Monday, May 30, 2011


I almost cried every fore-night,
Thinking of how am I gonna survive in this semester.
With no more Financial support,
Life seems to me is like ...
Hopeless, Sadness, and Grayish.

There's nothing I can do other than blaming myself,
For making such a mess for myself and my family.
The worst ever Nightmare is here,
And there's nothing much I can do to save myself.

Being in a Divorced family isnt easy,
Especially receiving less Care and Love,
And having a father that doesnt have a fixed income.
I cant just ask for Anything I wanted,
Because I knew that They should be used in other ways,
That keeps our Stomach full, and Healthy...
Things that are more necessary.

I do not wish that all of my Friends understand this,
But I do hope that for those who did,
Here by I'm saying Thanks if you're helping me,
Getting through my Problems.

Once I thought of Leaving,
But this isnt the best way to solve everything,
Though it do lessen the Burden.
The mind tells me this is wrong to do,
And so, I became a little Tough...

Country Road,
Take me Home,
To the Place,
I belong...

I need It,
And it means that I need to Work to get It.
Saw Vacancies throughout the shops,
I wonder which of Them is better,
That suits me more...
CC ? Restaurants ? Shops ?

CC doesnt sounds bad, 
I can work Overnight on some days.
Restaurant is even better, 
I can have Free meals if they're providing it.
Shops have a fixed working hour,
Dont think it suits me.

Live a day through a day.
Thats all that I can do...
For now.

All of my sorrow and pain,
I'll cry in the rain,
So no one else will notice...
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week 2 Holiday [Offline Blog 24/5]

#Pirates of the Caribbean On Stanger Tides movie poster featuring the main cast.#

#Another poster featuring the Mermaid and the priest.#

Just watched Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides last week Friday on Viva House. Thought that I'm getting myself a handmade teddy bear from the event that was happening right there told by my Gor... who knows that the teddy bear making event was canceled due to some circumstances from the organizer. Seeing that the things doesnt work out as planned, both of us together with one of his friend watched a movie before we left there.

Well, Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides is the fourth installment of the Pirates series by Disney. The movie welcome back Captain Jack Sparrow, the all time favorite pirate in search of the mystical Fountain of Youth guarded by the beauty yet deadly Mermaids. Threatened by the most feared pirate Blackbeard and his daughter, who is also once Jack's old time girldfriend, Jack Sparrow must lead them to the Fountain. With the Spanish crew and the royal England crew lead by Captain Barbosa heading to the same destination, the Fountain became the prize of the race. Who will be the one to drink the water from the Fountain ? Who will be blessed with eternal life ?

The fourth installment of Pirates did not fail to entertain the audience with laughters, actions and surprises. With new and old cast joined forces in this new installment, it seems that the whole Pirates story has more to expand beyond our imaginations. 

The old fans will find it interesting to see Captain Jack Sparrow in action again, but the new fans might get a little bit confused as in the relationship between the characters and some part of the story or object. For the new fans of Pirates, here's a quick recap on the previous 3 installments:

Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl
- Once upon a time there's a pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow, who stole Captain Barbosa's cursed ship: the Black Pearl.

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest
- Once upon a time there's a pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow, who seek for a Chest containing a heart of the Sea's ruler and swallowed by the ruler's pet: Kraken.

Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End
- Once upon a time there's a pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow, who was saved by his fellow crew members at the end of the world

3 sentences, 3 movie recaps... for the whole story, please search for the movie yourself and watch it. 

In the end, the story is fasinating, no bad comment on the musics... and I dont think its necessery to go for 3D since you can enjoy the excitement on 2D too. Overall rating ? 8.5 out of 10.
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Bored ... at Home [Offline Blog 18/5]

Remembering that last week was the day my final paper of the semester ended, it seems like time passed really slow during this semester holiday. In just more than a week's time, I'll find myself back in the old-boring university days, cycling to and from lecture classes, tutorials, practical lab sessions and chinese orchestral practices...

Despite of my current financial problem, I couldnt go any where but to stay put inside my home, as a good boy as I always was... ever since. But luckily, I still got some books to read to, and currently I'm re-reading JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the 4th or 5th times (I lost count of it) to get ready of myself for the final movie of the series.

I wonder what will I be doing after finishing the book. Perhaps another round of reading on The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. This great book always gives you a heartbeating sensation on every chapters you read, and you'll crave for more after you finished a chapter. 

Just to hope that these two book will be enough to occupy my more-than-a-week's-holiday before I got back to Kampar. 

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假期愉快 [Offline Blog 15/5]

你有试过连续三天都去同一个地方唱 K,打保龄球,打游戏机和看电影各两次吗?我不平凡的假期就这样开始了。。。



十点半的巴士顿时变成了十一点半,终于整两点多才到吉隆坡车站。与我朋友碰面后,赶快找了间便宜酒店便朝 Times Square 去唱 K。由于唱下午的 K 时间剩不多,我们就决定唱晚上的,因为有 buffet 晚餐供应,可以一次过省下午餐及晚餐的钱。为了打发时间,我们俩跑到保龄球场打了几场球、到游戏机场一起打了几场机。


唱完 K 正在走电梯下楼时朋友一直在问:”唱了那么久,我有唱到《我怀念的》吗?”

我们有早醒,我们也有早到 KL Central 去买上云顶的车票,但是早上的车票还是卖完了。算了算,觉得上到云顶后玩不到几个小时又要下来了,最终决定:先吃个早餐再说吧!

走到 McD 点了两份早餐,边吃边玩弄那架 DS,希望可以上到网去 claim Pokemon Black 里的神秘礼物 - Pokemon 蛋蛋一粒。很可惜连上了网线,但是就是拿不到那粒蛋。既然计划都泡汤了,我提议回到 Times Square 去唱个 K,看个戏还是什么的,总好过在 McD 里呆。

回到 Times Square 后就去唱了整个下午,打了几场保龄球、游戏机和看了场英文片:Thor。 Thor 是部诉说我们地球人们所称为”神”的人类与蓝冰人星球的战争。蓝冰人因为滥用他们被赐的神圣武器将地球冰封(也就是我们地球的冰河时代),他们神圣的武器被没收了,然后从地球赶回到自己的星球去。日子久了,就在神界的二王子 Thor 接王位当天,蓝冰人突然出现在他们的星球要抢回他们的武器。Thor 也因为做错了事被国王贬掉魔法赶到地球。他为了救他的星球,他被逼与找到他的地球人们合作,找回他失去的魔法以及带领蓝冰人来到他星球的元凶。

整体来说这部由 Marvel 漫画改编的电影还算不错。虽然打斗场面不多,但故事不会闷,而且还有很多的笑场戏。

晚餐就在酒店不远的嘛嘛档口解决了。原本想到附近的 McD 上个网(其实原本的晚餐地点就是在 McD,但是看到嘛嘛档口有碌碌,我朋友停下脚步后,晚餐就在那里解决了),但是我们俩都累坏也饱胀了,所以就回到酒店休息了。

吃完早餐后,我们坐在 McD 里无所事事。
“拿你的 DS 过来。”我朋友吩咐到。

*10 分钟后*

“找到 WiFi,就是 connect 到了上不到网!”
“不知道,等下在 Times Square 再试一下咯。”
“拿你的 DS 过来。”


早上退房后,我们俩又跑回去 Times Square 吃 KFC 后看了场戏,然后就各自回家去了。这次看了另一部我朋友说好看的:Priest。故事发生在一个吸血鬼的世界里,人们为了保护自己,教堂的教主们派了一批人马名为“祭师”(Priest)去消灭吸血鬼的窝。因为任务失败,教主们把他们祭师的职位贬了,在城市的边缘为了个厚墙防止吸血鬼的侵犯,以保护城市里人们的安全。教堂的口号“反抗教堂就是反抗神”已深入民心。居住在城市外面的男主角侄女怀疑被吸血鬼抓去了,为了拯救自己的侄女,男主角不顾一切地背叛了对教堂的承诺跑出城外寻找他的亲人。




“今天星期六,每晚 RM 90。”
“几个小时?每个小时 RM 10 算咯。”
“两个小时就 RM 20 咯?”


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Canned Day

Finals is over... you might think "Lets go and have some fun in the sun !!!" But since the weather these few days are super duper hot, I guess the best thing to do is staying indoor with the fan switched on facing yourselves.

The night of our final paper is not gonna be the same after being pressured by the hot weather. I hanged out with my friends in Tesco hoping to buy ourselves some ingredients for sushi making, but ended up looking for canned food as dinner. Canned food ? Whats wrong with it, the food is canned, but it doesnt means that its not delicious !

And so lastly, we changed our sushi-making plan into a canned-food-festival.

We tried noodle-cooking. 
We tried rice-cooking.
We tried spaghetti with sauce. 
We even tried cooking tong sui desserts...

But canned food !? This is something new.

We bought total of 7-8 varieties of canned food from different brands, ranging from vegetables, meats, beans, fishes, spices and sweets. Back home, we cooked our own white rice and after heating some of the large-sized canned food, we begin our canned food festival.

At the first glance, we thought we bought too little canned food as dinner. But in the end, it turns up that the things that we bought is more than enough, and we're all bloated up.

The funny thing is, we left one unopened canned food. Well, this means that we'll still gonna be having another cooking festival again ... next semester I guess !!!

Happy holiday pals. Miss you all.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Biochemistry and Cell Metabolism: The Army of Apocalypse

The final paper of the semester is gonna cause Apocalypse ... well, at least for me. 

The lecturer teaches this subject in a very fast pace, with an average speed of 2-3 minutes/lecture slide. I wonder why the other students still can score well and claims that he's "cute", as he looks "innocently cruel" when he smiles

Doesnt matter if he teaches in a fast pace, as long as the lecture notes are in order ... wait a second, they're not in order !!! There's no chapters indicated on the lecture slides, and he jumps from this set of slides to the other... his lecture slides are so damn confusing !!! 

OK... at least I got time to arrange it back by referring to WBLE... hell yeah I did, after half an hour. Zzzzzzz

With tons of metabolisms and chemical reactions and processes, I'm stuck where I doesnt even know where to start my last minute revision.

Apocalypse is coming... and when its over, a new world will be born. Until that day come towards me, I must revise. 
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ahead on Our Way

Found this piece of music few days back from YouTube. Is a relaxing, calming, comforting, loving and peaceful music played on the piano.

Listening to this piece reminds me of playing my first ever Square Enix games: Final Fantasy VII. This song always played when I entered a certain town in the very beginning of the game. Below is the original version from the game's soundtrack. A great thanks to Nobuo Uematsu-sama for composing this piece.

I wish I could play back this awesome game again, for its nicely planned plot twist and beautifully arranged soundtracks.

To be honest, Square Enix was once my dream working place just because of their beautiful gaming graphics and soundtracks. Lol~~~

Thats all for today then.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Down ... THREE More to Go !!!

I think I just got a critical hit from the first paper of my semester's final exam. So what ? It doesnt matter, as long as I've tried my best to answer all of them, then I'll got no regrets. "At least I've tried my best"... thats what I've been thinking ever since.

The funny thing about me in the examination hall is that: when I read through the questions, I can literally "see" the answers that was printed on the lecture slides. I can remember which slide contains the answers, but sometimes its blurred out.

"Zzzzzz" was my first thought;
"Why didnt I paid more attention on that slide back then ?" was my second thought.
"Fine, I'll come back later," was my last thought.

When I really got back on to the same question again, I'll just stare at it and starts daydreaming. You might think its funny but sometimes I do get some ideas on what to write after all !!! LOL~

Well... the first paper wasnt that bad as I thought earlier, since I can crap whatever that I remembers on it. But still, I hope my craps are correct enough to get some marks.

Oh yeah... a terrific incident happened to our beloved Kampar the day before my first paper. Hell yeah, Kampar is flooded in a few hour's heavy rain + lightning !!! The heaviness of the rain even can cover the sound of my DiZi, and since I'm in a middle of the frustration and laziness on revision, I picked up my DiZi and played a song about the great Yellow River of China, 《黄水谣》.

#My window was crafted with "Westlake Flood" by my housemate.#

My CO housemate then join the play in my room. When she looked outside through my window, she asked me to see whats happening: Westlake flooded. And in just a few moments, the flood turns to yellow colour, like this:

#Picture might be blur. Since its still raining, I took this through the window glass. But whats clear is that the water is YELLOW.#

And guess what, after the rain stops, in just few minutes time, the flood just went "poof" and disappeared to nowhere.

#Traces of yellow sand found on the road after the flood disappeared.#

Oh well, done updating my blog. Its time to revise MICROBIOLOGY. Ciao~
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