Monday, July 2, 2012

Rain !!!

Its been quite some time since the last rain...
...the last rain that rained as heavy as today.
Its chill outside but cannot open the window,
else the rain water will splashed all over my room.

Yesterday's COU practice was fun.
Get to play at the drum and managed to read the score.
Did I stated that we're having the very first percussion solo song this coming concert ?
Quite excited about that as the song is marvelous
Of course, I still need lots of practice,
as I'm not as good as my seniors. 

I had my first ba zhang of the year,
from my percussion sifu.
"I have lots of it in my fridge, dont worry, you can have one."
The happiest thing is:
I found 4 big piece of mushroom inside !
Satisfaction: maximum. >w<

And yeah, I had the weirdest dream ever:
My hamster Christine gave birth to 5-6 babies.
They grew up fast, and they have their mother's cute face.
When I open the cage,
they escaped,
run all over the place,
and I was shouting:
"come back !!!".
I guess I'm mental already. @@
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