Friday, August 28, 2009

I Want a Kingdom Hearts' Blogger Template !

The title said it all, and I would like to repeat it again...

I want a Kingdom Hearts' Blogger template desperately !!!

I found out that the laoding speed of my current template is kinda like slow for me, I'm not sure whether the same problem has been encountered by other people who're viewing my blog, since I didnt get any response on the loading speed of my blog.

I've already searched the Internet for some Kingdom Hearts' related template, but most of them are not very my kind of key to use...I want Roxas, with Xion and Axel would be the best ...

Arr...guess I'll just have to make one myself then ? Not really good in webpage design though I did score an A for my finals in Foundation, but I'll try to search again someday later on. Could you all please help me to find any sites which has Kingdom Hearts' Blogger template for me ? Thanks you for reading and ... good night !

P/S: I found some nice songs in You Tube again, I'll blog about it soon, so keep an eye on it !
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Drawings

Another week passed and seems like we're getting closer and closer to our final exams. Everyone was busying about their assignments, preparing for their presentations and doing revisions on their mid term tests...but it doesnt seems like I'm doing the same thing as they do !

A lot of stuffs happened during the whole week and the most significant ones will be the shifting of my housemates to another house. Well...both of the girls do told me about their "shifting purpose" and wanted me to shift with them too, but since my grandma liked the house I'm staying now, so I refused it. Bye Sherry, bye Stacy, you know we will meet again someday, dont you ?

And so I'm here to take this opportunity to make a small announcement:

If you're going to study in UTAR Kampar campus sooner or later, please drop by my house in Westlake and check out the rooms available for rent ! No need to worry about those "one year contract with Danish House" as this is a private house so we're having much more facilities than Danish House ! Contact me through this blog if you wanted to know more. Hehe~

Anyway, I just got my camera last week from my aunt who're dropping by to pass me something regarding PTPTN stuffs. The first thing I tried it out is on my drawings ! I draw these quite some time ago, around the time when I'm still in Form 2 onwards and most of them are Conan. Too bad I cant post every Conan I draw myself since I already gave it to my friends as they liked it so much.

#Detective Conan's Kazuha as drawn in the manga's earlier chapters.#

#CK, I know this is your favorite, its Conan Edogawa aka Shinichi Kudo as drawn from the manga chapter cover ! This is my favorite and most beautiful Conan drawings of mine so far.#

#So mean...Kon from Bleach; drawn by me, shaded by one of the Fly FM outdoor DJ. As proof, I demanded him to sign off his signature at the bottom of the drawing and write "Fly FM". For more of this story, please refer here.#

#Ah, the most recent drawings of mine, which is Syaoran of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, drawn on the cover of my notebook. The picture I captured was quite blur...#

Posting it out just to share it with everyone. Haha~ Please comment on the drawings ya. Enjoy~
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Monday, August 17, 2009

I Thought I Can Call it A Day, Until...

I shall call it a day after all the stuffs been through since yesterday night.

Been busying for the computer studies (I know I suppose to call it the proper name "computer systems and applications" but since its the same subject that we had studied during Foundation just with a different name, I rather calling it back the old name) assignment yesterday around 7pm because we need to pass it up the next day. As usual, we're always the "last minute" person, even though we did tried to finish it up as soon as possible !

The whole assignment was consider done, just that there're still some part which we need to add in, say like the Microsoft Excel part, what a huge amount of formulas and functions we need to use in the assignment to get the small amount of marks. After finishing it, I printed it out during my dinner and I thought I can call it a day, until...

...I realized there's Cell Biology mid term 2 tomorrow.

So what now ? Study lor... But still, I didnt really studying since I'm on Facebook busy Pet-Society-ing and Crazy-Planets-ing. Hell yeah, thats what I really been doing while everyone was in the mood of studying, revisioning and memorizing. Thats what I thought, until I got a nudge from Sensei in MSN...

"Help me do table of to make the "table of content" page not to be "page 1" ?" she asked...or so typed...

"Blah blah blah..." (Which I'm lazy to write it out all over again, its actually the solution for the problem)

"Oh, how to do the link to Excel ? Coz we must *blah blah blah*..."

(I think I know what's the problem with her asking me to do the table of contents, so I asked her...) "Wait a sec, you're not Sensei izzit ?"

(Keep on asking me questions...then said) "I'm not Sensei anymore, I retired..."

(Ignored the statement and continue asking) "Since you keep on saying 'we' so I assume you're not Sensei..."

"Wuahahahaha~" (A voice clip recorded by Sensei from the MSN)


So, it was Sensei who're asking the questions so far and I thought it was someone else, then silence for a few minutes.

"Hey, help me do, I'll send it over."


Soon after, I accepted the documents and started my job. Upon completion, I send it back over to Sensei and I thought I can call it a day, until...

...Rannie nudge me in MSN.

"How to link Excel to Word ?"

"Blah blah blah..." (Which is the solution, of course...)

(After a few minutes) "I dunno how to do lar, you help me can ?"

Takkan la I nak watch him die right ? Instead of teaching him how to do it in the Microsoft-Office-2003 way without realizing he's using 2007 version, I accepted the files I demanded from him and working on it. After the final touch on "justifying", re-size the "fonts" and changing everything to "Times New Roman"...I send it back to him along with the Excel file that I corrected a little.

"I see that you didnt do the 'Work Distribution' part for the assignment, remember to do ark..."

"Thanks. Finish studying ?"

"No, lazy...feels like sleeping when look at the lecture slides..."

"Lazy !? Remember go study transport system and draw the diagram of Golgi Apparatus *and some other stuffs which I forgotten*..."

"Oh ya...almost forgot about it, thanks..."

Peeped on the lecture slides for a few minutes, then I officially called it a day around 2.30am and went to deep sleep, even though I know there's still Cell Biology mid term 2 tomorrow. Zzz
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Happened Lately ?

Mid terms, assignments and reports. Oh ya, and that PTPTN too, which quite troublesome to almost all of the UTAR students.

"Where to certify my documents ?" some asked.

"DSA lor..."

"My IC can meh ? I havent certify my SPM certificate too..."

"Can...they certify almost everything."

Yeah, its good to have DSA helping you to certify everything that you need to pass up to the PTPTN officer, for those whom hometown is quite far away and ... lazy to go back. After everything was done, I realize that ... the documents need to be printed out on 80 gram A4 paper.

"80 gram A4 ?"

"Har...I thought printed documents has to be in 80 gram, now even the photostated ones ?" said "My" Chelle when we reached the DSA to seek for information regarding the PTPTN stuffs last Thursday.

"Heck, my documents already been certified, somemore its not in 80 gram A4 !"

I'm panic, thinking that the following week will be the submission date for the documents, there's no time to get the documents again from my busy family. But thank goodness I asked them the next morning about the paper issue, and they told me that:

"You wanna pass up your documents now ?"

"Eh, I mean no...Oh ya, can you help me check whether this paper can be used ?"

(Looking through the documents, which is not photostated on 80 gram A4) "Since you already certified it, it doesnt matter ... but for the documents in PTPTN website, they must be in 80 gram A4."


What a relief, since I didnt need my family to gather the documents again and specially printed on 80 gram A4 then certify it again and send it to me ... again.

Nah...not really what am I writing for this time. Just wanna update a little. Haha~
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tagged from Hui Min (Its actually stole...not "tagged")

*Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up!

*If the person before you has the same first initial, you must use different answers.

*You cannot use any words twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Wong Ping Fung

2. A four Letter Word : Wink >_^

3. A boy's Name : Wai Leong

4. A girl's Name : Ms Wong Li Sa

5. An occupation : Wizard ! XD

6. A color : White

7. Something you'll wear : Is there something to start with "W" ?

8. A food : White chocolate

9. Something found in the bathroom : Water, duh...

10. A place : Winter Time Shop

11. A reason for being late : Wandering around...

12. Something you'd shout : What the heck !?

13. A movie title : Wizard of Oz (not even sure if this has been adapted to movie or not...)

14. Something you drink : Wong Lou Kat

15. A musical group : W ?

16. An animal : Whale

17. A street name : Dunno, can Jalan Wong Ping Fung accepted ?

18. A type of car : Waja

19. The title of a song : What My Heart Wants to Say - Gareth Gates
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Final Fantasy III DS + Random Update

Didnt really got the mood to update my blog these days, we're getting more and more busy as the due date for everything started to come ! Hey, did I forgotten those mid term tests !? Oh heck ! Anyway, a small update for the week:

The above clip was the opening for Final Fantasy III for Nintendo DS. Believe it, its Nintendo DS ! Yeah for Square-Enix as their Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heart series proofs that Nintendo DS' graphic could be that nice ! They always show us the potential of our gaming console could go further, the best would be Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the Nintendo GBA. Never seen such a cut scene in GBA games before.

Currently addicted to Final Fantasy III DS, I know its not the time for it but, I'll try not to play too often. Tests coming up this week, so does the due date for the usual chemistry report and assignments.

Better get started to continue on the game go revision on chemistry first, 15 sets of slides needed to be revised and memorised.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Final Fantasy Songs on You Tube !

Its been some days since the last update, been busying with reports and mid term test lately. I think they're 3 more mid term to go for the coming week and 2 reports to be submitted ! What a rush...

Anyway, I've been looking through Final Fantasy series' instrumental song lately on You Tube. Cant remember why am I searching for it already but, I did found some nice ones and here it goes !

Lets start it slow with Kingdom Hearts' favorite theme, "Dearly Beloved" and "Hikari".

#Kingdom Hearts' "Dearly Beloved" on piano and violin. The perfect combination for this song and they played it just like the one inside the game. Cool~#

#Kingdom Hearts' "Hikari" on piano.#

Thats all for Kingdom Hearts, now lets start with 'Tifa's theme" for Final Fantasy series.

#Final Fantasy VII's "Tifa's theme" on piano. This song is best listened in piano, and nothing else !#

#Its the same with the one above, is just that I would like to share this video coz the girl dressed up herself as Tifa and playing "Tifa's theme"...Nice hair she got there, too bad she just played till half way.#

#Final Fantasy VII's "Main theme" on piano. Nothing much to say, this song is kinda like designed for piano only, nothing would be better than piano itself for this song !#

#Final Fantasy VII's "Aerith's theme" on piano. Though Aerith died in the game, her spirit is still with us ! Her theme song is the most touched song you could found in Final Fantasy VII series.#

#Hey, this is new, I never thought that "Aerith's theme" could be played using violin ! And this girl here is quite talented, she recorded quite a number of videos in You Tube with her violin on several famous themes of Final Fantasy series.#

#After that, I come across with this guy (or izzit a girl ?) who're playing with 2 guitars (or whatever it is named). Final Fantasy series "Chocoboo's theme" sounds nice on guitars !#

#Now lets get our self a little darker now, Final Fantasy VII's "Mako Reactor" on piano. This guy played very well !#

#You think "Mako Reactor" is scary, try this ! Final Fantasy VII's "Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony" on guitar ! I tried to find piano version but still, guitar's version suits the best.#

#Back to those darker instrumentals...Final Fantasy VI's "Decisive Battle remixed" on piano. I think this Japaneseg guy a little insane, coz he could play it so well !#

#Another version of Final Fantasy VI's "Decisive Battle remix", but this time on violin ! This dude could play it nicely too !#

#Finally...the last song for the day, Final Fantasy VII's "One-winged Angel", the ultimate theme of Final Fantasy VII series and Sephiroth's favorite. This song is best listened under orchestra and nothing else. Enjoy.#

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