

2. Mandarin conversation was quite of somethng too ! So damn funny seeing their conversation between friends was the same with my own conversation among my friends too. Very memorable line: Later come to my house download songs ?

3. Cigarettes !!! Why izzit almost everyone in the movie smokes !? 徐天佑 doesnt seems to be the guy who smokes, but he actually did smoke in the movie. So does his mother in the movie too...

4. PS2 !!! Funniest thing of all, its not either Tuck Chai or Ying playing it. Guess who ? Ying's farther, who's a school teacher too ! How can this actually happen !?

5. Bulge from 徐天佑 ? Watch the movie yourself and spot it.

The ending of this movie was quite weird, it ended just like that and leaves the audience to think what happens after the last scene in the movie.

In the end, ratings !!! 5 out of 10. The story was quite OK, just the way it presented the story was not the way I thought it would be. And the ending leaves me think of what actually happened to Tuck Chai...
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cloth Hunting Around Ipoh

Its always been nice to go around Ipoh with the taxi and bus services available there. Even if its your first time getting yourself on the bus, there's always be someone who will guide you to your destination. Whether it is the bus driver, a passenger, the bus ticket seller or the shopping mall security guard... when you asked for a direction, they'll show you the path.

Its a sunny day yesterday morning after the midnight rain, me and "My" Chelle and Sensei went to Jusco at Ipoh to fulfill our mission: buy ourselves a white formal shirt with black pants/skirt.

After some hours of walking around Jusco, it seems that the available choices wasnt that much and we couldnt find any suitable clothes. With a quick decision, we changed our destination to Ipoh Parade and found ourself with tons of formal wears, pants, dresses and skirts.

"Its easy for Spiky to buy his clothes, just bring him to Ipoh Parade !" Sensei shouted.

Within an hour, I've already got myself a almost-formal shirt with a vest in Converse and a black tie somewhere else. In case you dont know, Converse is now having promotion: 1 item 20% discount, 2 items 30% discount, 3 items 40% discount. So its cheap to buy yourself something there !!!

#Taking this in my room. Sorry for the bad lightning, the whole picture looks dark.#

#Facing the light source now with a close up ! Tell you what, I can be a good looking bartender/waiter if i button up the vest. XD#

Passing by SubZero for the third time (1 in Jusco, 2 in Ipoh Parade), and everytime we went inside, we end up walking out with empty hands. They're having promotions too: with every purchace of Rm100 and above in a single reciept, you're given a Rm20 rebate.

While I got my mission accomplished, the girls got a tougher mission to be done: buy their clothes and racing with time. They did found something nice, but it wasnt suitable for our purpose, hence we walked from shop to shop in a very fast pace.

The girls end up getting nothing and we wnet back to Kampar. Lucky us, its pasar malam (night market in english) ! Had Asam Laksa as our dinner there and went back home with a taxi.

"Hey Spiky..."

"What ?" looking at the clothes while Sensei called in Jusco's SubZero.

"Look at the tauke, she looks like Full Metal Alchemist's sifu leh..."

Look closely at the tauke... "Ya hor !!!"

Luckily the tauke didnt notice we're talking about her since she's so busy looking at the clothes that the 3 of us tried in the fitting room... it looks like a mountain of clothes worth Rm130+ each !!! Lol~
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