Monday, February 21, 2011


Remember on the small performance that I said about on the previous post regarding the Chinese Orchestra and the CNY night ? I just found the video on YouTube shared around Facebook. Here's the video:

Hope you all enjoy it. 
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lazy !!!

Its getting more and more lazy these few days:
- lazy to blog
- lazy to wake up early in the morning
- lazy to cycle 
- lazy to concentrate in the lecture
- lazy to move around the campus
- lazy to do my assignments
- lazy to finish up my reports
- lazy to complete my tutorials
- lazy to practice my dizi

Oh yea... when you're talking about dizi, we Chinese Orchestra Unit of UTAR Perak campus just had a small performance as part of the event planned for the CNY dinner night organized by the Institute of Chinese Studies the past Wednesday. Well, the performance wasnt that bad actually, just that the stage was quite chilling and it makes me shiver during the ensemble. More details can be found here

Talking about CO again, it reminds me that we're organizing an inter-competition TOMORROW and I'm one of the fellas being cheated asked to join it. Havent practice the songs that I used for the competition yet, but I'm not that nervous about it since there's another thing to be worried about: my throat.

Been having sore throat since yesterday morning after having 2 pieces of cookies offered by Sensei (which she said it was given to her by our dizi teacher) before we fly the lanterns to the skies above. Tried to fly it twice, twice it failed. But at least for the second attempt the lantern did flew across the Westlake houses before it drops. 

Random update: done.
Sleeping mode: on.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011








是我在 TVB 电视剧《毕打自己人》里学到的东西。

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Outing Before CNY [Offline Blog for 31/1]

For sure, I think that I've been getting braver to meet up with my Facebook friends which I do not know them in real life, and I just had that again yesterday with one of them. To hang out with someone who shares the same birthday, having a few common interest and not know of seems to be weird, but I take it as getting to know a new friend.

Three of usBoth of us meet up at Mid Valley early and went to Red Box for karaoke. We do have fun singing out loud, though I’m not a very good singer. After few hours of singing, we went to arcade game centre for a few rounds of game. While Loke Loke was having fun on the dancing arcade, I found the percussion-based arcade more interesting.

The “hit-the-drum” game was easy: just hit the drum according to the rhythmic note displayed on the screen. With tons of classical, remixed, Chinese, English and weirdly Chinese New Year songs, this game could be used to practice your beats. Despite of being in the percussion team for the upcoming Chinese Orchestra performance, I played the game and found that I still need some practice on my drum-skills for Hard Mode.

#Homecoming movie poster.#

Afterwards we went for the Singaporean CNY movie Homecoming. The story wasnt that bad and some parts of the plot do touches me. Overall, I give this movie a 7 out of 10 rating because of its comedy.

Yeah, we went back to the arcade game centre again later on because there's one more token left for me to play. After the tiring gaming session we went for makan at Kenny Roger's roasters and a small visit at Puzzle World. I saw your puzzle there YYH, but I found Kingdom Heart's more interesting. Haha~~~



Happy Chinese New Year !
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回顾 [Offline Blog for 30/1]


刚才玩笛子玩累了就去开电脑,transfer 了些照片进电脑后就没事情做了。手痒的我跑去开以前的照片来回顾回顾一下。心里面一声的,才发现自己原来学笛子快要一年了!光阴果然似箭啊,一声就说一年了!






回想起以前大家还是 noob noob 的那时候,拿起那笛子博命在吹,只希望吹出一个音;到随手拿起笛子来就可以吹出一些简单的音调及歌曲;到在我们华乐团自己的演奏会表演;到现在,忙着练习接下来演奏会表演的曲子。。。短短的一年里竟然发生了那么多的事,让我发现到,时间到底是过得很快,还是过得很慢?

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