Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sometimes ...

Sometimes there are just things that you cant speak out of your mind to that someone,
no matter how close, or how good that person is.

Sometimes it might be a silly question,
a small doubt, a heart feeling, 
or just something you thought you ought to share with them,
but you never know:
Do they really care about what you did and the things you said to them ?

Then you started to think a lot, worry a lot:
How deep is our relationship actually ?
Am I a bothersome person to them ?
Am I really worried too much ?

I think it is good to keep things to yourself,
because sharing it out might hurt someone,
or ruin a very good relationship with someone you hold dear.

People are all selfish, lusty, greed, ego and all the bad things you could think of.

No one would like to lend a listening ear to you.
No one would bother to worry about you.
No one would stay by your side forever.
No one would be your BFF,
at least not Forever.

But then,
no matter how much hope I've lost,
I still have faith that there are good people out there,
that would help me, guide me,
be patient with me,
and forgive me for the mistakes that I've done.

Sometimes I really wish that life would be more simpler,
people being honest with each other,
and arguments makes two person closer instead of further.

I dont know what am I writing here...
perhaps I just wanted to update the blog,
and express the feelings that has been kept inside of me for so long.

Hope to come back soon with interesting stories instead of this.
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