Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Update

Kinda boring these days after finished watching Knight Rider, so I started to play back my old NDS games ! Complaining about pictures !? I know there's too little pictures lately (since I dont have a camera), so why not take some snapshots of the game I'm playing !?

Well, thats it, Resident Evil DS ! This is a mini game of the DS version, Master of Knifing ! Its all about killing zombies, with 5 levels where each level is harder and harder. Jill's would be easier compared to Chris' mode. I'm playing Chris' mode below.

#The main menu of Master of Knifing, featuring Jill and Chris.#

#One of the "bloody scene" found while killing zombies using stylus I mean, mouse pointer.# dare you attack me with your "deadly bite" !#

#Strangely, there's a naked zombie here in level 1...#

#Couldnt show you more or I'll need to fill the whole page with zombies ! Still couldnt make it to the ranking using Chris. Better luck next time !#

Now, after all these zombie killing and blood splitting, its time for Pokemon ! Gotta catch them all !? Hell no ! I'll get mad catching all 400+ Pokemon ! Whats so nice about Pokemon ? I caught a Shiny ! Wow~

#Yea, menu of Pokemon Platinum Version. i wonder whats the title for the coming up Pokemon game...would it be "Pokemon Titanium", "Pokemon Adamadium" or "Pokemon Orihalcon" ?#

#This is it, the Shiny I caught ! Its a Golbat with green coloured body, compared to normal blue coloured ones.#
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Its Raining !

Finally, after all these hot days in Kampar and in Puchong as well, the rain falls !

I'm still in the middle of my bath when I heard some strange noice outside. After I finished, I realized its raining. Thank goodness, the rain will wash away the hotness ... at least for a while, its better than nothing !

Been watching Knight Rider since the first day I came to Kampar. Well, I downloaded it and thinking of burning the whole season 1 into CDs. The characters in the series are all very funny, especially Zoe, who're always been plaing with Billy and teaching "bad stuffs" to KITT, something like "how's your daddy" (for those who watched it should be able to understand what it means) ...

Then there're the main cast Mike and Sarah, who're in love with wach other, but doesnt wanna admit. Then there's KITT, the Mustang with a high A.I. on it. HE's (yes, though its a car, in the series, people refer KITT as HE) been learning all those bad stuffs from Zoe and asking funny question to the cast.

I guess I'm gonna stop, or I'll just keep on writting and writting about it. Kaka...Rated 8 out of 10 for those who're not a car fans.
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New Movies

Pretty excited about the movies coming to us this year after I checked the list from GSC official site. So let me list down a few which I found interesting:

1. Blood the Last vampire

Take place in the morden time, about a Japanese girl who possessed the power to kill the vampires. Its actually an anime movie at first. After watching the trailer, it makes me feel so excited to watch the movie. Nice graphics, just like it...


First 5-minute preview

2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I've been waiting this for months after I got the news that it was delayed for screening ! Watched the new trailer and I think I should changed my opinions about the best Harry Potter movie already. Its not Chamber of Secrets anoymore, its Half-Blood Prince ! Trailer showed most of the important incident noted in the book, just hope that it wouldnt change much of the plot and cut off the important chapters. My favorite line from the trailer, "fight back you coward, fight back !" Well, Snape will say "I'm not a coward" loudly...

Latest trailer with many unexpected scene

3. Final Destination 4

Unbelievable huh, Death is back haunting those who cheated death ! A boy precognition saved himself and a few others from a terrible car crash. How would Death seek for their lifes this time ?

Behind the scenes

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Second Day

I almost forgot how does it feels already ... the hunger !

Eh hem...

Sorry for being that way, its just too good to be able to online again and posting my first ever online post in Kampar ! Online blogging, how can I forget this wonderful feeling !?

Its the second night I stay at Kampar...onlined the whole day for downloading movies, dramas and playing Facebook's Restaurant City. I always miss-looked it as "Racoon City" and I shocked myself. =_=

Anyway, 2 of my housemates (well, both of them are girl) just back from KL and we greeted each other. Talking about housemates, I never get a better housemate other than YCW. Will I be able to find some here ? Yea, supposed to be, since we're staying under one roof, studying under the same university and hanging out together...

Now talking about YCW, I really should write a post about you someday with one condition...I want your picture posted ! Haha~
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm Going to ... [Offline Blog for 19/5]

  • able to online and post every post that I've wrote during my long break !

  • a real university student ! Yahoo~

  • ...have a "suppose-to-be" double room turned into a single room, with double the mattress, double the cupboard, double the desk and double the size of the room !

  • ...cycle to school, though I'm still not really good at it, but I'm practicing it now !

  • ...cook yummy dishes, though the proudest dish I can make is only variety of omelette.

  • ASTRO ! Unbelievable, I started to imagine myself watching my favourite TVB dramas, CSI, MTVs and perhaps...anime !

  • ...wash my clothes using washing machine ! Woo hoo~

  • ...have new friends who're studying the same course as me, not forgetting my old friends and FRIENDS though.

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Finale [Offline Blog for 14/5]

Just finished Heroes Volume 4, please dont read this post if you're a Heroes fan but havent watched Volume 4 just yet, as it may contain spoiler that spoils you. Here's a small recap of what happened in the finale of Heroes Volume 4:

  • Matt thinking of re-uniting with his wife as he had a baby, of course with ability !

  • The stupid Danko being locked down in Building 26's cell with Noah !

  • Shape-shifting Sylar became Nathan, trying to be the most powerful man on Earth - the President of United States.

  • Peter and Nathan came to stop Sylar, but Sylar silted Nathan's throat.

  • Hiro and Ando saved all the prisoners in Building 26.

  • Sylar met the President, but almighty Peter took all of Sylar's abilities and stabbed him with a dose of medicine to paralyze him.

  • Matt being forced by Angela to brain-wash the paralyzed Sylar to think himself as "Nathan".

  • They barbequed the fake Sylar's body in Coyote Sands.

I think I've already made a small summary about the finale here ! Thanks to SL for 2 episodes of Volume 4 and Scotty to fill it up till finale. ^o^

I think the plot of Heroes are getting back on track just like Volume 1, slow and steady with lots of question marks that will be solved sooner or later in the series. Judging by the small review of Volume 5 in the finale just like the last few Volumes, I can guess that Volume 5 would be very interesting too. Some personal thoughts about Volume 5 would be:

  • Since Niki I mean Tracy are back in water, she could also be steam other than ice, making her solid, liquid and gas !

  • Sylar I mean "Nathan", will be having conflict about who is he and he may start to kill again.

  • Something wrong with Matt about his relationship thingy and he may be having an argument with his wife, again !?

  • Claire will be having her normal life, again, having lunch/dinner together as a family, while hiding something behind the happy face. Same goes to Noah.

  • The Company is back to put everything in control. Will the Haitian be back too !?

  • Cant sure what will Mohinder be doing after that, perhaps a taxi driver ?

Lets hope that Volume 5 will be better than the stuffs that I've wrote here ! Haha...
Heroes Season 4 Volume 5 will return in September 2009.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Special Thanks to ... [Offline Blog for 6/5]

  • FRIENDS, as they're the one who kept on asking me out "yam cha", even though I kept on rejecting it since my grandma doesnt allow me to go out till late night. I just hope that before I go to Kampar, I can hang out with them just one more time, other than "yam cha" of course !

  • YCW, as my first ever housemate and bringing craziness and insanity into my Foundation year. Thanks to your friends too, Shi Hooi, Mel Lee, BB Zai, Nemo, Kok Lee, Ah Teng and sort...its been fun to be with you lot.

    I still remember the test that you lot gave me. Given you 5 colours, red, yellow, green, orange and white, attach a person's name to the colour given without hesitation. The meaning behind the colours are then explained to me, and here's my choice:

    Red, someone whom you love.
    => I cant write it here, its private !

    Yellow, someone who knows you the most.
    => Scotty, didnt really think that it was real at first, but when time goes by, maybe its real ! Kaka~

    Green, someone whom you'll never forget.
    => Freezie, she's the first ever person I found to be sharing the same birthday as me, perhaps we stay at the same hospital when we're born too !

    Orange, your best friend ever.
    => SL, being helpful is more than enough, but sometimes I didnt really ask for his help, as he's already busy enough with his family and housemates.

    White, the person that you're waiting for.
    => Shi Hooi, not waiting her to (eh hem) love me, but waiting her to pay back the debt ! And finally, the time came and I cleared my debt.

  • Fellow TE 4rians, that accompanied me through the Foundation year. Please dont bother what I've said when I'm angry, those words doesnt really make sense and I hope that you dont mind listening it too. Cant sure who shares the closest bond with me since every semester we're changing but, I do hope that we'll be together again in the same lecture hall, doing assignments and DoTA-ing till late night again.

  • Fellow TE students, though only know certain of them. Choi, Pei Zi, Yen Yee, Xiao Rou, and some TE 3 students are the one that I've been talking to, thanks for the memories that we've been through, big or small, important and not-really important...

  • Our lecturers ! Thanks to Miss Evil Laugh for teaching us and care about our class; same goes to Miss Y, who taught us CS during semester 1; Mr Joe, thanks for your whacky and funny lecture class; Mr TT, for teaching us Biology I and Mr PD for Biology II; Miss TT for Chemistry I and Miss Banu with Miss Leong for Chemistry II; never forgotten Miss Tee for Programming and Web Page and lastly, all the English lecturers !

    Thanks to Miss Wong too, not for teaching me Chemistry, but for remembering me through out the whole Foundation year.

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