Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well...the title "9.48" can contain multiple meaning, depends on the person. I'm going back from Genting to Puchong yesterday, I sat into the car and I saw the time 9.48pm. And the radio was just playing one of Fish Leong's new song 天灯.

The song was very soft, just like the title said, "天灯" can be translated as "sky lantern", I guess thats the best translation I can give. You actually can imagine that you're flying above the skies with the lantern all around you when you're listening to the song. It feels so relaxed...and without worries. And...the song actually tasted a sweet and lovely...



沉默的旅程 樂在快樂得真假不分
追浮雲的人 浪漫在擁有過曖昧的名份

永遠 保溫

那盞天燈 那指紋


沉默的旅程 樂在快樂得甜酸不分
追浮雲的人 浪漫在擁有過曖昧的名份

永遠 保溫

那盞天燈 那指紋

燃燒過 一夜的青春

永遠 保溫
有他眼神 他體溫

Its been many times already that Fish Leong's songs supports me through my highs and lows. And there's been a trend when will Fish Leong release her albums. She will release her album when I'm having my final exams. Its not the first time already, my PMR, SPM, last semester's finals and now, semester 2's finals.

Everytime I went sick, all I need to do is just listen to her songs before I sleep, and tomorrow you'll found that I'm far more better than before already. Well...I said that its her love songs that heals me. Haha...

Well...thats all for today. Before I post this, I wanna say something here ...
...I dont know whether I can continue on with my degree or not in my current situation, just hope that ... something ...
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another CNY at Genting

Just another random update today. Didnt post any pictures for this post (again), coz I still dont have my own camera (or camera phone) yet. Well...I really do hope that its just a yet. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year ! Its Ox year this time and seems like everyone is saying "Happy Niu Year", since "Niu" sounds so similar with the mandarin word "cow".

Anyway, up here Genting was super cold. There's always a problem for me when I'm in contact with cold. What I mean here is the weather cold, not the cold drink COLD or the flu COLD. I sneeze like heck everytime the wind blows.


There's a time where we TEs student needs to go to the PG block for lecture, and the classroom there was cold like heck. Its as cold as sitting in a class without walls and roof in Antarctica, well...for me. During a Biology lecture at there, thank goodness Rannie changed the place with me, if not I dont think I can survive under the air conditioner.

Well...I guess after that incident, the whole TE's students is like...know whats my problem already - scare of cold. How embarrassing...

Celebrating Chinese New Year at Genting is actually, fun. Just that the weather is cold, thats all. Haha...

By the way...thanks to "My" Chelle again, for your broadband. For your information, using Maxis Broadband in Genting is a good choice. And to those who sent me SMS during these few days, thanks to you too. Happy holiday to all fellow TEs and gambate in the coming, very soon finals.
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finally ! I Found the Song !

Its so good to found the song ! Aww...isnt that song sounds nice !?

(Er erm...)

Well, if you're asking me what song is that, its actually just an instrumental song, remixed. Oblivion, thats the song name. I found the song from Imeem and I embedded it on my blog, you can listen to it by clicking it above.

I remember that the first time I listen to this song was during semester 1, when I was watching the Japanese anime movie Howl's Moving Castle in YCW's room with Mel Lee, Shi Hooi and Nemo. The Oblivion in the movie was the ... can I say its the classic version !? Anyway, the next morning, probably its a Saturday or Sunday, I was waked up by the O2 Mania songs from YCW's room.

Hey wait a sec, isnt that song sounds familiar !?

Then I opened my door and in my half awake half asleep mode, I walked to YCW's room and requested to listen the song back.

"Har ? Which song oh...whats the genre ? Classical ? Techno ... ?"
"The theme song for yesterday's anime..."

After a few minutes, he found the song and I felt so happy to listen to the song.

"Oh...Oblivion. This song ark...remixed already."
"Sounds nice wat..."

Ever since, I was looking for the song from the net. But everytime I search for "Oblivion", something like online games and music band's name pops out. I was managed to find this song, how lucky am I. Now, I wish that I could find the song somewhere for me to download, so that I can listen to it many many times ! Haha~~~
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Mystery Solved...Another Mystery Arise !

There's been something hunting me since the beginning of semester 2...

I meet Ms Wong, another chemistry lecturer which never teaches me before. I meet her coz she's volunteering to conduct the survey that I'm having for the subject Writing For Science. At that moment, the only thing she know about me was nothing, I suppose...

And for the second time I meet her, she's actually calling out my full name and I was like shocked a while. We waved and I continue on heading to my destination, wondering...

After the chemistry test 1, I meet her outside the exam room. I'm not feeling well that time, she asked me whether the test was easy. "I think I know how to do it, just that I dunno whether all my answers are correct or not," I answered, weakly.

Some time later on, I meet her in the cafeteria. SL, Bond and I asked a question about the experiment procedures for our next practical. She answered it and give us some suggestions about the procedures...smiled at me...

Yesterday, halfway during my chemistry lab with Banu, I meet Ms Wong outside the lab. She call me by my name again and with courage, I actually asked her how she knows my name, coz I didnt remember I told her about my name.

The she said its from other lecturer, Mr TT or Ms Leong. Ms Leong came later on and said "I'm not that kind of person who says about people's stuffs" or something like that. So Ms Wong said "Its from Mr TT."

"Mr TT or Mr Teh ?"
"Its Mr TT..."

So...another question rose ! Why did Mr TT talks about me in front of Ms Wong ? Somemore, Mr TT remembers me !!! What did I do until he remembers me so well...?

I wonder...
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First and Last Chemistry Lab

Still remember that we, TE 4's first practical lab was Chemistry with Mrs TT ! The only thing I know about chemistry with her was "right...right..." and its actually very fun. I remember that day was a Thursday, and I'm actually wanna copy math tutorial, so I gather all the apparatus, solutions and stuffs for SL, my partner, and we started the experiment seconds later.

The next thing I know was, we're conducting the experiment (its a neutralisation experiment), both of us cooperated very nicely and we finished the experiment quite fast. Washed all the apparatus and I started to copy the tutorial in the chemistry lab. Then Mrs TT came, "no other subjects in my class or I'll tear it off, and you'll need to redo it again for that subject." So I quickly kept it away and then, listen to Mrs TT's brief about the result.

"...I see SL and PF(which is me) done a very good job, they cooperate very well. Well done and keep it up OK ?"

Those words really makes me happy. Its the first lab for me stepping in UTAR, and I got a credit from the lecturer...Its actually unexpected for me to hear it from Mrs TT, what I want at that time was to finish it quickly so I got time to copy the tutorial answer.

Yesterday, was my last chemistry lab for my Foundation studies. I didnt really know whats the aim or purpose of the experiment, but I together with my fellow TE 4s did it nicely. Yesterday's practical was the fastest practical that we TE 4 been through for all these weeks, probably coz of only 6 people attending the practical...

This time, its Banu (I know it sounds rude, but thats how I call her without her notice) that teaches us about the experiment procedures. This experiment was kinda fun, especially the part E's experiment. We left the solutions a little longer and when we wash the beakers, something like precipitate sticks on the wall of the beakers ! Its black and smelly and its unwashable !!!

What Kak Ash(our chemistry lab assistant) do is to put some diluted H2SO4 on it and rub it with the gloved fingers. We did the same and what I know was, the acid was hot ! Scare me...but I'm watching the black precipitate on the beaker to wash off, the beaker is as clean as brand new !

I saw Hermin washing a very dirty beaker, I asked whether I could help her, and...

"I know I can do it, I dont wan your help..."

Ok then...if you say so. But the next thing I know was she's keep on complaining the stain couldnt worn off.

"Come, let me help..."
"NO, I can do it !"

Well...OK then...if you say so. The beaker she's washing did looks cleaner as before. Later on, she handled me an almost clean beaker to me.

"Help me clean..."
"No, I know you can do it, so I dont wan to help..."

And few minutes later, she cleaned the beaker without a single stain on it, as if its brand new. Then we TE 4 went kisiao and started to take pictures with Banu. Compared to the first and last lab for chemistry, we TE 4 changed a lot. But still, we're a big family, just like Jes said in semester 1...
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Movie Review (CCS - The Sealed Card)

Just finished watching the second and probably, the last movie about CardCaptor Sakura, named as CardCaptor Sakura - The Sealed Card. Well...thanks to...erm...Freezie for the movie. Its been long since I wanna watch it, and now I got the chance, so excited...

Story takes place after the whole series of CCS. The captued Sakura Card is missing one by one and Sakura realized that its actually the work by Clow Reed's Sealed Card, hidden and unknown by all of them. By taking each of the cards from Sakura, the object and people around will be disappeared. In order to save all her friends, family and her love one, with the limited numbers of Sakura Cards, she need to face the last card for a battle !

The part where I like the most is where Sakura got the chance to confess her love to Syaoran, but talk till halfway comes out an obstacle ! But in the end, she managed to confess her love to Syaoran, and Syaoran actually accepted her love ! Almost cried for them to be together...Sakura and Syaoran are always the perfect couple for CLAMP's creation. Just hope that the same Sakura and Syaoran will be waiting for their son, Real Syaoran back with Real Sakura of Clow Country...

Rating ? 9 out of 10.
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Very Meaningful Chat

Just chatted with my Maple friend. She's always been the nice and understanding one in the guild in Maple. When I saw her online in MSN , I was so happy. In the last few days I saw her online, but due to the connection problem on the both side, we seems like cant chat for long.

Well...we chatted a lot...when I mean a lot here, it really means a lot and lots of stuffs ! We chatted about my stuffs, her stuffs, other people's stuffs...just feeling so nice to chat with someone so familiar with but we does not meet before in the real world.

After I told her my problems, she started to tell me her's too. Below is part of the modified chat log that we had...

"Huh ? You also got problems ? What izzit ? Studies or BF ?"

"Actually, family and mom stayed in the hospital for months already, I neglected my studies..."

"Ai she OK now !?!?"

"She's better already, doing radiotherapy treatment..."

"Radiotherapy...for treating cancer and tumour right ?"

"Yea...she got a tumour..."

"Ai yo ! So kesian ! Will she be going to get better !?!?"

" said cannot do only do radiotherapy...she got tumour on spinal..."

"Spinal ! Its very important wan leh..."

"Pass two weeks my mom was suffering from the gives her morphine..."

"Morphine, a kind of drugs, for pain relief ?"

"Yea, she take it after radiotherapy...After each session, the tumour will grow a bit, need to do 10 times only the tumour will be under control."

"Dont be so sad ark, looks like your problems are more serious than me..."

"I accepted it ler..."

"It must be very hard to accept such a thing. My tears falling now..."

"Everytime going hospital I cant cry in front of her, so I console her everything will be fine. Then I go toilet an hour, then go back see her..."

"I'll be crying already if I'm you, I'm kinda like crying already now..."

"Dont lar, sorry lar...seldom online then makes you cry, I so pai seh..."

"Just hope that she'll be getting better and better..."

Then after that, she changed the topic back to me and I continued my stories. She did very concern about how I felt that time. Its just too hard for her to accept his...crying in the middle of the night for the weakened mother who got a tumour on spinal (cord ?).

She's so strong in facing such a huge problem in just 2 months...why cant I face my small problem in less than 2 months time !? Her story makes me realized something...we dont know till when will our love ones can be stayed with us. So, we must be appreciating the stuffs that we got now and make the full use of it and love them with all your might.

I finally cleared out my mind that...I think that ... I really think that ... I liked someone. I know she may not be able to read this blog for a time, but...I would like her to know that, I'll be staying by her side, not always...but whenever you needs me, I'll be there...

As the end of the post, I would like to pray that...for the sake of her daughter Lyn, my Maple friend...please, get well soon.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Untitled III

Fish 梁靜茹 - 崇拜

你的姿態 你的青睞 我存在在你的存在
你以為愛 就是被愛 你揮霍了我的崇拜

我活了 我愛了 我都不管了
心愛到瘋了 恨到酸了就好了
可能的 可以的 真的可惜了
幸福好不容易 怎麼你卻不敢了呢

我還以為我們能 不同於別人
我還以為不可能的 不會不可能

你的姿態 你的青睞 我存在在你的存在
你以為愛 就是被愛 你揮霍了我的崇拜

風箏有風 海豚有海
所以明白 所以離開
自己存在 在你之外

I listened back this song when Hermin told me that she started to like this song. And I sang silently besides her, waiting for Christine for replacement class. Thats the time where I realized something - the song was singing what am I thinking that time, especially the last few lines.

Over ? Its over ... yet ? Yes. I guess there's nothing I can do, being a third person would spoil many stuffs. Just like the lyrics of another Fish's popular song, 第三者...



Hey 女孩你听著 

Parts of the lyrics also can used to describe my feelings right now, again, especially the last few lines.

When thinking back the incidence about both the girl that I'm thinking seems like I'm more emotional after knowing what happens to the second girl. I almost cried when I'm back at home. Its not like the first girl doesnt good, just that I relied too much on our similarities and hobbies.

No matter how much similarities that the two person has, at the end, you'll still can find some differences between them, even if its twins...

Perhaps its my fault that I didnt take any action to confess ... but still, izzit this the appropriate time for me to so such a thing to the other, which I actually did care about ? Isnt her the One ? I cant sure of ...

分手快樂 請妳快樂
離開舊愛 像坐慢車

One of Fish's song too, 分手快樂, which actually what I should be thinking of right now...I may not be as good as him, as talented as him, but ...

... I may found my strength in myself and, I'll try my best to achieve what I want ... for now.

Anyway, thanks to "My" Chelle for your broadband...hope your room mate wouldnt mind that I borrowed it ... and Tweety-chan, without noticed, you cheered me up a little, though.
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Its So Good to Maple Again !

Isnt that Rukia from Maple Story ? Eh, I mean from anime Bleach...It just looks like the characters from Maple if you ask, sorry for mis-regconized her as a anime ! I mean that Maple character ... >"<

Its good to Maple again, thanks to "My" Chelle's broadband. It seems like Maple just had a new patch (just as I thought), and luckily the connection was very good yesterday, I auto-patched it successfully, which I never done it before using direct line.

Well, thats the login page of the new Maple ! There's two portal there, Singapore portal will be the old portal that I played last time, while Malaysia portal is a new server. I clicked to Malaysia portal and created a new character for the latest job - Pirate !

I skipped the training part of me and straightly brings you lot to the door way to become a Pirate ! Ah, this must be the door ! So happy to be here !

OK...once I entered that door, this map appears. Looks lonely and...small, but the town is not at here ! I entered the portal that I'm standing on and I found myself in a remarkable town full of water and small island. There's a submarine and I entered to look for the job advancement instructor. Next thing I know was ... I'm finally a Pirate ! XD

And so, training is very important to gain level to boost up your skills ! Without skills, you're meaningless. While in training, you can test your skills on the cute monsters and go hunt for treasures ! Hey, thats a scroll drop by the monster ! Heck...suddenly the game went laggy and I cant pick up the item ! Scrolls are rare and it can boost up the stats of the equipments and weapons, so no matter what, I must take it !!!

What happened next ? I got the scroll, its a Scroll for Bottomwear for DEF. Quite useless but, its better than nothing coz I didnt really expect to hunt something today. Its feels so good be be in Maple again, meeting back old friends and share stuffs together...
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Friday, January 2, 2009

Untitled II

For the second time, I use the "Untitled" post again. Nothing much to say for the introduction, not really having the mood to blog actually if you ask. But to keep my blog fresh, I must post something here. Warning, this post might contain meaningless stuffs for which, only I understands ...

Really...not feeling well after knowing some truth that I've been doubting these few weeks, perhaps months...too long ago till I cant remember when it all started. I envy him, I envy all of them...

Everytime seeing them together makes me a little down. I always care about those who helped and cared for me, and I would like to be with them...

Each time when I saw other people with a talent, I admire them, and I wish that I could be like them too. When I compared myself to them, I found out that I'm just a very ordinary human being with no other talent but very good in copying an artwork and playing harmonica like a fool... show's nothin when it comes to that. I'm still wish that I could be with them, but they just left me alone...

I'm just a dumb a**. Other than being mad in watching Heroes and Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC, insane in playing Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts, and went kisiao after listening to Fish Leong's song, I think I'm really a dumb a** with all the things I listed out...

Eh, I didnt realize that I used a rude word ! But it doesnt matter anymore...

I seem like very unknowledgeable in a certain topics for certain of time. Sometimes I think that I'm just living in my own world which full of imaginations and got separated from the reality. My grand was right, so does my aunts...they scold me with the correct words when I think back...

Lacking the courage to tell her that ... I ... it over ... yet ?

Vows...will I ever got the chance to make a vow with her ... for her ... ?

Everything that I've done so far...can you feel it ?

Yeah...perhaps she doesnt know about it, but I would like her to know that ... there're people who cares for her ... withour their notice. I felt the same way that there’s a person who doesnt want me to dissapear, to lost myself. felt like're as important as oxygen that I almost cant live without it. But ever since I know the truth and I saw you're with him, I'm a little like ... down. I wanna be friend with him, and I want so much more from you as well, you almost changed my life...just that it felt, strange to become a lamp post...again.

Until that day that I've been waiting for come, will I be alone again ? Will the neglected me be noticed again, shined by the heavenly light called love ? Until that day ... please ... 别告诉她 ... 我还想她 ...
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