Saturday, December 27, 2008

Celebrating X'mas...with Tang Yuan !?

Oh ! Its Christmas eve ! But...we need to attend the replacement class for chemistry practical ! Hey wait a sec, Ms L said we could go back early if we finish it fast. And so we finished our experiments (on time) with homework - partial report ! How nice is she...usually we only gets full report...and so we took a picture of her !

#Hey, Ms L posing very cool wat...a very nice pictures starting with me at the back, Lyenn, Jolin, Rannie and Ms L.#

And then, we went to our shopping for our Christmas Eve Steam Pot ! Bond be or driver again and we went to quite a number of place to buy our magic ingredient for the steam pot. But wait a that ...

#...oh ! Its the Ragu pasta sauce that we saw in the catalog few weeks ago ! Just in case we never meet him again, I took this picture quickly.#

Then, we go to SL's house for the ultimate party ! Most of the TE 4rians were there and all of us contributed our help for the steam pot.

Pictures regarding the steam pot will be posted in another post due to the picture supplier delayed delivery. But never mind, there's another picture supplier that delivered something else to me...

#Ah ! What is that !? Its the rice flour mixed with dragon fruit for making tang yuan. We made it on Christmas day, the day after our steam pot...#

#Its Freezie-chan again ! Its been successful and we're looking forward for another flavour !#

#Erm...not this flavour that I mean ... but ...#

#...honeydew ! But wait, something not right with the rice flour...too many water !#
#Since the colour was too pale, Freezie-chan cant hold herself to add some chopped pandan leaves into it.#

#WOW~ Making it round and round and round and ... round.#

#Since all of us were hungry, SL and Rannie went out and bought us something ! And they're making the food for us !#

#Looks like the watery flour seems better now. POSE !#

#The dragon fruit tang yuan is here ! Looks like cherry balls ! I can taste the sweetness just by looking at it !#

#Jolin making a cute face while Freezie and SL comes along for a photo session ! Aww~ its just too delicious !#

#Thats the cube tang yuan that I made earlier ! So it survived from the hot sugar syrup ! Hey, whats those at the back, looks like pineapple...#

#Well, actually its not pineapple, its ginger ! Take a look here, its the honeydew tang yuan with dragon fruit tang yuan ! So beautiful~#
Aww~ I'm not in those pictures ! I should take picture of myself too next time...^0^

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pictures and MORE Pictures !!!

#Stuck in Bond's car ! Total of 8 people in his Waja including himself going to Digital Mall ! And Rannie took this picture at the front seat.#

#Getting wu liao while walking back home and went kisiao ! Taking pictures on our shoes ! Starting "My" Chelle, Scott, Jolin, SL, Tweety and me !#

#Ah...lovely Thursday morning ! A Thanks Giving card from Freezie-chan ! She made it in the middle of the night just for us TE 4 ! Too bad Amsha cant get it...#
#Blur picture captured by Tweety. Though blur, but it made a very good effect ! Imagine that the guy in the picture (is Rannie actually) abusing the teddy bear...haha~#
#OH ! Watch out what to say to your boyfriend ! Some things that you cant tell your boyfriend are written here ! Trying to find another one for "Things not to tell your girlfriend". Found this on people's car, can see the reflection of me, TWeety and Scott.#
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Hermit ? Its Hermin ! [Offline Blog for 19/12]

#Freezie and Hermin at Old Town (Ah ! Where's me ?).#

Seems like another year will be ended just like that with lots of mid term test and programming assignment. At the same time, with the leaving of some of my friends and some other events that happens lately ... Anyway, we must go on since time only moves forward, there’s no turning back, not even Hiro Nakamura can change the past. Playing with space-time continuum is something really disastrous.

Erm, well … since Hermin said that I’ve only crapping about other people in my blog but not her, so I decided to crap about her then !

When recalling back what name to call her, we TE 4 came up lots of weird names. From names like “hermit crab” to “peppermint” and even “min min”, which was created by me. She’s always the girl who had her pony tail and specs. For me, she’s the one who very determined to study well for exam and fully understand the topics needed to learn.

Because of the subjects or what sort, she seems to be very stress in studying or understanding the topic. Rannie started to call her “stress po (“po” is Chinese word, which means “old woman” in this case). Everytime seeing her and Freezie-chan having conversation about some subjects with strange phrases and words, it makes me scare.

Wah ! They study that lot till I think that I studied too little !” I thought myself…

#Is that the "stress-po" ? Eh...I mean Hermin in "stress mode"...#

Then with the help of fate or destiny, I sometimes got the chance to solve questions or problems with her. Just like that programming practical for instance, I sorta know how to write the coding, but not really sure what to do, since I know the coding in my head will give me errors. Then Hermin came to ask me, I told her about my coding and when I told her half way, she already got my point. Then she told me about the ways of solving the problem, when she told me halfway, I got the point already as well ! That’s the fun part, when we’re writing the coding, we’re kinda like reading each other’s mind. Even Freezie too was there doing the coding together with us.

There’s another time in Writing for Science lecture, the lecturer told us to write an essay, pair work. Hermin sitting besides me that time and she said “never been working with you before, we in a group lar.” Then started to write the introduction and sort, we’re very excited in writing it and when writing the conclusion, we lack of ideas.

As conclusionfor the sake of …”
Wah ! I learned a new phrase ! ‘For the sake of,’ nice phrase !”
“Yeah, in the manga I read, there’s a part where the character said ‘for the sake of,’ they said she’s saying sake, not saké, which is a kind of alcohol in Japan.”

Then I said “for the sake of saké,” which makes her laugh a while. When we’re thinking what to write after the phrase, both of us look at each other with a light bulb on our heads shouting “our new generation” out loud ! Really funny that time, and we finished the essay with the phrase.

Few days back when we’re doing the Biology practical, I’m taking pictures on my blood on the slides and I saw her besides me. I forgot what she said (kinda feel angry for my weak memory power, but sometimes I really remember something that other’s cant remember, strange…) and I told her “there’s been a little boring and down in my blog recently …” which is a fact.

“… you always write about other people, never seen you write about me…” she complained.
“That’s the word I need ! I’ll put that in the blog.”

#What does Freezie spotted on Hermin's phone !? Izzit ... #

Today after Biology tutorial, I found myself stuck in Bond’s car again and Bond is trying to get the car to the main road. There’s a woman which did not let us pass, I started to say “women is like that…” and “My” Chelle said I’m talking like Mr J already.

“But if that’s my aunt, sure she’ll let us pass through.”
“Your aunt is a women !” counter attacked by “My” Chelle.
“It’s a CARING women if you ask.”

Then we saw Hermin in her dad’s car at the back of the women’s car. We started to wave real hard and she noticed all of us. Suddenly saw her dad reversing his car back a little to let us pass through, the whole people in the car was like “wow, how nice of him~” and Bond finally got the chance to pass through.

“Ah ! A CARING man !”
“I told Hermin about that later on…” said Freezie to me with laugh.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh My **** ! Deliciou-so !


After my dinner at somewhere near Section 17 with Tweety-chan and Scott, we started went kisiao and ... something happens ! Lets guess whats the stuffs below...its kinda fun coz you'll not know whats those stuffs are. Hehe~

#Oh ! Our pirate ship is on the go ! [Guess whats that grey thing and the green thingy stuffs]#

#Gosh ! The pirate ship is under attack !!! DEFENCE !!!#

#Ah hahaha, ATTACK !!!#
#After playing "pirate ship" we went on decorating the surrounding area of the ship.#
#The "winter" version of the pirate ships.#

#Looks very grand, beware of the ultimate pirate ship !!!#
#Oh my...seeing Scott eating that "ho fan", makes me hungry ! [Guess whats he eating]#
#Alright alright, there's a larger view of the "ho fan" that Scott eating. Can you guess whats that now ?#
What a day ! Chun weh~~~ ^0^
(Thanks to my picture supplier for this very SUPERB pictures !)
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Detour [Offline Blog for 5/12]

Its really been a while since the last time I updated my blog, mostly coz of the laziness that I’m having these days. But it also can be due to the unavailability of me to go online uploading pictures for certain of post. Anyway, want to thank to all my picture suppliers. Without the pictures, the blog wouldnt be that alive.

But the post today isn’t about the stuffs above.

There’s always been detour in my life as I could remember. I hate to become the centre person, which always needs to make decisions on which side to choose between two. Kinda like the poet “The Road Not Taken” if you’re asking.

As long as I could remember, detour always revolves around me, asking me to choose a side where both side having different consequences and things that I may be missed out and regret. I always wish that I could be able to manipulate myself into 2 and be in difference place at the same time, but I couldnt.

Few days back in time, after our last lecture/tutorial, we TE 4 were going back home. Some of them got attracted to the Hitz FM road show or sorta things, while some needs to go home to have some rest. In my heart, I wanna be with the Hitz FM, but seeing the other side, the going-home people looks so unhappy and sort.

Detour : Hitz FM or going to print notes and back home.
Decision : Print notes and going back home, I chosen.

Later on, found myself walking back with Freezie-chan and “My” chelle. Walked halfway, Freezie said that she envy something about us, then she left and said she dont want to print notes and wanna go back home.

“…I found the real self already...” (She said something like that before she left)

I can sense that she does not mean it in her expression. Perhaps I’m wrong, I’m not her (though having the same birthday, doesnt means that I could read her heart), I dont know about it. But, I think I sense something else from Freezie towards someone, well…is that … I wish I could have it too ...

Its been a few times already where “My” chelle’s plan of discussing the talk show thingy stuffs failed coz of some of our group members. And she’s been a little disappointed and perhaps angry about us too. I tried to go and do something for the group but I couldnt, coz I cant go online wherever I goes. Tried to stay back after the last class to go online in the computer lab, but the stomach couldnt fights the hunger and I need choose to go dinner.

And today, SL asked me whether I wanted to go McD to do revision for tomorrow’s test or not. I thought it can be a good chance where I could go online and do my research and upload some pictures to the blog while having some nice, hot banana pie.

“Around 10pm I’ll SMS you about that…” he said.

Detour : Believe or not to believe.
Decision : I believe in him, well...

After watching Heroes and washed all the clothes, its 9.30pm, getting myself ready and waiting for his notification. Going to fell asleep around 10pm and when I woke up, its already 11pm. So I made another decision to myself that, I dont want to go McD anymore. I dont really care whether he forgets about it or perhaps too sleepy or what sorta reasons, its over, means its over.

Earlier around 8pm+, my grand called me. She said she cut off the Streamyx internet service already. So, whats the point for me to go back Puchong without internet, for that going online is my primary purpose.

There’s also another detour waiting for me.

Detour : Go to CC or places with Wi-Fi.
Decision : None of them.

Going CC will be like the stuffs that YCW said, “throwing money for temporary stuffs” and sort. But think, I can go download stuffs and go MSN, and can go Maple a while…but, it cant last long and waste money.

“I wasted RM10 for going CC online DotA !” cried Rannie.

Going places with Wi-Fi, means places like Upekka, Old Town, Starbucks and other places, kinda like sucking the money out of me. Been to Upekka once, portion of the food is small, but you need to pay an amount of money for it; Old Town, always been thinking of going, but dunno what to eat, coz all the foods are expensive; no comment on Starbucks, just one word, expensive.

There’s a new mamak stall opened, I told “My” chelle that “If there’s a Wi-Fi in that mamak, I’ll be sitting there now.”

And so, there it goes again.

Detour : Going online at CC on Monday or online at Upekka on Monday to do research for the talk show and the important programming assignment ?
Decision : I just hope to look for a place where they didnt shoo me away when I’m online and I could afford to pay the price. So, should be Upekka if they doesnt close on public holiday.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Actually, its not typed by me myself, I found this nice e-mail in my inbox and so I decided to post my first post in chinese here. For those who doesnt reads chinese, lots of web translator thingy stuffs for you to translate the chinese words. Hope you enjoy this story.










不论你多富有,不管你官多大,到什么时候也离不开咱的妈....愿天下父母平安度春秋....... 珍惜母亲的每一个谎言,好好的对待父母,很多东西,失去后才得来的珍贵代价太大.所以一定要好好的爱我们的父母~ 如果我還一直深愛著你...你是否還會待在我身邊? 如果我還一直在乎著你...你是否會再多看我一眼? 是否我已不存在了...你才感覺的到我的離開? 是否我已離開了....你才感覺的到我對你的好? 在此祝福全天下父母平安度春秋~~
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