Thursday, October 23, 2008

3 Crazy Stories [Offline Blog for 21/10]

These stories were fiction and created by me, SL, Scott, Sensei and Freezie during Double B event for that drama queen station. We're told to pick 3 papers, which indicate character, venue and genre of the drama that we need to act it out. The deleted part is the part where we havent act out and that people told us to stop and refused to accept our acting. The stories may be changed a little due to my "Dory fish effect", or short term memory lost thingy thing. And so, here it goes !

1. Paris Hilton, Grave Yard and Action/Adventure

Paris Hilton was planning a trip to Africa for a hair treatment. She threw her bags to her bodyguard and took a flight to Africa with her beloved dog. Paris suddenly felt that she wants to go to the zoo coz her dog likes animals, and so her bodyguard brought her to the zoo.

There are two kidnappers in the zoo that spotted Paris, and they tried to cover themselves in animal skin to trick her into the trap but failed to do so. Both of them very angry about it and they overheard Paris told her bodyguard that she'll be having a concert later.

The kidnappers followed Paris to the concert venue and went to the stage to kidnap Paris when she was singing and her bodyguard rushed to the stage to help. Suddenly there came a handsome that claim he's a hero and tried to save Paris from one of the kidnapper that caught her, but being killed by the other kidnapper. Accidently, the kidnapper killed the struggling Paris and she died. Both the kidnappers were afraid and they threw her into the grave yard.

[Deleted part]
After that, God comes down and gave a second chance to Paris to have a happy ending. Everything rewinds back to the part where Paris being caught on stage, and the hero successfully rescued Paris from the kidnappers and sent them to the police station. And Paris live happy ever after with the hero.

2. Britney Spears, Shrek’s Hut, Comedy

Britney Spears was walking alone and singing "Toxic" and she suddenly fell down due to careless and fainted. When she woke up, she found that there's a cat named himself Puss in the Boots, and she wants him to bring her to a place where she can rest coz she's hurt. Puss called out Donkey and told her that this is the only transport available. After an arguing, Britney accepts Donkey's help to Shrek's hut.

Shrek opens the door and had a shock of his life, and Fiona scolds Donkey for bringing a mess to the house. Britney was so angry coz there's nobody caring about her, and she introduced herself to the rest. Shrek was hooked by the beauty of Britney and wants to marry her, and she willing to do so as well ! Fiona was angry and tries to take back her husband from Britney with "paper, scissors, rock" game. It failed to do so and Britney suggested that both of them will be having 50% of Shrek's properties and she wants Puss in the Boots while Fiona can have Donkey.

[Deleted part]
Fiona agrees with it and Britney and Shrek were in the church for the wedding ceremony. But then Fiona argues with Britney for being the second wife though she's the first one who marries with Shrek. After all the arguing, Shrek said that he would likes to have them both as the first wife. And so, Shrek and Fiona together with Britney live happily ever after in the land of Far Far Away.

3. Britney Spears (again !), Under the Sea (later changed to Jack and the Bean Stalk), Romance

There's a day where Britney walking alone on the street, she encounters her fans. That particular fan claimed that he's the number one fans of her and would like to give something to her, a seed. Britney said thank you to him and dont know what to do with the seed, but she planted somewhere else. The other day whe she walking pass that place, she saw a very big bean stalk growth on the place where she planted the seed yesterday. She asks her bodyguard to climb up and check out whats up there.

Later, her body guard said that there's a handsome Prince staying up above the bean stalk. Britney was excited and climbed herself up to the top of the bean stalk and found herself on something like a place of another continent. A slave comes and wondered how did she comes here, but the slave brings Britney to see the King and Queen of the castle, named the Kingdom of Nowhere.

The King and Queen were excited coz there's a visitor to their kindgom, and they want Britney to tell them whats her purpose of coming to the Kingdom of Nowhere. She said that she's been told about there's a handsome Prince living up here. And later on, she saw that handsome Prince sitting beside the Queen and pointed at him. Strangely, the price is actually her bodyguard !

[Deleted part]
The Queen willing to let both of them marries, with conditions. First, smell her smelly shoes. Second, sing to the King and Queen and finally, never ever go back to the World of Below again. Britney refused to the third one and the marriage was cancelled. When she's on the way down the bean stalk, she felt the bean stalk was moving and someone down were cutting it ! She quickly climbs up and escaped from the dangerous incident. She got no place to go and accepted the Queen's conditions to marry the Prince. The Prince and Britney stayed in the Kingdom of Nowhere together, forever...
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Fast and Furious [Offline Blog for 19/10]

#Continuation of post "Slow and Steady".#

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO~"

After hearing Pikachu shouted that, we head into the PB block, looking for the stations inside and all of them were fully packed. And when we're rushing somewhere, we saw YCW in a corner and we know where we should be going already. First station for us, guess the song !

Thinking of English songs would be a better choice and we chosen English songs to guess. Unfortunately, we're not that good in guessing English songs and we changed to Chinese songs. The few seconds after that song been played, I shouted out loud "会呼吸的痛,梁靜茹" (the first part is the song name while the second part is the artist) and I got it right. For the next few songs, SHE's were easy, and they play 2 of their songs. How nice, it’s an easy station for our team.

When we walking outside the PB block, found a station without people, looks like we're the second team, or the first team to arrive. Use the sponge to squise the water into a 1.5 liter bottle, and the bottle is missing and need to be find. No water supply, what to do is we rush to the toilet and filled the water bucket, bring back to the station and started to fill it up.

Nearer that place, there's a station, paint the picture...using your face ! Sacrificed myself and Freezie put lots of water colour on my nose and I started to paint the chicken. Its a blue chicken, coz for the 3 samples I saw, they used yellow.

Later on we're on the cheerleading station, do a cheerleading with theme UTAR. And so we used Freezie's idea that we discussed earlier when we got the station's name before the event started. Though its not very nice, but overall we managed to finish that station and rushed for other station.

Its a strange station, we need to find 15 things without time limit and the stuffs included were a leaf, a pink coloured thing (lucky Scott wearing a pink shirt !), a bug (ant is counted !), a foot print, hand print, empty bottle, a white hair...most strangely of them all...record 30 seconds of one of the team mate singing in front of the security guard. I'm the victim and we made it through when me and Scott went back together with the recording.

Then, the whispering ! The lecturer whispered a sentence to one of us, and he needs to pass it around to the rest of the team mates and the final one need to said it out loud to the lecturer. I didnt manage to get the point at here and we need to come back again after we did other station's task. And so we rushed to the wheel barrel. And we finished the task with painful hands and legs. For the second attempt of whispering, Sensei managed to get back the same sentence although the numbering of the papers was changed, and this time I got it correct !

Going back in the block and did that "guess the word" thingy station. Couldnt guess it correctly for all the words and we need to wait for our turn. Freezie-chan informs us lots of symbols and signals to us so that next round we can guess whats she wanna tell us.

While waiting for the turn, found Mel Li's group got no people, and so we arrived there. Freezie volunteered to be the people that we need to find and the rest of us were blindfolded. I knew it was Shi Hooi that brought me to some place and I'm a bit lost of track where I am. She told me be careful of cars before she goes, and soon after that, I heard lots of "meow" coz Freezie chosen to shout "meow" to locate herself. I'm the last to found her coz of the cars blocked me and I dont dare to run. Anyway, back to the "guess the word" station.

Still, we cant guess the words correctly and YCW was there counting down the time left for us. "We'll be back," said SL. We went to the drama queen station and picked 3 papers with "Paris Hilton", "grave yard" and "action/adventure" on it. And we thought of a story, and acted it. Its rejected and we cant do anything to it, so going to count for the "circles" drawn on paper with chairs making a barrier to it. Couldnt get it right, and we're forced to complete other task before we can come back again.

The task looks pretty hard to us, 5 people stepping on the piece of newspaper, which was getting smaller and smaller ! For the smallest piece, SL lifted me up on his shoulder and I'm terrified like heck ! And we did it perfectly and probably, the fastest group of them all. Chun Chun's group was back for their second attempt and they got it. That "circle counting" station...we did it by doing probability when that Course Rep told Sensei "almost" for her answer when we first at there.

Drama queen second attempt and failed coz of no "comedy" feeling in our acting. "Guess the word" again and we did it nicely with Freezie's acting and symbols. Finally...the drama queen ! Seems like that fella fade up on failing us already since he knew that its the final station for us, and passed us. Found the Organizer and we're team 11 out of 13 or 14.

"At least we finished all stations and we're not the last one," said Freezie. Well...agree !

Lunch time ! Its pizza with KFC and curry puff !!! No mood to eat and some of us "ta pao" the food back home as dinner. Thought of curry puff at first but then picked pizza, oh well, anything will be acceptable.

The fastest 8 team got the price and the closing ceremony ends, all of us went back home. And so the "rush with time" event ends.

"I would like to be the organizer for next sem," said SL.

"I'll be joining my Chong Hua friends as a team next time !" said Freezie happily.
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Slow and Steady [Offline Blog for 18/10]

Waiting for Freezie's miss call again today, wearing UTAR T-shirt, and ready to get crazy for the coming event...the Double B !

Reached PE Block (which was the furtherest block of all the UTAR blocks in PJ campus together with PD FROM PA) with Sensei and Freezie, later on saw SL and Scott (izzit the first time Scott appear in the blog ? Gratz !) coming by motorcycle. Registered our self after meeting YCW, he's the secretary for the event anyway...

"Look at all of them...they're your enemies...KILL THEM~~~" he whispered to me. Playing too much DoTA ... I guess.

There's 3 tasks that we need to complete for today and if we're the top 15 out of 30+- teams, we're into tomorrow's grand final event, UTAR New Gen Race or whatever it called, the concept is just the same as Amazing Race.

And after Pikachu (our Public speaking lecturer, who dislikes his student calling him Mr Chan) shouted start, we rushed to the room where Sensei saw moments ago, the origami task room. When we reached there, it’s been full of people, and we're forced to leave the room and look for other tasks to complete. And here's the sequence for we TE 4 team in completing the tasks and whats happening there :

1. Fear Factor, they called it Got the Guts !
Basically, I already know whats the ingredient for the 5 cups of drinks that they will be giving us, coz YCW showed me before our finals (OPPS ! Did I just said it out ? Doesnt matter now ... right ?) and its made up of spicy, vegetables and fruits...but what shocks me when I saw the cups that they gave us was...a cup with an raw egg on it !!! There's an ingredient list on the table : egg, milk, noodles(?), tofu and cheese ? I exchanged it with the spicy drink from Scott, which makes me drinking the spicy, Scott got the raw egg thingy, SL got vegetable juice, Sensei fruit juice with garlic and bitter gourd, lastly Freezie vegetable juice with pepper and wasabi !

Less than 30 seconds we finished our drink, but when Scott's turn he spited out the strange combination juice on Pikachu after a few moment he drinks it.

"Oh shit oh shit !" shouted Pikachu, which his hand and shirt got some of the juice on it.

Though Scott's point was disqualified, but overall our performance was good, and we proceed to the next task.

2. Origami ?
We're still thinking of origami...but we still need to wait for the rest to come out of the room. I rushed to find the other room and found that brain teaser's task was nobody waiting outside the room for their turn, and we changed our destination to brain teaser.

Nothing much to said here, since its some lousy question like INPLATNUM with choices

#Some sorta answers like that, cant remember it...#

Or asking you to arrange the sequence of the Star Wars movie series, with our knowledge, we beat it after a few minutes of thinking and discussing. Dunno how many minutes ticked, we passed up the answer sheet to the facilitators and we're off to the final task.

3. Not Brain Teaser, its ORIGAMI !...finally~
When we're near that origami room, we found out that there're 7 teams waiting outside including us, and we're the last group ! YCW came and he told us this is not about how fast you accomplish the task, its about how well you complete each of the tasks. So we waited patiently outside and seeing each team going in...but no team going out of the room. Started to wonder what happens inside it...izzit too hard till they all cant finish the task ?

After drinking some chocolate milk and some sweets from YCW, we're in the room, and the whole 30+- teams were in the origami room !!! Its packed with people, there's no air inside it ! We went inside it and we start with level 1 task. Since SL claimed himself was never good in folding paper, so we decided to let him fold the easiest one. Overall performance of our team in level 1 was awesome. When we proceed to level 2, there's a heart-shaped bookmark, which was the hardest among the level 2. I folded till a step and stopped there. SL said perhaps he, the one who dunno anything about it may be able to do it. After a while of experimenting the instructions with Scott, he got it right and I continued the steps after that. Lucky us !!!

Level 3, folding a few boxes with base and cover lid, 100 stars and a pineapple. Each of us was assigned to different task and we complete half of the level 3 task at the end. And what we got was 2 sunflower (which suppose to be stacked together as pineapple), 30+ stars and a triangular base box with octagonal cover lid.

"We’re enjoying playing the games only..."

"Yaya ! And if we can enter final then good !"

"Right, even if we lose we still enjoying the game !"

After that we waited at PE009 for the results of top 15 teams. After hours of waiting, we're finally listing to the announcement of top 15. Surprisingly Sensei's name was announced out loud, correctly ! We're so happy and we're one of the few teams in Stream E that qualified for finals. Found Mel Li (dunno spell wrong ar not, will be going to YCW's blog for spell-checking) later on and I told her that my team qualified, sadly her team was not.

"Never mind, I'll win that price for you !"

Later on I found myself walking back from PE to Jaya One bus stop. Chatted a lot and then head back home. Having a nice day today, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Good luck guys~
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Opening A New Door [Offline Blog for 16/10]

Waking up early in the morning to wait for Freezie-chan's miss call. Thought of she might still be sleeping, sms-ed her and she said she's waiting for her turn for using the toilet. Well...its OK, since its still early. Half hour later I found myself walking to school together with her.

When we're chatting, she doesnt notice there's a car coming and she's going to cross the road. I pull her bag (same thing I did to many others when I saw they're crossing the road when there's a car in full speed) and she had a small shock. And later on when we're walking down the road near Jaya One, she wanted to cross the road without looking her back for coming cars. She walked a bit fast and I missed her bag but lucky that car slowed down the speed and she noticed it after a second, and stopped walking forward.

"Miracle wouldnt happen for three times..." I told her.

And for the coming road that we need to cross, she did pay attention to the cars already. Thank goodness she's safe. Then we're off to our classroom and wait for the lecture to start.

Biology II practical...the last subject we're having for the day. Mr. P said he'll give us some personality test at the end of the lesson, and he did it after we're cleaned everything up. For that test, he said "Oh ! This one is a Perfectionist !" to me. Sensei overheard it and when I got back to my seat, Sensei told the others "Spiky is a Perfectionist ! Stay away form him !" and end with her usual "hohoho" laugh.

And I really that guy that Mr. P told me ?

When thinking back...kinda like true.

I always likes to try these personality test thingy stuffs, coz I didnt know myself much, or perhaps I didnt know what's my exact personality. Thats why I wrote in my Friendster : Didnt know myself much, maybe should go for a self discovery journey. Well, got that idea from anime Honey and Clover, which was a funny and dramatic comedy about life of a group of college friends.

I like the way the anime goes. Everytime watching that anime, there'll be some funny part between those friends. Besides that, there's also a small story that told by the characters about their past or what they thought about something. The way they express their stories was fantastic and I wish I could do it that way too for my blog. And I think I did DID some for my first blog, with name "Destiny" something...

A new door about myself has opened...and when recalling back about what I've been always doing all these times, I admit that I'm a part of it, not a true bred or what sort, though maybe I inherited that from my grandma. What awaits me are rows and rows of doors which are shut tight. Will I be another person once I opened another door ?
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Walking Alone [Offline Blog for 15/10]

Its been like that since I'm in secondary school. I couldnt walk in front of my group of friends or else I'll found myself walking alone where the others are somewhere else. I couldnt walk alongside with them as well ! Coz everytime I found that there'll be obstacles blocking my way, or I'll be hit by the cars, or the space couldnt fit 2 or 3 people walking alongside. Its been like that since I'm in secondary school... the group of friends, I'll always be the odd number, which makes the rest of them having pairs walking in front chit-chatting, having laugh while I'm following them at the back, quiet and listening to them. What if I'm the even one ? One of the pairs will be having 3 people and I become the odd again.

And if you noticed (you probably wouldnt before reading this post), the FRIENDS were made up of 7 people, 4 girls and 3 boys. This makes 2 pairs in girls and 1 pair in boys, and the remaining ... is me. Whats makes me more odd was, I'm the only one who're school prefect in the group. When I'm been giving orders to do stuffs, I'm separated from them.

"Will it be the same when I entered university ?" thought myself.

" will be," deep inside my heart answered.

And so it is. Though there's only me and the other one walking together to the same destination, I cant walk alongside with them coz of the things I mentioned above. Sometimes I managed to walk alongside with them, or sitting together in the classroom/bus, but then I can see from their facial expression that, their heart wasnt there.

"There's no coincidence in this world, there's only Hitsuzen." - Ichihara Yuuko from xxxHOLiC

So...for these long years that had come, I accepted it and think of it as a fate to me. Perhaps ... it would be better when I'm walking alone ? Maybe ... there's some meaning behind this ?
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last Post for the Sem Break

Counting down the time till 13rd October = 22 hours 25 minutes

So...thats the time left till 13rd October midnight when I starts to write this post. When thinking back the time where the holiday just begin, it seems to me that the holiday are too short, cant do anything in that short 2 weeks time. Later after the end of 1st week holiday, Hermin told me in MSN that there's 2 more weeks to go and she missed TE 4 a lot. do I ! After that conversation, I realized that there's actually 3 weeks of holiday, and crazy ideas been popping out of my head...

1. Re-download Maple SEA !

So that I can contact back those fellow guild mates in the game. Kinda miss them actually...those days where we tease each other in the same map, helping each other in doing quest, having laugh and tears together...they're all such a nice people and offer lots of help when you needs it. But, the guild members are not that active anymore, due to studies and working...same situation for me...

2. Why not download SUPERNATURAL SEASON 3 ?

The season 2 finale really nice and that AXN havent show season 3 yet, though in the US season 4 already aired ! I dont want to watch House, not Nip/Tuck, not Terminator...I want Supernatural ! I wanna see those boys back in action killing demons and dealing with dangerous situations with spirits...the story is getting more interesting after season 2 finale, but AXN never shows it. Didnt get all the season 3 episodes, but still at least I got a few episodes for me to fill up my hunger !

3. Hey ! Heroes season 3 is up !

After all the counting down...finally its here ! And watching it online is a must for me ! In season 3, the plot goes faster, which means more shocking secrets are being revealed in an episode. With all the shocking and surprises, I go download season 3 episodes and hopefully can re-watch and re-watch while I cant go online and look for a newer episodes...

4. Whats more...SONGS~

With HSM3 coming up, I searched for the songs and surprisingly found a few of the songs in the soundtrack which havent release yet. Other than that, some of my beloved anime songs and english songs were found and downloaded. Wah, looks like my MP3 will be full of nice songs in Sem2 now...*whistle*

5. For boring times...GAMES !

Trying to get Spore, but failed after numerous attempts. Failed to get to, I go searched for GBA and NDS roms and found lots of games which are cool and nice to play with. From Mario to Sonic, Final Fantasy series with Chocoboos and Kingdom Hearts, cute Zelda with Megaman and fantastic Lego Star Wars. All the RPGs and action+adventure games will be nice to play with when there's free time, but playing too much will spoil my mood in studying. Really needs to have self control over those emotions of addicting games...

Seems like I've done lots of things in this 3 weeks time...other than yam cha-ing and helping out my grandma in housekeeping. Question I ready for the next few hours thats coming to me ?

Anyway, tomorrow (or I should be saying today) is my cousin's 1 year old birthday. He's very cute and adorable...too bad dont have a picture of him with me now...but here, I'm going to wish him happy birthday (though he dunno whats that means !) and hopefully when the next time I come back Puchong, he'll be able to walk towards me. Dont be lazy to walk !

And...for the time when I cant go blog online, I'll go offline blogging and I'll post them once I can go online.

Counting down the time till 13rd October = 21 hours 40 minutes
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A New Sem Has Come !

"Can check d result liao ! In UTAR Intranet..." #Abstracted from Freezie's sms message this morning.#

After knowing such a thing from Freezie-chan, an hour later, received YCW's call with his excited voice.

"I think you should know that you can check your results already right ?"


"Check liao lar ?"

"Havent yet..."

"Damn stupid wan wor. Just now check that time still OK, now when I wanna check the page very lag."

"Oh...sure something like that will happen. (Coz the whole UTARians are checking as well !)"

#Part of the conversation between me and YCW...cant remember all if you ask.#

And seems that (the long waited ?) sem2 gonna starts soon. And...A few things I should not be doing in the new sem will be...

#Laughing and lagging while in presentations.#

#"Will you marry me ?"#

#Being scared of the particular subject (and the stuffs in the dark).#

#Eat too much till forget what is ester and carboxylic thingy stuffs.#

#I know this is private to her, my fellow TE 4s in the new sem...NEVER FALL ASLEEP IN THE CLASS AGAIN ! Show them what we can do (other than PSP-ing at the back) !!!#

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Monday, October 6, 2008


You have not scanned your computer for the last 3 days, please scan your computer to protect it from virus and spyware.

Something like that was shown on the screen after I switched on the notebook after its been "kidnapped" for the last 3 days. The days without the notebook to online was kinda boring and...meaningless. But, I managed to finish reading 2 books of Chronicles of Narnia. Thank goodness ! Lucky I bring the books with me and it did helps to spend my "free time".

The "kidnapper" is actually my aunt, the same aunt that brings me to do cleaning jobs (since I have 3 aunts, I shall call her the 2nd Aunt for she's the second eldest among my aunts). And all begins with me online till middle of the night...

"Switch off the computer when its 12am and switch off the lights as well," ordered my 2nd Aunt. I'm waiting the Heroes S3E03 to load that time and its only loaded till halfway, and I'm still watching the beginning of the 40+minutes series. After I finished the show (which surprised me a lot) I leave the notebook online overnight coz I'm still downloading the game Spore, which I found the downloading speed was amazing during midnight.

And then I went to sleep while listening to the MP3. Heck ! Low battery ! And so I quietly slipped through the door and reached the dark place where the notebook placed. Plugged the MP3 into it for charging and waited for a few minutes while re-reading my own blog. When I'm ready to go, I accidentally kicked the table fan near me and a loud "bang" (though it seems not that loud in the day but it'll be very loud at night) was heard ! Clumsy me !

And so, the next day I woke up, the notebook was gone. I already know where it'll go coz this is not the first time she "kidnapped" it. There's been eh ... a few times already and I didnt really care about it at all, this time. As long as you return it to me when my sem2 starts then everything will be OK. And thats the time when the books that "My" Chelle comes in handy. (Thank you "My" Chelle !)

I'm able to online now is because of something else, later on the notebook that I'm using now will be handled back to the "kidnapper" till the day comes. Its been my fault for my careless mistakes and for online till very late, but still, she's doing so because she care of my health (and her baby Juno for refusing to sleep with the lights on, since the location I online in the house is near to my 2nd Aunt's door room, and she opens the door while sleeping).

What to do ? Nothing I can do ! Its a big lost since I cant complete the download till sem2 starts ! And I cant figure out where can I go complete the download after sem2 starts. Haiz~
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Thursday, October 2, 2008


One of the Japanese that I can understand is the word above. Know the meaning of that from my favorite anime ツバサ・クロニクル aka Tsubasa Chronicle's sub-theme song ユメノツバサ aka Yume no Tsubasa. I dont care what you think about the title, you can figure the meaning yourself quite easily since there's been translator everywhere on the net.

So, it was yesterday's dream after coming back from the birthday party. I dream of my aunt taking me back to Section 17 one week early. She didnt give me any pocket money and I'm terrified of that action. How cruel is she, leaving me behind. And the whole house are empty, Ang and Joe will not be back till the begining of the semester for sure, and YCW shifted to another house. I cant search for my fellow TE 4s since they all back to their hometown already. I'm so alone in that house and I remember that I cried in the bed for the loneliness and not able to search for help (coz in real life my handphone expired, cant SMS and call, perhaps its the same situation in my dream).

The dream shocked me from my sleep and I found that I'm at my own house, still in the comfortable bed that I loved the most, with the chilling air conditioner that probably switched off few hours ago. Its just a DREAM, I told myself. But, it seems so real till I cant stop thinking of it. Since I remembers it so well, so I guess it'll not be one of my "precognitive dream," coz I'll not be able to remember those precognitive dreams well in my experience. I'll only remember that I saw it in my dreams once the event happens. Anyone can have these precognitive dreams, the matter is, you noticed it, or not.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Outing Twice


Received her sms early in the morning. I heard my phone's message tone, thought of some Hotlink messages again. But after I read the message, it was from CYC. We've been contacting each other in Friendster before the Finals start, and we've make a promise that we'll be meeting each other once I'm back to Puchong. And so, I guess this is it !

"Later 2pm accompany me go dental appointment ?" #Abstracted from the message she send to me.#

And wait a this a trap ? Will she suddenly ask me something about that strange message that she's been receiving few weeks ago...which was from SL WITH my knowing about it ?

"Who's Henry ? Har !?" with her angry look she punched my stomach and asked me that.

"Eh...who's Henry ?" replied me, rolling my eyes.

Blah blah after she told me about the stories of SMS-ing with a stranger, she said that "Henry" exchanged his Friendster profile with her. She spotted my picture on the primary photo of Henry and she doubt that it was me that gave her number to Henry. Well...half true. Another half was actually that SL got it himself.

After her dental appointment, we went to 7-11 for a drink. She bought a pack of teddy biscuits and we both sit there chatted for an hour or so. She's in a school band, how nice is that. I always wanted to be in a band or a choir, music is just so much fun ! And later on end up at her house, transferred some songs to her computer. The original purpose of "giving her TRC manga chapters" was failed coz I forgot to copy the file from my computer to the pendrive. Careless me. Moments later her mom fetch me back home and said bye to her.


The word "FRIENDS" are purposely capital-lettered coz I'm referring to that group of friends that we formed ourself. Usually they just called it "the seven of us", and only some of us use the name FRIENDS. Anyway, its Bao HT's birthday yesterday. And around 10pm, Yong WY's car was waiting for me outside my house. And after fetching Lai MC, we're off to somewhere near Bandar Puteri (more accurately, somewhere opposite Tesco Puchong).

Only 5 of us reached the restaurant (cant search for a better word, and my phone rang. Seeing Au YH, Yong YW and Teng WH teasing each other reminds me of my past. There's been a barrier since then...and it never been broken. With the arrival of Bao HT and Lee SX, the barrier strengthen and the same old feeling haunts me once again. I can see that even Lai MC feels the barrier (I guess its weaker compared to mine) and he cant really get himself into their conversation. Craps, thats the stuffs they've been chatting since...

Finally, the opening of the cake ! I requested from Yong WY to have her phone for a while to snap pictures. And I took many pictures of them having fun and sort. I need to have self control or else the memory will full sooner or later, so I stopped the photography session.

#Happy Birthday Bao Bao~#

#Cutting the cake with strange looking + funny expression.#

#Smallest piece of the cake for the small one.#

#While everyone seriously eating the cake, Yong WY and Lee SX having fun behind...#

#"Dai gah jie" Au YH dividing the cake to all of us, looks like SX finally alert of the "Cake-dividing-ceremony" !#

#Sienz, self pic just for fun...too bad the other 2 boys deleted their own pictures that I took. Huh~#

After all the funs and laughs, its almost 12am, we're heading back home with either Bao HT or Yong WY's car. Careless Yong WY left her car key inside the car and didnt locked her car door ! Lucky since Bao HT's car was at her car's side. Both of the cars plays chasing moments later after the engine starts. Both the cars almost collide and a motorcyclist might be injured if there's no self control between them. Anyway, back to home safety for all of us.

Yesterday was Bao HT's birthday, and today is my another friend, TYK's birthday. Here to wish both of you two HAPPY BIRTHDAY again.


"Hello ?"

"You told CYC about me already har ?"

"She figure it out herself once she saw my picture in your profile..."

"Ai yo, you should pretend that you dont know who's Henry mar..."

"Er...actually I thought of asking you to come out with me to meet her, but then I dont know when you'll be back..."

"Came back already fun already...K lar...bye"

#PART of the conversation between me and SL before Bao HT and Lee SX arrive.#
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