Saturday, December 27, 2008

Celebrating X'mas...with Tang Yuan !?

Oh ! Its Christmas eve ! But...we need to attend the replacement class for chemistry practical ! Hey wait a sec, Ms L said we could go back early if we finish it fast. And so we finished our experiments (on time) with homework - partial report ! How nice is she...usually we only gets full report...and so we took a picture of her !

#Hey, Ms L posing very cool wat...a very nice pictures starting with me at the back, Lyenn, Jolin, Rannie and Ms L.#

And then, we went to our shopping for our Christmas Eve Steam Pot ! Bond be or driver again and we went to quite a number of place to buy our magic ingredient for the steam pot. But wait a that ...

#...oh ! Its the Ragu pasta sauce that we saw in the catalog few weeks ago ! Just in case we never meet him again, I took this picture quickly.#

Then, we go to SL's house for the ultimate party ! Most of the TE 4rians were there and all of us contributed our help for the steam pot.

Pictures regarding the steam pot will be posted in another post due to the picture supplier delayed delivery. But never mind, there's another picture supplier that delivered something else to me...

#Ah ! What is that !? Its the rice flour mixed with dragon fruit for making tang yuan. We made it on Christmas day, the day after our steam pot...#

#Its Freezie-chan again ! Its been successful and we're looking forward for another flavour !#

#Erm...not this flavour that I mean ... but ...#

#...honeydew ! But wait, something not right with the rice flour...too many water !#
#Since the colour was too pale, Freezie-chan cant hold herself to add some chopped pandan leaves into it.#

#WOW~ Making it round and round and round and ... round.#

#Since all of us were hungry, SL and Rannie went out and bought us something ! And they're making the food for us !#

#Looks like the watery flour seems better now. POSE !#

#The dragon fruit tang yuan is here ! Looks like cherry balls ! I can taste the sweetness just by looking at it !#

#Jolin making a cute face while Freezie and SL comes along for a photo session ! Aww~ its just too delicious !#

#Thats the cube tang yuan that I made earlier ! So it survived from the hot sugar syrup ! Hey, whats those at the back, looks like pineapple...#

#Well, actually its not pineapple, its ginger ! Take a look here, its the honeydew tang yuan with dragon fruit tang yuan ! So beautiful~#
Aww~ I'm not in those pictures ! I should take picture of myself too next time...^0^

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pictures and MORE Pictures !!!

#Stuck in Bond's car ! Total of 8 people in his Waja including himself going to Digital Mall ! And Rannie took this picture at the front seat.#

#Getting wu liao while walking back home and went kisiao ! Taking pictures on our shoes ! Starting "My" Chelle, Scott, Jolin, SL, Tweety and me !#

#Ah...lovely Thursday morning ! A Thanks Giving card from Freezie-chan ! She made it in the middle of the night just for us TE 4 ! Too bad Amsha cant get it...#
#Blur picture captured by Tweety. Though blur, but it made a very good effect ! Imagine that the guy in the picture (is Rannie actually) abusing the teddy bear...haha~#
#OH ! Watch out what to say to your boyfriend ! Some things that you cant tell your boyfriend are written here ! Trying to find another one for "Things not to tell your girlfriend". Found this on people's car, can see the reflection of me, TWeety and Scott.#
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Hermit ? Its Hermin ! [Offline Blog for 19/12]

#Freezie and Hermin at Old Town (Ah ! Where's me ?).#

Seems like another year will be ended just like that with lots of mid term test and programming assignment. At the same time, with the leaving of some of my friends and some other events that happens lately ... Anyway, we must go on since time only moves forward, there’s no turning back, not even Hiro Nakamura can change the past. Playing with space-time continuum is something really disastrous.

Erm, well … since Hermin said that I’ve only crapping about other people in my blog but not her, so I decided to crap about her then !

When recalling back what name to call her, we TE 4 came up lots of weird names. From names like “hermit crab” to “peppermint” and even “min min”, which was created by me. She’s always the girl who had her pony tail and specs. For me, she’s the one who very determined to study well for exam and fully understand the topics needed to learn.

Because of the subjects or what sort, she seems to be very stress in studying or understanding the topic. Rannie started to call her “stress po (“po” is Chinese word, which means “old woman” in this case). Everytime seeing her and Freezie-chan having conversation about some subjects with strange phrases and words, it makes me scare.

Wah ! They study that lot till I think that I studied too little !” I thought myself…

#Is that the "stress-po" ? Eh...I mean Hermin in "stress mode"...#

Then with the help of fate or destiny, I sometimes got the chance to solve questions or problems with her. Just like that programming practical for instance, I sorta know how to write the coding, but not really sure what to do, since I know the coding in my head will give me errors. Then Hermin came to ask me, I told her about my coding and when I told her half way, she already got my point. Then she told me about the ways of solving the problem, when she told me halfway, I got the point already as well ! That’s the fun part, when we’re writing the coding, we’re kinda like reading each other’s mind. Even Freezie too was there doing the coding together with us.

There’s another time in Writing for Science lecture, the lecturer told us to write an essay, pair work. Hermin sitting besides me that time and she said “never been working with you before, we in a group lar.” Then started to write the introduction and sort, we’re very excited in writing it and when writing the conclusion, we lack of ideas.

As conclusionfor the sake of …”
Wah ! I learned a new phrase ! ‘For the sake of,’ nice phrase !”
“Yeah, in the manga I read, there’s a part where the character said ‘for the sake of,’ they said she’s saying sake, not saké, which is a kind of alcohol in Japan.”

Then I said “for the sake of saké,” which makes her laugh a while. When we’re thinking what to write after the phrase, both of us look at each other with a light bulb on our heads shouting “our new generation” out loud ! Really funny that time, and we finished the essay with the phrase.

Few days back when we’re doing the Biology practical, I’m taking pictures on my blood on the slides and I saw her besides me. I forgot what she said (kinda feel angry for my weak memory power, but sometimes I really remember something that other’s cant remember, strange…) and I told her “there’s been a little boring and down in my blog recently …” which is a fact.

“… you always write about other people, never seen you write about me…” she complained.
“That’s the word I need ! I’ll put that in the blog.”

#What does Freezie spotted on Hermin's phone !? Izzit ... #

Today after Biology tutorial, I found myself stuck in Bond’s car again and Bond is trying to get the car to the main road. There’s a woman which did not let us pass, I started to say “women is like that…” and “My” Chelle said I’m talking like Mr J already.

“But if that’s my aunt, sure she’ll let us pass through.”
“Your aunt is a women !” counter attacked by “My” Chelle.
“It’s a CARING women if you ask.”

Then we saw Hermin in her dad’s car at the back of the women’s car. We started to wave real hard and she noticed all of us. Suddenly saw her dad reversing his car back a little to let us pass through, the whole people in the car was like “wow, how nice of him~” and Bond finally got the chance to pass through.

“Ah ! A CARING man !”
“I told Hermin about that later on…” said Freezie to me with laugh.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh My **** ! Deliciou-so !


After my dinner at somewhere near Section 17 with Tweety-chan and Scott, we started went kisiao and ... something happens ! Lets guess whats the stuffs below...its kinda fun coz you'll not know whats those stuffs are. Hehe~

#Oh ! Our pirate ship is on the go ! [Guess whats that grey thing and the green thingy stuffs]#

#Gosh ! The pirate ship is under attack !!! DEFENCE !!!#

#Ah hahaha, ATTACK !!!#
#After playing "pirate ship" we went on decorating the surrounding area of the ship.#
#The "winter" version of the pirate ships.#

#Looks very grand, beware of the ultimate pirate ship !!!#
#Oh my...seeing Scott eating that "ho fan", makes me hungry ! [Guess whats he eating]#
#Alright alright, there's a larger view of the "ho fan" that Scott eating. Can you guess whats that now ?#
What a day ! Chun weh~~~ ^0^
(Thanks to my picture supplier for this very SUPERB pictures !)
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Detour [Offline Blog for 5/12]

Its really been a while since the last time I updated my blog, mostly coz of the laziness that I’m having these days. But it also can be due to the unavailability of me to go online uploading pictures for certain of post. Anyway, want to thank to all my picture suppliers. Without the pictures, the blog wouldnt be that alive.

But the post today isn’t about the stuffs above.

There’s always been detour in my life as I could remember. I hate to become the centre person, which always needs to make decisions on which side to choose between two. Kinda like the poet “The Road Not Taken” if you’re asking.

As long as I could remember, detour always revolves around me, asking me to choose a side where both side having different consequences and things that I may be missed out and regret. I always wish that I could be able to manipulate myself into 2 and be in difference place at the same time, but I couldnt.

Few days back in time, after our last lecture/tutorial, we TE 4 were going back home. Some of them got attracted to the Hitz FM road show or sorta things, while some needs to go home to have some rest. In my heart, I wanna be with the Hitz FM, but seeing the other side, the going-home people looks so unhappy and sort.

Detour : Hitz FM or going to print notes and back home.
Decision : Print notes and going back home, I chosen.

Later on, found myself walking back with Freezie-chan and “My” chelle. Walked halfway, Freezie said that she envy something about us, then she left and said she dont want to print notes and wanna go back home.

“…I found the real self already...” (She said something like that before she left)

I can sense that she does not mean it in her expression. Perhaps I’m wrong, I’m not her (though having the same birthday, doesnt means that I could read her heart), I dont know about it. But, I think I sense something else from Freezie towards someone, well…is that … I wish I could have it too ...

Its been a few times already where “My” chelle’s plan of discussing the talk show thingy stuffs failed coz of some of our group members. And she’s been a little disappointed and perhaps angry about us too. I tried to go and do something for the group but I couldnt, coz I cant go online wherever I goes. Tried to stay back after the last class to go online in the computer lab, but the stomach couldnt fights the hunger and I need choose to go dinner.

And today, SL asked me whether I wanted to go McD to do revision for tomorrow’s test or not. I thought it can be a good chance where I could go online and do my research and upload some pictures to the blog while having some nice, hot banana pie.

“Around 10pm I’ll SMS you about that…” he said.

Detour : Believe or not to believe.
Decision : I believe in him, well...

After watching Heroes and washed all the clothes, its 9.30pm, getting myself ready and waiting for his notification. Going to fell asleep around 10pm and when I woke up, its already 11pm. So I made another decision to myself that, I dont want to go McD anymore. I dont really care whether he forgets about it or perhaps too sleepy or what sorta reasons, its over, means its over.

Earlier around 8pm+, my grand called me. She said she cut off the Streamyx internet service already. So, whats the point for me to go back Puchong without internet, for that going online is my primary purpose.

There’s also another detour waiting for me.

Detour : Go to CC or places with Wi-Fi.
Decision : None of them.

Going CC will be like the stuffs that YCW said, “throwing money for temporary stuffs” and sort. But think, I can go download stuffs and go MSN, and can go Maple a while…but, it cant last long and waste money.

“I wasted RM10 for going CC online DotA !” cried Rannie.

Going places with Wi-Fi, means places like Upekka, Old Town, Starbucks and other places, kinda like sucking the money out of me. Been to Upekka once, portion of the food is small, but you need to pay an amount of money for it; Old Town, always been thinking of going, but dunno what to eat, coz all the foods are expensive; no comment on Starbucks, just one word, expensive.

There’s a new mamak stall opened, I told “My” chelle that “If there’s a Wi-Fi in that mamak, I’ll be sitting there now.”

And so, there it goes again.

Detour : Going online at CC on Monday or online at Upekka on Monday to do research for the talk show and the important programming assignment ?
Decision : I just hope to look for a place where they didnt shoo me away when I’m online and I could afford to pay the price. So, should be Upekka if they doesnt close on public holiday.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Actually, its not typed by me myself, I found this nice e-mail in my inbox and so I decided to post my first post in chinese here. For those who doesnt reads chinese, lots of web translator thingy stuffs for you to translate the chinese words. Hope you enjoy this story.










不论你多富有,不管你官多大,到什么时候也离不开咱的妈....愿天下父母平安度春秋....... 珍惜母亲的每一个谎言,好好的对待父母,很多东西,失去后才得来的珍贵代价太大.所以一定要好好的爱我们的父母~ 如果我還一直深愛著你...你是否還會待在我身邊? 如果我還一直在乎著你...你是否會再多看我一眼? 是否我已不存在了...你才感覺的到我的離開? 是否我已離開了....你才感覺的到我對你的好? 在此祝福全天下父母平安度春秋~~
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Monday, November 24, 2008


Its the law of nature that, if you kills, you got food...

And there's also another law, you kill, you learn whats inside your kill...

We Biology Stream will be doing it, this week.

I've always been lack of the guts to dissect the animals in secondary school. No matter a hamster-sized mouse or a mouse with size of a 1-2 weeks old kitten, I still couldnt cut them. When looking them struggling inside the glass chamber (which actually is the aquarium tank) with chloroform, I can feel my tears holding inside my eyes.

Its lucky coz its a group work, so I just standing at the side, watching them doing whatever the works need to be done. I can sense the knife cutting the skin of the mouse when they doing so. I smell blood, but I still sense the life of the mouse, its still alive.

My groupmates peeled the skin of the mouse and flesh, the organs of the mouse can be seen very clearly. The heart still pumping, the blood is still flowing through the small body. They all started to do some observation around the small body, identifying, touching, feeling, sensing and playing the organs when done.

Some of them cut off the intestine and play around; some continue to cut the skin to see more of the mouse; some other just standing there observing the organs. Then, the teacher located the artery near the heart, said if we cut it off, lots of blood will be flowed out, and they told me to do so.

Wah !”

And there it is, I ended the mouse’s life. The blood didnt split out when I cut it, but it all flows out of the small artery that teacher shows.

I just got my dissection kit few days ago, and I look through it already. Sharp and small tools sealed in plastic, placed inside the box nice and neat. So, this will be my killing tools for the coming up experiment. We kill to learn, even the doctors and scientist are the same. Perhaps they’re even worse, but they’re not that terrible till using human for testing their experiments...perhaps...who knows ?

Some day in the future, I might be the one doing such a thing, but I must remember that, for every kill, its for learning. The kill must be worth, or it’ll be wasted just like that, another life of a being...

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flash Back

Seeing TE 4rians' relationship between each of us getting further and further apart, makes me a little sad. I was wondering about what happens to them, I felt like wanna worries about them But when thinking back, I myself also having problems, how am I suppose to worry about them without solving my own problems !?

"You all is not actually you all," I told Freezie and before that, told "My" Chelle too.

"...When it comes to grouping and assignment and test, they will be like that. Too stress, perhaps..." said "My" Chelle.

"...I noticed it too, but our relationships are close and when it comes to grouping, we should be able to suits ourselves right ? But why is it the other way round ..." Freezie replied.

When I was having my shower today, I thought back the first day I meet TE 4.

Its a Monday, where I thought I'll be having Chemistry practical. Outside the lab, its the first time I saw Freezie and Sensei. We chatted a while and found out our class is actually consists of 16+- students.

Later on, I went for math lecture, saw SL and Slash playing PSP. At first I thought of being a really hardworking student this time and not mixing around with other people, but SL and Slash breaks the barrier and welcomed me to sit together with them. Introduced themselves as Henry and Slash and I said I'm Wong.

Then, Bond came and he looks matured to me, which makes me felt more childish. The rest of the classmates were girls where I cant remembers their faces and names well, since they all looks so alike to me for that particular moment. I felt that I shouldnt mix around, for the sake of my results and degree course...I dont want the same thing happens to me again.

During math lecture, Ms Pua asked for volunteer to photostat the notes for the class and SL rose up his hand. MS Pua shouts put loud that "OK then, you'll be the Class Rep of TE 4 from now on." And from that day onwards, he's the Class Rep.

We also had an English language lecture with Ms Lilian (kinda miss her actually), and we're told to form a group with 4-5 people. I grouped with Rannie, which makes me thought he had a very good result in his SPM, and a very quiet person. At the same time, Freezie and perhaps Hermin or "My" Chelle were my group members too. Freezie introduced herself that she got almost full A1 in SPM but cant get any offer from everywhere, thats why she entered UTAR. That shocks me and she reminds me of Au YH. Rannie got our phone numbers and I before he do so, I got almost everyone's MSN already.

There's a day where we're having Chemistry tutorial with Ms T, where her words brings me into her world full of atom and bonding. Thats the time where I meet Tweety for the first time. Her cute voice shocks me at the first time, but when thinking back about her voice now, its actually quite unique. I always scare that she'll be kidnapped when we're walking back together but I found that she can be a very strong girl, and my worries faded.

I remember I always confused between all the girls, trying to remember them by their real names was kinda hard at first. Then Slash started to gave nicknames for all of us. Freezie got her nickname coz of a day, where Slash and I saw her sitting alone, like frozen in space and time; while Tweety coz of her cute little voice; Slash named himself so coz its his wish; started with Tally for Sensei, but never really used; Weirdo for Jes, and never been used too; then Spiky for me, coz of my spiky hair.

First time seeing "My" Chelle reminds me of the Michelles in my secondary school.
"All the Michelle I met are talented and smart person, so are you," I told her. Beginning time I know she also sets a barrier between her and us, but it also broke by the rest of us. I remember there's a time where she was rushing for something and shouted "Dental appointment !" out loud to the rest of us in a rush and went out of the class before English lecture with Cecily starts.

Then Ragu comes with Scott, both of them becomes Wolverine and Scott from X-men. Kalai also came and Amsha got a friend to chat with from that day on. We keep on calling Amsha "Itchy girl" or "Hippo girl" and some sort of names, and Kalai strangely becomes the Catwomen of that time.

Rannie suddenly becomes the real self and started to chat non-stop in the class. From that day on, we chat together; lunch and dinner together, laugh together and ... play together.

But now, I only can get back those happy feelings when I tried to flash back. I want to leave the sadness and loneliness that I had in my secondary school away from me. I appreciate every moment that I had with them, coz I dont know what will be happening to them next day. When you needs me, I'll be there; when I needs you, I hope that you'll be here too. I thinking too much or ... it is a reality ?

I'm afraid of the coming day named "tomorrow". I'm afraid of what will I be seeing from my fellow TE 4rians. I felt like hugging all of them, afraid that they will be disappeared tomorrow. What I can do now is ... hope that tomorrow will be a better day, where I'll be meeting the same old TE 4rians, laughing along the way to the class again.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Interesting Pictures ! [Offline Blog for 16/11]

Well...the title says it all !

I was playing the new DotA map using the new Hero Windrunner solo-ing Pit Lord in easy mode. Though it says "easy", but that Pit Lord actually levels more faster than me and even bought his godly weapons ! He kept on attacking my base as it was a piece of s**t to him. Well...with my 2nd skill, most of the creeps were piece of cake to me.

It keeps on going for 40+ minutes or so, died twice in attempt to protect the base, finally I strikes back with my godly weapons (not the best weapons, but it was the best I could get when I was killed by him and lack of money that time) ! Slowly and slowly, leading my armies marching through all the creeps. When I saw Pit Lord, first I binds him with my 1st skill, trying to hit him as much as I could before I use the 1st skill again, then Ultimate him ! But everytime his HP reached red in colour, he rans away.

Anyway, finally I'm attacking his base and I saw him nearby ! 1st skill and he's binded with his army at the back, I shoot him till he's almost reach half of his HP. He seems like didnt notice about that, well...ULTIMATE HIM ! He shocks like hell and ran for his life. But later on, all went "poof" and I won ! Hohoho~~~

I got a habit where I'll be checking the weapons that my enemy bought, to see why he can kill me. And so, I found him doing something strange, which is this !

#Looks like he's pee-ing to me. Now look at another picture.#

#Looks like Pit Lord saying something ! Perhaps he's saying "you scare me till I pee in my pants !" Haha~#
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rushing [Offline Blog for 13/11]

Today is Thursday. Kinda like some sorta boring introduction line, but what I wanna said here is, to day we got 2.5 hours break in between lectures and practicals. And so the day before, me and Tweety promised to go Digital Mall for some prupose (that you all no need to know about). After the (boring ?) morning lecture, its 11am and we're getting ourselves ready for the bus. But then later on seems like lots of TE 4rians wanna join the trip too, and so here's how it goes.

Me and Tweety found a place where Freezie-chan and Hermin sat, placed our bags there and I need to settle something with the Department and Tweety accompanied me along the way. After all the troubles with different Faculties in PA Block, I found out I need to go to PE Block.

And when I'm ready to go, Tweety dissapeared ! But later on around 12pm, she appears back and the gang of people that going Digital Mall were...Bond as driver (which actually out of my expectations !), Rannie, Sensei, Scott, Tweety, "My" Chelle, Jolin and me, in a total of 8 people.

And so, we fit inside the Wira and found out that we're very lucky coz all of us are skinny and thin ! Its the first time ever that I sat at the back seat with 5 other people, so its a bit interesting to see how 6 people fits at the back seat.

"Take pictures !"
I shouted at the back.

Tweety and "My" Chelle took out their handphones and started to take pictures about the situation at that time. Rannie becomes our photographer since he sat at the front seat. We all went kisiao and took lots of pictures.

"Put me down at PE ?"

Found myself at PE later on, and went to the Faculty for approvement of the paper. Saw Evil Laugh there and later on Ms Leong. Surprisingly, the Faculty's efficiency really high and I got back my paper approved within 10 minutes.Walked myself to Digital Mall and found them in BSN, then we go to McD.

"Who wants to go Digital Mall please go now, only 30 minutes left till our practical." said "My" Chelle.

And we're in McD, rushing to buy some food and the popular food of the day for TE 4 is - french fries. I bought a burger set which includes the fries and after finished, Jolin said "go buy a large fries if you want to eat more" to Bond. Then, a large fries came ! Rannie was so into eating fries and he bought a large fries too.

Getting in Bond's car 20 minutes later and heading back for the Biology practical with Mr P. Kinda fun having the practical with him, since he's a funny guy.

"Whats the differences between primary and secondary (follicide) ?" asked SL to Mr P.
"One is in blue one is in green."

What he means was, primary school students wears blue while secondary school students wears green for the pants. @_@
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Fun Day At IKANO

Well...its last week's event. Its a Friday, where Jes, Freezie, Rannie, Sensei and me going together in Ben's (Jes's friend) car. I scared that the car doesnt fits us all, but at the end the Proton Waja did it and we're on the journey to IKANO's Popular.

After we arrived, we're not going to Popular first, but the pet shop ! Lots of cute looking animals there. What a cute Hush Puppy there, but cant take photo and Freezie was warned not to do so. And so we moved on...reptiles ! I ran for my life when I reached that section. Lucky there's no tarantula somewhere else in the display boxes.

And so, we're in the Popular book store, we separated and look for our own stuffs. I always likes to go into a books store just to look at the books. Its fun that you can actually read some of the books there and if your reading speed are fast enough, you can even finish a book there in a few hours !

And after that (though my satisfaction havent maximized yet), Freezie, Rannie and me go and look for Sensei and Jes coz they both went to Padini already. And later on, I spotted something that caught my eyes.

"Buy 1 free 1," somemore its 1 shirt for RM49.90, with "buy 1 free 1" it makes the shirt around RM25 ! Problem : the shirt was found in the female section. Asked the promoter and she said its unisex clothes. And so Freezie, Rannie and me went kisiao and searched for the suitable size for testing.

#Trying the white first...#

#...actually...we're having pictures in the changing room with door closed. Noticed that 3 of us are wearing the same clothes ?#

#Rannie changed to black pulak...same design anyway.#

#Well...Freezie didnt changed to black, she just changed back to her own clothes.#

Kinda hungry after looking at the clothes for about an hour. And so we went to the cafeteria for a snack. The curry puff was so delicious and the drink can be refilled ! After all the fun in snacking, went back to SS2 for the real dinner, then going back home with Ben's car again. Izzit fun ? is !
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In the Memories of No.336 [Offline Blog for 2/11]

Moved to the new house now, and this house is much MUCH more cleaner than the previous house that I stayed before. Though I'm moved into a new house, the memories in the previous house still deep inside of me, reminding me about the fun stuffs that we used to be doing. In the memories of that house, this blog is for you and my housemates there.

Still remember, the night when I first moved in there, I was busying to arrange my stuffs and at the same time (and the second time as well), seen YCW in his room. He bought lots of friends (which later on I counted, its only 3) and had lots of laughter and screaming.

"Ding dong, wanna play card games ?"
I heard YCW asking the girl next to my door, later on I heard my door been knocked.
"Ding dong, wanna play card games ?"
"Wait a sec, I'll join later on..."

And so I did.

I'm freezing cold deep inside my heart that time, coz still in the mood of missing my parents. Later when I entered YCW's room, my mood changed and I became more cheerful. Thanks to them, at least I had some fun that night.

And I remember...there's a girl staying down stairs, always wearing her pyjamas-like clothes with her specs. Looks like she's working but later on found that she's on her degree now. Introduced herself as Angie and since then, always came up stairs for YCW's television. At the same time, Ang and Joe rented the room beside me and we all became housemates.

A day before the mid term test, YCW and Angie asked me out to SS2 pasar malam, claiming there's a stall with nice dessert. I wanted to go but I cant coz I need to study, so I refused. And since then every Monday it rains, and I cant go to the pasar malam coz its raining. But there's a day where there's no rain, and 3 of us went out together with Ang and Joe to pasar malam.

We had a feast in YCW's tiny room and we're having fun eating dinner together with television switched on. Something happened in the bathroom, a giant cockroach hanging around the big pile of water that we used for bath ! And it fell into it, YCW, Ang and me screamed like heck and lucky YCW's friend grabbed the bug and threw it miles away. What to do ? YCW washed the whole bathroom later on with a mixture of detergent and soaps.

There's a day, where Angie brought back some starfruit for each of us. Smells delicious and taste juicy too ! And there's also a day where she brings her lap top upstairs to YCW's room, and we're watching movies in the dark. I remember, there's a day she was rushing to finish her assignments about TESCO and wanted us to help her to look for some pictures and add some finishing touch on to the stuffs that she made in her pendrive.

"I'm doing that for the whole day already, what to do with the picture I found ?"
Its funny that the resolution of the picture she found were extremely small and you can see squares at the edge of the circle when you magnify it. YCW helped her to edit it and it looks nicer and better than before.

There's a day where I heard Angie was moving back to her hometown coz she's home sick. She cried in front of YCW and told me about her problems after that. She helped her friends to finish the group assignments and said goodbye with us at the end of that week.

Angie didnt speak english very well, but she tried to speak with us in english. She's been a very nice person and mixed with me and YCW well during her stay. She stopped her degree just like that and went back to her hometown. I wish she'll be having a happier life there.

Then later on YCW said he wanna move to another house. And later on all the people staying at the house wanna move to other place. Its just like the butterfly effect. I want all these sweet memories keep in somewhere so that I can remember them when I forget it.

Memorial quotes from Angie :

"I've been doing that for the whole day already, and yo finished doing the same thing in an hour ark !?" ---Angie talking to YCW.

"Yong...I mean Wong, I always confuse about your name with Wong, eh...Yong..." ---Angie talking to me.
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Untitled [Offline Blog for 29/10]

Its been a while since I'm writting blog. Didnt really got the mood to write it, probably coz of the current situation where I cant go online at home, I mean the Section 17 home, or should I called it ... a house ? The "Untitled" will be used if I cant think of any title for the post.

Anyway, life as a teenage student in university is still OK for me. Assignments are up and mid term tests will be started next week onwards. Whats more is, I havent prepare my 5 minutes speech yet, and my presentation for that speech will be on week 5, 2 more weeks from now on.

Lets talk about what I've done yesterday, after the lunch at PC Block with SL and Jes, we went home by walking, though Jes keep saying wanna have a cab. What happen that night was, I keep on going to the toilet for "big business" every few hours, even in the middle of the night ! "Oh shit !" thought myself.

My stomach still aching the next day morning (which was today morning then) and read Freezie's SMS. Its 7.15am, and she ask me to go to school together at 7.05am. Replied her that I'm having stomach ache and said I'll be skipping math lecture. While they all were having their 2 hour lecture, I went to the toilet for 2 times in that particular period.

Went to the store near RM3.60 (its a restaurant where we call it that way, suppose to be known as "Kam Seng") for some medicine for stomach ache. Strangely, after bought the medicine, the ache was cured without eating the medicine !

Went to school for biology lecture, and found fellow TE 4s asking for my problem. Well, its much more better already, just that I worried what to do when I need to rush to the toilet later on, coz I'm sitting deep inside the room, far away from the door of the classroom. After the lecture, found that I felt better that few hours before.

Went back home after lunch at Hou Yee Kei, and thought of the "date" I had with Mel Lee, Shi Hooi and YCW. Half an hour later I'll be meeting them at Mel Lee and Shi Hooi's house. They're going to cook dinner for some sorta event or celebration. Anyway, I'm hoping for that feast, and a laughter to cure my worries deep inside me.

"Whats wrong with Wong today ? Why so quiet ?" asked Shi Hooi that day when we're going to SS2 pasar malam (known as night market in direct translation). I said, financial problems. Not gonna say much about that, since it'll be boring and I dont want myself to remembers it well coz I dont wan to be very depressed and worried. What to do for now is, try to use as little money as possible for the day. Haiz...
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

3 Crazy Stories [Offline Blog for 21/10]

These stories were fiction and created by me, SL, Scott, Sensei and Freezie during Double B event for that drama queen station. We're told to pick 3 papers, which indicate character, venue and genre of the drama that we need to act it out. The deleted part is the part where we havent act out and that people told us to stop and refused to accept our acting. The stories may be changed a little due to my "Dory fish effect", or short term memory lost thingy thing. And so, here it goes !

1. Paris Hilton, Grave Yard and Action/Adventure

Paris Hilton was planning a trip to Africa for a hair treatment. She threw her bags to her bodyguard and took a flight to Africa with her beloved dog. Paris suddenly felt that she wants to go to the zoo coz her dog likes animals, and so her bodyguard brought her to the zoo.

There are two kidnappers in the zoo that spotted Paris, and they tried to cover themselves in animal skin to trick her into the trap but failed to do so. Both of them very angry about it and they overheard Paris told her bodyguard that she'll be having a concert later.

The kidnappers followed Paris to the concert venue and went to the stage to kidnap Paris when she was singing and her bodyguard rushed to the stage to help. Suddenly there came a handsome that claim he's a hero and tried to save Paris from one of the kidnapper that caught her, but being killed by the other kidnapper. Accidently, the kidnapper killed the struggling Paris and she died. Both the kidnappers were afraid and they threw her into the grave yard.

[Deleted part]
After that, God comes down and gave a second chance to Paris to have a happy ending. Everything rewinds back to the part where Paris being caught on stage, and the hero successfully rescued Paris from the kidnappers and sent them to the police station. And Paris live happy ever after with the hero.

2. Britney Spears, Shrek’s Hut, Comedy

Britney Spears was walking alone and singing "Toxic" and she suddenly fell down due to careless and fainted. When she woke up, she found that there's a cat named himself Puss in the Boots, and she wants him to bring her to a place where she can rest coz she's hurt. Puss called out Donkey and told her that this is the only transport available. After an arguing, Britney accepts Donkey's help to Shrek's hut.

Shrek opens the door and had a shock of his life, and Fiona scolds Donkey for bringing a mess to the house. Britney was so angry coz there's nobody caring about her, and she introduced herself to the rest. Shrek was hooked by the beauty of Britney and wants to marry her, and she willing to do so as well ! Fiona was angry and tries to take back her husband from Britney with "paper, scissors, rock" game. It failed to do so and Britney suggested that both of them will be having 50% of Shrek's properties and she wants Puss in the Boots while Fiona can have Donkey.

[Deleted part]
Fiona agrees with it and Britney and Shrek were in the church for the wedding ceremony. But then Fiona argues with Britney for being the second wife though she's the first one who marries with Shrek. After all the arguing, Shrek said that he would likes to have them both as the first wife. And so, Shrek and Fiona together with Britney live happily ever after in the land of Far Far Away.

3. Britney Spears (again !), Under the Sea (later changed to Jack and the Bean Stalk), Romance

There's a day where Britney walking alone on the street, she encounters her fans. That particular fan claimed that he's the number one fans of her and would like to give something to her, a seed. Britney said thank you to him and dont know what to do with the seed, but she planted somewhere else. The other day whe she walking pass that place, she saw a very big bean stalk growth on the place where she planted the seed yesterday. She asks her bodyguard to climb up and check out whats up there.

Later, her body guard said that there's a handsome Prince staying up above the bean stalk. Britney was excited and climbed herself up to the top of the bean stalk and found herself on something like a place of another continent. A slave comes and wondered how did she comes here, but the slave brings Britney to see the King and Queen of the castle, named the Kingdom of Nowhere.

The King and Queen were excited coz there's a visitor to their kindgom, and they want Britney to tell them whats her purpose of coming to the Kingdom of Nowhere. She said that she's been told about there's a handsome Prince living up here. And later on, she saw that handsome Prince sitting beside the Queen and pointed at him. Strangely, the price is actually her bodyguard !

[Deleted part]
The Queen willing to let both of them marries, with conditions. First, smell her smelly shoes. Second, sing to the King and Queen and finally, never ever go back to the World of Below again. Britney refused to the third one and the marriage was cancelled. When she's on the way down the bean stalk, she felt the bean stalk was moving and someone down were cutting it ! She quickly climbs up and escaped from the dangerous incident. She got no place to go and accepted the Queen's conditions to marry the Prince. The Prince and Britney stayed in the Kingdom of Nowhere together, forever...
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Fast and Furious [Offline Blog for 19/10]

#Continuation of post "Slow and Steady".#

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO~"

After hearing Pikachu shouted that, we head into the PB block, looking for the stations inside and all of them were fully packed. And when we're rushing somewhere, we saw YCW in a corner and we know where we should be going already. First station for us, guess the song !

Thinking of English songs would be a better choice and we chosen English songs to guess. Unfortunately, we're not that good in guessing English songs and we changed to Chinese songs. The few seconds after that song been played, I shouted out loud "会呼吸的痛,梁靜茹" (the first part is the song name while the second part is the artist) and I got it right. For the next few songs, SHE's were easy, and they play 2 of their songs. How nice, it’s an easy station for our team.

When we walking outside the PB block, found a station without people, looks like we're the second team, or the first team to arrive. Use the sponge to squise the water into a 1.5 liter bottle, and the bottle is missing and need to be find. No water supply, what to do is we rush to the toilet and filled the water bucket, bring back to the station and started to fill it up.

Nearer that place, there's a station, paint the picture...using your face ! Sacrificed myself and Freezie put lots of water colour on my nose and I started to paint the chicken. Its a blue chicken, coz for the 3 samples I saw, they used yellow.

Later on we're on the cheerleading station, do a cheerleading with theme UTAR. And so we used Freezie's idea that we discussed earlier when we got the station's name before the event started. Though its not very nice, but overall we managed to finish that station and rushed for other station.

Its a strange station, we need to find 15 things without time limit and the stuffs included were a leaf, a pink coloured thing (lucky Scott wearing a pink shirt !), a bug (ant is counted !), a foot print, hand print, empty bottle, a white hair...most strangely of them all...record 30 seconds of one of the team mate singing in front of the security guard. I'm the victim and we made it through when me and Scott went back together with the recording.

Then, the whispering ! The lecturer whispered a sentence to one of us, and he needs to pass it around to the rest of the team mates and the final one need to said it out loud to the lecturer. I didnt manage to get the point at here and we need to come back again after we did other station's task. And so we rushed to the wheel barrel. And we finished the task with painful hands and legs. For the second attempt of whispering, Sensei managed to get back the same sentence although the numbering of the papers was changed, and this time I got it correct !

Going back in the block and did that "guess the word" thingy station. Couldnt guess it correctly for all the words and we need to wait for our turn. Freezie-chan informs us lots of symbols and signals to us so that next round we can guess whats she wanna tell us.

While waiting for the turn, found Mel Li's group got no people, and so we arrived there. Freezie volunteered to be the people that we need to find and the rest of us were blindfolded. I knew it was Shi Hooi that brought me to some place and I'm a bit lost of track where I am. She told me be careful of cars before she goes, and soon after that, I heard lots of "meow" coz Freezie chosen to shout "meow" to locate herself. I'm the last to found her coz of the cars blocked me and I dont dare to run. Anyway, back to the "guess the word" station.

Still, we cant guess the words correctly and YCW was there counting down the time left for us. "We'll be back," said SL. We went to the drama queen station and picked 3 papers with "Paris Hilton", "grave yard" and "action/adventure" on it. And we thought of a story, and acted it. Its rejected and we cant do anything to it, so going to count for the "circles" drawn on paper with chairs making a barrier to it. Couldnt get it right, and we're forced to complete other task before we can come back again.

The task looks pretty hard to us, 5 people stepping on the piece of newspaper, which was getting smaller and smaller ! For the smallest piece, SL lifted me up on his shoulder and I'm terrified like heck ! And we did it perfectly and probably, the fastest group of them all. Chun Chun's group was back for their second attempt and they got it. That "circle counting" station...we did it by doing probability when that Course Rep told Sensei "almost" for her answer when we first at there.

Drama queen second attempt and failed coz of no "comedy" feeling in our acting. "Guess the word" again and we did it nicely with Freezie's acting and symbols. Finally...the drama queen ! Seems like that fella fade up on failing us already since he knew that its the final station for us, and passed us. Found the Organizer and we're team 11 out of 13 or 14.

"At least we finished all stations and we're not the last one," said Freezie. Well...agree !

Lunch time ! Its pizza with KFC and curry puff !!! No mood to eat and some of us "ta pao" the food back home as dinner. Thought of curry puff at first but then picked pizza, oh well, anything will be acceptable.

The fastest 8 team got the price and the closing ceremony ends, all of us went back home. And so the "rush with time" event ends.

"I would like to be the organizer for next sem," said SL.

"I'll be joining my Chong Hua friends as a team next time !" said Freezie happily.
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Slow and Steady [Offline Blog for 18/10]

Waiting for Freezie's miss call again today, wearing UTAR T-shirt, and ready to get crazy for the coming event...the Double B !

Reached PE Block (which was the furtherest block of all the UTAR blocks in PJ campus together with PD FROM PA) with Sensei and Freezie, later on saw SL and Scott (izzit the first time Scott appear in the blog ? Gratz !) coming by motorcycle. Registered our self after meeting YCW, he's the secretary for the event anyway...

"Look at all of them...they're your enemies...KILL THEM~~~" he whispered to me. Playing too much DoTA ... I guess.

There's 3 tasks that we need to complete for today and if we're the top 15 out of 30+- teams, we're into tomorrow's grand final event, UTAR New Gen Race or whatever it called, the concept is just the same as Amazing Race.

And after Pikachu (our Public speaking lecturer, who dislikes his student calling him Mr Chan) shouted start, we rushed to the room where Sensei saw moments ago, the origami task room. When we reached there, it’s been full of people, and we're forced to leave the room and look for other tasks to complete. And here's the sequence for we TE 4 team in completing the tasks and whats happening there :

1. Fear Factor, they called it Got the Guts !
Basically, I already know whats the ingredient for the 5 cups of drinks that they will be giving us, coz YCW showed me before our finals (OPPS ! Did I just said it out ? Doesnt matter now ... right ?) and its made up of spicy, vegetables and fruits...but what shocks me when I saw the cups that they gave us was...a cup with an raw egg on it !!! There's an ingredient list on the table : egg, milk, noodles(?), tofu and cheese ? I exchanged it with the spicy drink from Scott, which makes me drinking the spicy, Scott got the raw egg thingy, SL got vegetable juice, Sensei fruit juice with garlic and bitter gourd, lastly Freezie vegetable juice with pepper and wasabi !

Less than 30 seconds we finished our drink, but when Scott's turn he spited out the strange combination juice on Pikachu after a few moment he drinks it.

"Oh shit oh shit !" shouted Pikachu, which his hand and shirt got some of the juice on it.

Though Scott's point was disqualified, but overall our performance was good, and we proceed to the next task.

2. Origami ?
We're still thinking of origami...but we still need to wait for the rest to come out of the room. I rushed to find the other room and found that brain teaser's task was nobody waiting outside the room for their turn, and we changed our destination to brain teaser.

Nothing much to said here, since its some lousy question like INPLATNUM with choices

#Some sorta answers like that, cant remember it...#

Or asking you to arrange the sequence of the Star Wars movie series, with our knowledge, we beat it after a few minutes of thinking and discussing. Dunno how many minutes ticked, we passed up the answer sheet to the facilitators and we're off to the final task.

3. Not Brain Teaser, its ORIGAMI !...finally~
When we're near that origami room, we found out that there're 7 teams waiting outside including us, and we're the last group ! YCW came and he told us this is not about how fast you accomplish the task, its about how well you complete each of the tasks. So we waited patiently outside and seeing each team going in...but no team going out of the room. Started to wonder what happens inside it...izzit too hard till they all cant finish the task ?

After drinking some chocolate milk and some sweets from YCW, we're in the room, and the whole 30+- teams were in the origami room !!! Its packed with people, there's no air inside it ! We went inside it and we start with level 1 task. Since SL claimed himself was never good in folding paper, so we decided to let him fold the easiest one. Overall performance of our team in level 1 was awesome. When we proceed to level 2, there's a heart-shaped bookmark, which was the hardest among the level 2. I folded till a step and stopped there. SL said perhaps he, the one who dunno anything about it may be able to do it. After a while of experimenting the instructions with Scott, he got it right and I continued the steps after that. Lucky us !!!

Level 3, folding a few boxes with base and cover lid, 100 stars and a pineapple. Each of us was assigned to different task and we complete half of the level 3 task at the end. And what we got was 2 sunflower (which suppose to be stacked together as pineapple), 30+ stars and a triangular base box with octagonal cover lid.

"We’re enjoying playing the games only..."

"Yaya ! And if we can enter final then good !"

"Right, even if we lose we still enjoying the game !"

After that we waited at PE009 for the results of top 15 teams. After hours of waiting, we're finally listing to the announcement of top 15. Surprisingly Sensei's name was announced out loud, correctly ! We're so happy and we're one of the few teams in Stream E that qualified for finals. Found Mel Li (dunno spell wrong ar not, will be going to YCW's blog for spell-checking) later on and I told her that my team qualified, sadly her team was not.

"Never mind, I'll win that price for you !"

Later on I found myself walking back from PE to Jaya One bus stop. Chatted a lot and then head back home. Having a nice day today, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Good luck guys~
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Opening A New Door [Offline Blog for 16/10]

Waking up early in the morning to wait for Freezie-chan's miss call. Thought of she might still be sleeping, sms-ed her and she said she's waiting for her turn for using the toilet. Well...its OK, since its still early. Half hour later I found myself walking to school together with her.

When we're chatting, she doesnt notice there's a car coming and she's going to cross the road. I pull her bag (same thing I did to many others when I saw they're crossing the road when there's a car in full speed) and she had a small shock. And later on when we're walking down the road near Jaya One, she wanted to cross the road without looking her back for coming cars. She walked a bit fast and I missed her bag but lucky that car slowed down the speed and she noticed it after a second, and stopped walking forward.

"Miracle wouldnt happen for three times..." I told her.

And for the coming road that we need to cross, she did pay attention to the cars already. Thank goodness she's safe. Then we're off to our classroom and wait for the lecture to start.

Biology II practical...the last subject we're having for the day. Mr. P said he'll give us some personality test at the end of the lesson, and he did it after we're cleaned everything up. For that test, he said "Oh ! This one is a Perfectionist !" to me. Sensei overheard it and when I got back to my seat, Sensei told the others "Spiky is a Perfectionist ! Stay away form him !" and end with her usual "hohoho" laugh.

And I really that guy that Mr. P told me ?

When thinking back...kinda like true.

I always likes to try these personality test thingy stuffs, coz I didnt know myself much, or perhaps I didnt know what's my exact personality. Thats why I wrote in my Friendster : Didnt know myself much, maybe should go for a self discovery journey. Well, got that idea from anime Honey and Clover, which was a funny and dramatic comedy about life of a group of college friends.

I like the way the anime goes. Everytime watching that anime, there'll be some funny part between those friends. Besides that, there's also a small story that told by the characters about their past or what they thought about something. The way they express their stories was fantastic and I wish I could do it that way too for my blog. And I think I did DID some for my first blog, with name "Destiny" something...

A new door about myself has opened...and when recalling back about what I've been always doing all these times, I admit that I'm a part of it, not a true bred or what sort, though maybe I inherited that from my grandma. What awaits me are rows and rows of doors which are shut tight. Will I be another person once I opened another door ?
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