Friday, April 24, 2009

In the Light and Dark [Offline Blog for 23/4]


How nice ! I found the new book written by J.K. Rowling in MPH today ! At first I went to MPH just to look around the books and comics, I didnt really think of finding the book here ! Well, I'm looking at the comics, there's X/1999, Tsubasa, Naruto and other titles. Suddenly, I found a book (which very obvious, is not a comic) lying there, and so I picked it up...then I got a shock of my life.

I've been hoping to read this book since I found out that Rowling will write 5 wizarding tales (including the one that had been mentioned in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) and compose it in a book. The first edition of the book was separated in 5 volumes; each volume composed with one of the tales and was handwritten and illustrated by Rowling herself. All the books were then auctioned and the money collected were donated to what sort Children stuffs.

The one I found in MPH is the printed version (of course !). It looks small, I didnt really thought that it could be that small. Thought it could be very thin, but it was around 100+ pages. Once I took it, I quickly find a place to sit down and enjoy the book. After each tale, there's Albus Dumbledore’s notes, comments and some other stuffs that relates to the tale.

Aww~~~I wish that I could slip it into my bag and walk out with it ! Just tear off the price tag and take the book with me. Remember to leave the price tag in MPH though, or I'll be caught ! What am I thinking there !? You didnt see anything, since it was didnt, didnt you !?


Reach home and started to play games as ever. When I was fed up on games (for today), I started to scare myself that I'll fail if I'm not doing revision. So, finally started to do revision and notes around 12.15am (which means its already 24th of April already) with snacks in hand. Anyway, am I snacking or doing notes now ?

When I'm concentrating on doing the notes, suddenly the light went "poof" and I'm engulfed by darkness. Well, not exactly darkness, as my notebook was beside me, playing my favourite songs. I was a little panic, as its the first time it occurred to me, me alone...then I found myself a touch light. With joy, I switched it on and found myself surrounded with light. Thank goodness, it still functioning.

Tried to continue on doing notes, but found out that the light emitted was not strong enough, so fed up in doing revision straight away. Walked outside my room, found out that the whole house was engulfed by darkness, I seems to be the only one who're shinning with light. Went downstairs to check the neighbouring houses, and found out that all the houses were the same.

Went back to my room and suddenly felt hot. Found myself a cardboard and started to fan myself. SMS-ed Freezie to check whether her house was the same, but I got no reply from her. Should have known it already ...

Thinking back just now when I'm walking down and up stairs, Resident Evil's scene pops into my head. Its dark...and I'm the one with the light...shinning through the hallway, then the stairs...what if there's a zombie somewhere near the corner ? Found myself in front of my room's door, looking at the other doors, could it be a zombie behind them ? Without hesitation, I opened the door and closed it behind me and started to blog about it.

10 minutes after I blog, the light turned on and I got a shock of my life. Another 10 minutes passed and I finished blogging. Time ? Its 1.30am now...Need to go McD tomorrow to post everything and most important one, read Tsubasa, Bleach and xxxHOLiC manga chapters !

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Random Update + Please Save My Sony ! [Offline Blog for 22/4]

Study weeks is here, but I'm still not thinking of doing revision. Gaming like usual, I actually beat the game titled Final Fantasy Fables Chocoboo Tales ! and been sleeping the whole day.

How's Kampar ? Its good, well...kinda good. I guess this time, all the stuffs that I've been thinking all these time can be done in Kampar ! Here's the list :

=>before I sleep in the night, download Heroes, Supernatural, Tsubasa, xxxHOLiC and my favourite TV shows !
=>wake up in the morning to make my own bento as lunch at U
=>make some sandwich as snacks !
=>bake a cake or biscuits if I'm free !
=>cycle to school (should be known as university…by the way, I still dunno how to ride a bike !)
=>if I cant find a front place in the lecture hall, sit near the speaker, record the lecture !
=>before home, dinner with friends somewhere
=>reach home, watch the TV shows I downloaded ! XD
=>do tutorials (which I'm still wondering whether I'll be doing it when the time comes)
=>Mapling ! My Maple friends and my gonna be third job I/L Mage, here I come !
=>walk outside for a clear night view of the stars ! (I've been thinking to do this since secondary school, but there's light pollution ... )

Anyway ... I spoiled my Soy MP3 ?...more precisely, my Sony MP3 spoiled. Its not like the whole thing spoiled and unable to function, actually its just the display screen malfunctioned. At first I thought its coz of low battery, but after I charged it, my Sony MP3 still behave the same !

I started to wonder whether the audio output has been malfunctioned I turn it on and tried to listen to the songs inside. With my memory, I pressed this and that to access to the songs, and luckily, the audio output is still functioning. So, the problem for me will be :

1. How am I suppose to record my coming lecture !?

Without seeing the screen, I cant sure that whether I'm recording or not. When ever I pressed the pause button, I cant sure whether it paused or still recording ! I dont wanna find myself being frustrated after knowing that I've been recording nothing in the 2 hour lecture.

2. How am I suppose to look for a specific song !?

I cant just keep on listening to the songs that are being shuffled ! What If I wanna find a specific song that I just uploaded into my Sony MP3 !? Keep on pressing the next button is useless !!!

3. Most important problem will be ... How am I suppose to know that it needs to be charged !?

The battery meter ... I cant even know how much battery left for my Sony MP3, how am I suppose to charge it ? Charge it every 2 days ? 3 days ? After 5 hours of usage ? 10 hours !? I guess I need my experience to guide me through this ...

SX...please reply me soon, I wanna know whether I can change it for a new one ... TT^TT
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Resident Evil, Again and Again ! [Offline Blog for 16/4]

I know I'm hooked to Resident Evil recently which, makes me a little more alert in the night when I'm going to buy water and supper ... but I cant control myself not to hook on it, coz the storyline is just ... too nice !

Eh hem...

Well, have you ever seen a person playing a game just to know the story of the game ? Thats me ! I've been playing RPGs since I'm able to play PS1, and thats the only game that I've been playing all these years, emitting those fighting and puzzle games. The first RPG game that I played - Final Fantasy VII for PS1, casted a curse deep inside of me, the curse that makes me playing games just for their stories !

After FF VII, I've been looking for the other titles in the series that interested me. Found FF IX later on and finished it till disc 2 (out of 4 disc). Later on, I come across the game titled Resident Evil, a horror third person shooting game. The first Resident Evil title that I actually played before but never completed was Resident Evil 2 – NEMESIS, with main character Jill Valentine.

Whats with the story that hooks me up ?

Its all started in July 1998, where Racoon City's citizen were attacked by a group of dogs, which actually eats the human flesh; later on, people were eaten alive by a group of several people. Racoon City was a dead zone where no one can enter and leaves.

Thats the time where the S.T.A.R.S cop Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Barry Burton and Albert Wesker were lost contact in a middle of a mission in Raccon City. They end up in a mansion where the Umbrella Corporation was doing the research about the biological weapon - T-Virus. In the end of the day, they found out that it was Wesker's idea to lead the research about T-Virus and the accident inside the mansion released the virus out to public.

Umbrella Corporation, the leading medicine producer of Racoon City at the outside, and the one who're conducting research on the viruses without public known. The whole Umbrella Corporation was then collapsed and defeated in the later on series. But, the data about the viruses were taken and a new company continue on the research.

Lots of stuffs been happening coz whenever a company developing the vaccines or viruses taken down, another will arise to continue on the research and come out with a more incredible viruses.

For Resident Evil 3 – Extinction, the movie adapted a lot of fighting weapons inside. From the usual handgun to shotgun, then flamethrower and lastly, knife ! For the infectees, there's been the normal zombies, zombie dogs and crows. There's a added zombie with little intelligent that attacks more fierce and aggressive !

In the CGI movie Resident Evil - Degeneration, main character from Resident Evil 4, Leon Kennedy partner up with Claire Redfield (Chris Redfield's sister) to take down the company that claim that they created a vaccines for T-Virus - WilPharma. The founder of WilPharma secretly kept a dose of G-Virus inside the company that leads to disaster in the end of the story.

Ah...I better control myself or I'll non-stop crapping about the stuffs that you may think its boring ! Anyway, seeing Leon Kennedy in action makes me wanna play Resident Evil 4, as he was the main character.

Rating about the storyline ? 9.3 out of 10 !

How I calculated that 0.3 out ? Instinct told me to put so…hehe
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Someone Very _ [Offline Blog for 7/4]

#Thats Jest and Sensei with Mr Paul after the Biology practical...#

Am I going back myself later on ?


Luckily I got my weapon !

If there's anything remember to shout out my name !

Why must your's ? Cant I shout out Jest's name ? I'll give you a SMS when I reach home...

She's already scared till half death ...

Its not the first time I walk back myself already, but I think I'm getting more and more scared to walk home alone in the middle of the night after playing Resident Evil Deadly Silence, dunno its a curse or what ... Anyway, my weapon, a cutter, just a small paper cutter, not longer than only survival tools if I encounter zombies I mean robbers. >.<

I'm not about myself, its about Jest. Thats the nickname I gave her here, though she's been known as Jest in real life, for short. I asked her permission to blog about her, and she dont mind about here it goes !

The weapon that I've been taking with me, is actually taught by her. "Its so dangerous to walk back alone, and your house is so far from our house," she said whenever I'm going to walk back home late night after visiting her house (her house also the house of Tweety and Freezie, since they're housemates !). Then, she will pass me her cutter from the pencil case. "Beware of the motorcycle ! Run whenever needed !"

Whenever I was eating "Mata Kerbau" (its actually the normal fried egg), I'll think of her reaction towards the egg if its too oily. "So oily !" she'll said if its very oily. Then she will took out a piece of tissue paper and started to wipe out (or absorb out) the oil, then show it to us how oily is the egg.

I've been calling her "爽爽" since her name ends with "Shuang"... then whenever she felt very 爽 (it means very high, happy, excited) then she would become very funny and childish. There's a time where I went to her room to do Web Page assignment (I need to find wonderful pictures for the background), she's been looking for pictures too. When she saw a nice picture, she would say "wow". For the next few nice pictures that she found, she would say "oh wow", "wow" and "oh wow" in a higher pitch. I just cant imitate her "oh wow" and she would tease me.

Saying about teasing me, she's very good in teasing me. When I say something to her, I must be prepared that my words will backfired and got teased from her. Sometimes when I got teased by her, I'll become speechless and dont know what to do, and she'll give me the face of "yeah, I've won !" to me.

When she's studying and doing revision and we're all making noises, she would make a very frustrated face and ask us to keep our voices down so that she could concentrate on what she's been doing. But when we're too quiet then she'll turn over and said that "keep your voices down doesnt mean that you cannot talk !"

#Jest and Sensei (again) ... in semester 1.#

The most memorable stuffs that she ever told me so far was ...

"Can you all please keep your voices down, the one will be getting trouble is not you, it will be me. You're not staying in this house so it feels OK but not me, I still need to face my housemates. It just a cockroach, whats the point of making all the noises ? Especially you, are you a boy or what ... jumping up and down when you see the cockroach..."

She slammed the door after that. I admit that I scare of cockroach, coz of some childhood memories, where they did something bad to me, twice in my life...

Actually...the main purpose of me is to acknowledge her hardwork in creating my Web Page group's company logo. It looks nice and our web page looks more colourful with it. Thanks for your hardwork and we really appreciate it.

#The logo that Jest made for colourful !#

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Is It Coming to an End Already !? [Offline Blog for 5/4]

Seems like it. Since we're finished with our mid term tests and assignments, and we're going to finish our presentations and the coming final exams. Didnt really took any pictures with my fellow TE 4rians this semester when thinking back, this semester is just too short and rush.

Thinking back that day where I went to PE block with Sensei, its kinda fun to participate in the activity organized by the lectures, known as "The _Project" or something. Whatever project it is, the main purpose is wanna post our blog to the main page of UTAR, thats the thing I know so far.

Since I'm a semester 3 student (gonna be a Degree student very soon !), I'm not sure whether I still can participate in this project or not, though Mr Lau said its alright...

Ah...becoming a Degree student very soon ? Time seems to be going too fast, I still remember the day I first came in to UTAR, knowing my class only consist of around 13-16 people...becoming the smallest class among all the TEs...

Anyway, the end is near, but another beginning will come. The story will never end, as at the very end of the story, there's a new beginning that waiting for you to discover.

Oh, strangely, with the walkthrough that I got few days ago, I finished Resident Evil Deadly Silence as Jill in Rebirth + Easy Mode ! Woo hoo~ Too bad that I didn’t finish the game less than 3 hours, if I did I’ll be having infinity Rocket Launcher, an ultimate weapon that deals explosive damage to whoever that stands in front of me, I mean Jill !

A very short post huh ? Haha...
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Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Update

Well, thats the link to the web page that I (and my group members as well !) created for our web page assignment.

With lots of hard work and last minute work, we managed to finish it and pass up in time (yet).

The site might be very boring and not attractive enough. Feel free to comment the web page to me, so that I know whats my weakness. Hehe...thanks~~

WOW, shortest post ever ! XD

---Added post for today !---

Ah ! Now I'm in PE 015, the computer lab in another side of PA block. Walked almost half an hour (actually its 20 minutes) to reach there and found that Mr Joe, Mr Lau and Ms Wong were already there with a few students.

How nice, I just got their blog's URL ! Hohoho~~

Just in case I'll be loosing it, I'll need to write it down here for precautional steps.

This project sounds fun, our blog gonna be posted in UTAR's main page (izzit true ?)! O.O

Anyway...hope that its really ! >W<
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