Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What an Attitude+

CASE 1: Name List

"SO DAMN STUPID !" yelled Sensei while we're walking to block E to attend the next lecture, which we're late 15 minutes late already, coz of the attendance list.

Well yeah, its true ! Passing the stupid attendance list isnt hard, what makes it hard is people tends to call their friend to sign the attendance list for themselves...unforgivable.

Hello guys and especially, girls, please sign only for yourself and ask your friends to sign for themselves ! You know how much time you wasted just to look for 10 of your friend's name excluding your own !? 2 minutes, maybe more !

"Hello, can I sign the attendance first ? See, I got class later on, I mean, I got class NOW..." said Sensei patiently to the girl who're signing for her friends.


"Can I sign the attendance first ? I got class now and I'm already late..."



Well...at least that we managed to get in the class while the lecturer was still in a good mood...lucky us. And I think I'll suggest a way to the lecturers for a better performance of "passing the attendance list"...

CASE 2: Barbarians

Dave the Barbarians ? No...I'm talking about the "noobs and nerds" I've been saying on the previous post.

"Well...here comes the noobs." I said.

Well...it just happened not long ago. When the lecture finished (no comment on the lecture) a whole bunch of my so known "noobs and nerds" rushed in for their desired and very demanding seats.

Then Sensei called them "barbarians" as she explained, "they're barbarians wat, hunting for the seats in the lecture hall !"

So I guess I'll use this term to name these people too, as it is a better word compared to "noobs and nerds"... Gosh, can somebody please save them from doing the same thing over and over again ?
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

What an Attitude !

Been very frustrated with those people these days, I wonder whats their problem actually...I know you dont understand these sentences, so I'm gonna explain whats happening right now.

Well, after the lecture class in DDK1, I'm packing my stuffs so that I can go to the cafeteria for my lunch. When I'm ready to go my place, a bunch of nerds and noobs and whatever it is, rushed towards my place (I'm sitting quite in front that day, front place is very demanding) and said "Sorry, sorry..." to me and walk past my place while blocking my way out.

Hello miss, could you please let me get myself outta here first ? Sorry to me ? You do expect me to say ? "Its alright", "you're forgiven" and sorta stuffs ? My temper rises and I purposely said it out loud "do you expect me to say 'its OK' to you ?" and leave the place while knocking all those who're blocking my way.

Yes, lecture hall DDK1 is huge like a concert hall, but when 2 big group of students are placed in it, DDK1 would be as small as a tutorial classroom.

Rushing in the lecture hall is the same as rushing in the bus; if you're not letting the passengers out, you're not gonna get a place for yourself inside the bus. Although the bus had 2 doors, but still, people tends to get out of the bus from both of the doors. A little patient is important so you'll get what you're waiting for. But for my case ? I dont think they'll understand from my point of view...a student stuck in the middle of a sea of people and couldnt get himself out of the lecture hall...

I wonder if this situation is happening in other university too...
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Lets kick start the day with this movie trailer would ya ? Remember Woody the Cowboy ? Buzz Lightyear ? Well, recall your memory as The Toy Story is back with Toy Story 3 ! Its been a very long while ago since Disney and Pixar cooperate and made their first ever CG cartoon movie - Toy Story. I wonder what brings them back in making a sequel to it, maybe 3 is a better number than 2 I guess ?

Still reember the clip I put on earlier about Final Destination 4 - 3D ? Here's the real trailer which shocks you till death ! Imagine yourself in the cinema, where suddenly a nice and cool crashed-race car come out of the screen and flying towards you in flames...instead of thinking how the characters are going to die, why not think about yourself ? What's it gonna be for this sequel ? Watching people die or ... dying while watching people ?

Yeah...even though you cheated death, you cant cheat this time, as the world is going to an end closer than you might think ! From the creator of The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day, brings you another film about the end of the world. 21122012...izzit real that the world will end in this day ? For those who're interested, do note the "search 2012" notice in the end of the trailer. As for me, I would really like to know what would be happening on 21122012...

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Trailer for Harry Potter (Funny)

Yeah, another new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince !

Its so much fun that the characters in this trailer are talking the same thing... "Poof" ! Haha~ Anyway, since when did Harry Potter become a "may be PG" movie !?

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tagged from YK, an Old Friend of Mine

1. Do you have any secrets?
=>Everybody does...do they ?

2. Have you try not eating anything for few days.?
=>Maybe one day...but not a few days !

3. Do you enjoy going school.?

4. Coffee or more coffee.?
=>I prefer Milo to coffee...

5. Laughter or forever smile.?
=>Laughter XD

6. Who is more important.?Lover or Best friends.?
=>Best friends

7. The person you like is already attached, what will you do.?
=>Since a choice already been made, I respect it.

8. What made you smile today.?
=>Someone in Maple actually changed my appearance into a Straw Doll !

9. Angelic or devilish.?
=>Any one suits me...

10. How would you see yourself in 10 years time.?
=>Just hope that I'm not developing a T-virus that swipe out the entire human race into zombies...

11. Who are currently most important people to you.?

12. what is the most important thing in life.?
=>Family, friends and love...

13. Are you single or attached.?

14. What is your favourite colour.?

15. What is your wish?
=>A nice birthday party ? =X

16. Have you ever wondered what would happen after life.?
=>I'll reborn as another person having no memories of my past ... something like that ?

17. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing someone has done.?
=>Yea...as time goes by, everything will be fine.

18. Which do you prefer.? Spending time with family or being close with people who understand you?
=>Being close with people who understands me...

19. What is your biggest regret in your life.?
=>Izzit necessary to list out !? =_=

20. 5 people you're tagging.?
=>Pei Zi
=>Yen Yee

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Chemistry Lab !

Extra post for the day...presenting...Amsha's birthday cake !

#Hey hey Amsha...do you remember this ?#

#I bet you do ! Its your birthday today...so...Happy birthday~ ^^#


Well yeah...thats me in the fume chamber ! Thanks to Sensei for this so known "professional" picture. I may looked professional with the lab coat on...eh well, everyone looks pro with the lab coat !

Eh hem...

Anyway, we're doing titration yesterday during our chemistry lab. Its been the 3-4th time in my life doing this experiment, and I'm happy with it, since its fun to notice the colour changes from colourless to pink or slightly Jestrine-ish-purple.

3 person in a group, and Sensei quickly grab me and "My" Chelle to her side just to make sure we're not snatched by others. After some briefing, we start our experiment. Again, I may look professional in the picture, its just because of the lab coat ! If you're happened to be there, you'll see that I'm kinda messing with the whole experiment.

"Rinse the pipette with 5ml of the acid..." said "My" Chelle.

"I'm using this pipette to get it," taking the pipette after I heard it. But when I'm back...

"Now how am I gonna rinse my pipette !? Should I find a beaker or what ?"

"Why not just put the acid from my pipette into your pipette ?"

The start of the experiment was a mess, coz every apparatus we need to use must be rinsed with 5ml of the solution we're gonna put in or used, and we're all busying to rinse the apparatus till we're not sure what were we wanted to do at first, or maybe I'm the one who're thinking like that.

Titration, all you need to do is one thing - FOCUS.

And so, 3 of us gets 2 turn of titrating the acid (is there a word "titrating" ?). Noted down our results and we "fled" to the cafeteria for our lunch.

Number of reports for this week = 2 chemistry report, summit on next Thursday and Friday.

Gosh...someone please save me. @-@
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Monday, June 15, 2009

陈威全 - 中途转机

陈威全 - 中途转机

你的制服 依旧神气 
最后一次送机 我在逆风中假装坚定

我的天空 多不多云 

以为地面的风景 比天空美丽



Started to look for this song since 陈威全 sang this song for the Soundtrack for a Taiwanese drama as a sub theme song. 陈威全 is a Malaysian singer, once before is the Astro Talent Quest's finalist. He's a talented lyrics and song writer, which makes me bought his first album.

Its been a while ago since this song released, and I've forgoten that I wanted this song so badly. A sudden idea pops out of my head few days ago, telling me to look for this song. And finally I found it ! MP3 format, nice quality and good bit rate...

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cycling Skills

I've been doubting my cycling skills lately, since I just fell down for the third time in these 2 weeks. Well...the first one hurts a lot, got a quite badly stratch on both the knees while avoiding the motorcycle while the motorcycle actually wanna avoid me as well but the car beside him blocked his way...I hate myself for not stopping the bike at the very beginning.

The second and the third ones are much more lighter, especially the second one, not even a stracth at all, coz I'm wearing my jeans and it helps to protect my knees indirectly. Sensei actually laughing at me when she saw I'm falling again. I guess I'm not gonna take that path again...for now.

Hopefully I'll not be falling from my bike againin the coming days, since there're still 3 more years to go for me to stay at Kampar ! Haha~

Picture of the day: A Day in Maple !

The blue arrow indicates me while the orange/peach arrow indicates the person I met in Maple. Noticed the red box in the character info ? Level 200 Bowmaster, my dream job in Maple ! Woo~

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Trailer for FF XIII

The best graphics in Final Fantasy that I've ever seen (so far). Can you believe that THATS what you'll get when the game released !? I cant stop imagine that you'll be playing with the graphics more to like those in Advent Children than Final Fantasy X...its just way so cool !

Cant really say that I'm waiting for this game, since I dont have a PS3...but if you do have one, Final Fantasy XIII is a game worth to buy and play. For the graphics, for the story...for the hardwork of those game developers ...

Rating for this game though it havent even released ? 9.8 out of 10 !!!

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Random Update of the Week

I just dont understand why...why all of us have to re-learn all those stuffs in our degree !? From our secondary school's History subject till Foundation last semester's English for Communication, all of us have to re-learn it.

Pengajian Malaysia, also known as "History" for me, probably would be the subject that I hate the most after entering degree omitting Chemistry-related subjects. This makes me wanna sleep and one thing I wanna say is...I dont care about history, though it is the PAST that changes the PRESENT and the FUTURE...

Although we supposed to be happy since we're learning back those stuffs that we've known, I'd be happy to learn English again, but not History, coz I sucks on it !!! Cell biology seems to be OK since we'll be learning more than organelles and its function, and I'm hoping for the Laboratory 1A too, coz we're gonna extract DNA from what I saw from the schedule.

By the way, I really dont understand why is our subject named "Atomic Structure, Bonding and Periodicity" have a topic about something very "Physics" ... seeing all those equations makes me headache, even Sensei was laughing whenever there's a slide full of equations with "devil's fork" symbol. Just hope that for the coming topic it will be focused more on Chemistry than "Physics" ...

After that "Atomic blah blah" lecture, me and Sensei was thinking of going back already. While thinking what to do since the bus already gone...

"Ah, where's my MP4 ? Did I bring my umbrella ?" (Start searching the bag)

(Listening to my MP3) "I got my umbrella, you can have it." (Handling over the umbrella)

"Oh, here it is." (Took out the MP4 and started to play it)

"Oh ya Sensei, I'm listening to 'Hitohira no Hanabira' now..."

(Showing me the MP4) "See ? Haha~~" (The MP4 reads "Hitohira no Hanabira")


What a coincidence ! There's a reason I'm telling Sensei about the song...which I need to flashback to a few hours ago in our "professional writing" lecture class...

The lecturer was teaching us about "stereotyping" and then Sensei said "Stereo Pony" to me...of course, I know what she meant...its the singer for the ending song of Bleach.

Anyway, tomorrow class starts at 8am...too early, but I hope I can make it and Sensei, dont miss the bus again ! Haha~~
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

KH Strange Clip Found

Watch your favorite Organization XIII's member fight using strange weapons ! Axel with pizzas ? Zexion using sandwish ? Watch the clip for yourself. Enjoy~

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Complaining on KH + First Day of Degree

#Characters from left to right: Xion, Roxas, Axel, "dont know the name" and King Mickey.#

Thats it, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, specially created for the NDS gaming console. I'm pretty excited about the release yesterday and getting more excited once I found a downloadable ROM of the game. Though there're some problem while downloading but finally, I get myself a copy and started to play it it using the emulator !

BUT...unfortunately, the game only playable till this title screen.

When I checked the forums I found out that Square Enix placed something like "Anti-Piracy" on it, making it unplayable using the emulator for computer gamers. Not sure whether its playable using the real NDS console for the downloaded file, but the main purpose of it is to stop piracy.

For people who doesnt know how to crack the code using special software, they got no choice but to wait for professionals to do it and then upload it somewhere in the net. I tried to patch it my own, but failed to do so, since the instructions of patching are confusing !

Anyway, paid the fees and registered myself in UTAR this morning. I'm having the mixture feeling of "being a UTARians" and "an outsider wondering around UTAR" before and after registered myself. Met Mr. Able in the cafeteria with Jest and Sensei. Didnt really thought of meeting a lecturer we known in Kampar before, so its a like a surprise for us. He's also happy to met us here. Then I finally reached the lecture hall of Kampar campus, one word, "huge".

A little dissapointed on something...dont wanna say it loud here. Cant write more on it too, since you lot might be able to guess it out. Remaining it as "secret" would be a better choice. Haha...its a good day though, since its my first day becoming a Degree student !
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