Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Song from My Childhood That I Remembered

My grandma used to be tuning on "Light and Easy" on the radio during my kidergarden time. She liked to listen to the Oldies by Elton John, Kenny G, Air Supply and lots more. And because of this, I'm been affected by it and in love with the Oldies too.

The post earlier about the Golden Oldies, I get to know it from my grandma through the radio, just that I didnt know the song name and artist. Now I do, and I must remember it well. ^_^

And today when I went to Old Town with Sensei to buy bus tickets, I heard a very familiar song from the shop nearby. Didnt know the artist but I guess I knew the song title. So when I got back home, I quickly Youtube-ed it and BINGO, I found the song. Now I know the name of this artist, its Shania Twain, Sensei.

Until now, this song is still can be heard from Lite FM, the once-before "Light and Easy". This song was released on 2002, there's a much older song from Shania which is You're Still the One.

Its a live version, but her voice is still the same as in the radio. How sweet is this song. My grandma said that I'm singing this song during my kidergarden time...well, its my favorite song ! >w<

Enjoy the songs.
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Trip to Ipoh Parade

Woke up by the alarm of my phone and found myself having breakfast 10 minutes later and ready to meet Sensei at Scotty's house at 9am.

#Wearing my new shirt with a sleepy-head face.#

We planned to go to Ipoh Parade since its already semester break. When I arrived at Scotty's house, the weather is nice, its perfect for outing.

#If the peak of the mountain can be seen, its a good sign coz its a nice weather best for outings.#

After Sensei arrived, 3 of us walked towards the bus station not far away and waited for a bus to go Old Town.

#Walking towards the bus stop...and we found ... #

#... mud cow shit when we're crossing the road. Who's that lucky unlucky motorcycle or car that pass by this piece of shit ?#

After a few minutes of waiting at the bus stop, we get into the bus and head to Old Town to take another bus to Ipoh. Its my first time riding a bus in Ipoh, its been fun and we took some pictures while we're on the bus.

#Bus tickets.#

#Me, Sensei at the back and Scotty.#

#OMG, I looked so 38 at the back. Zzz...#

Anyway, reached Ipoh after that and we took another bus to the Ipoh Old Town and searched for the restaurant which Sensei said they're popular for selling Ipoh white coffee. We did found it after some search and a help from the locals. The shop is packed with people and we managed to find ourself a seat somewhere inside and we ordered an iced white coffee each.

#The packed shop...#

#Although the name is "white" coffee, but it doesnt means that it's really white in colour !#

There's another thing that we found popular in this shop is the 猪肠粉, which we didnt get a chance to taste since it was sold out. And one thing about this 猪肠粉 stall in this restaurant is, the daughter of the stall owner is the roommate of Sensei's older sister some time ago !

#Sensei and her sister's roommate.#

One thing to remember though while eating in restaurants in Old Town: if any strangers started to ask for money from you or wanna sell of some products to you, just ignore it if you do not wish to give any money or buy stuffs from them. I dont know why, I always seem to be the target of choice instead of Sensei and Scotty...perhaps Sensei was right, my face looks too kind or something...

After having out lunch, we took a taxi and reached Ipoh Parade in minutes. Guess what, looks like the Christmas' atmosphere was still circling around us !

#Christmas tree with lots of wishes writen by peoples on tiny papers at the bottom of the tree.#

We randomly visited quite a lot of boutique shops and I bought myself a silver-white coloured tie. Then we pass by quite a lot of anime shop and gift shop too. The thing that catches me is the figurinies !!! >w<

#Final Fantasy figurinies ! Sephiroth and Vincent Valentine at the back. Cloud Strife in the middle with FF8's main character at his side.#

#A pink Yoshi at the back with Luigi. Jafar can be seen at the right side at the back. At the front, Goofy and KH-style Cloud Strife can be seen too. Snapped half of the body of Kairi on the right side. I wonder where's Sora and Roxas is...#

#Yay, Bleach ! Spotted Renji Arabai in bankai mode, quite a number of Kurosaki Ichigo, Kuchiki Byakuya, Hitsugaya Toshiro blocked by Matsumoto, Aizen, Kuchiki Rukia and some other Espada.#

After some walk, we found a very special shop...Sensei asked me to stand infront of that shop so she could get a picture of it. The people inside the shop was looking out while I posed and we quickly run away from the shop to avoid being caught or something...and here's the result.

#I'm being forced !#

The special thing about this shop is the name. Not clear enough ? How about this !?

#Number 28: Spiky Salon".#

Clearer now ? The shop was named after my name...and both Sensei and Scotty was making fun of me by saying that: that shop was opened by me without informing them. I found it funny too...haha~

P/S: Number 30 is Kiroro, not Keroro though...

After had our dinner around 5pm, we walked again and found ourselves a very big balloon clown.

#The clown hits me !#

And then, we entered a magazine shop and Scotty found something interesting... some eggs from this machine !

It need 2 tokens to get an egg from it and the egg contains one of these 5 Bleach character's keychain. Scotty was so excited and he bought the tokens from the counter and started to try his luck to get his favorite character.

#The token was stuck ? No ... ? Good.#

#Oh...thats the keychain that Scotty got from the machine ! Its not his favorite but he accepted it with joy. If there's Rukia or Kon or Ishida inside, for sure I'll get myself some token and try my luck on it !#

Its been late and we went back Kampar with taxi and bus. At Kampar Old Town bus station, we're so tired and lucky enough there's a taxi some distance away. We hop on it and back to Westlake with no stratches. We should go again someday, it was fun !!! 

#Front to back: Sensei, me, Scotty and Kinta bus.#
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Funny Signboards (and Other's too...)

Well, it was like already...*checking the time*...almost 6 hours after getting myself back from Ipoh Parade, and I had the mood to blog ! Haha~ Shouldnt get myself awake in the middle of the night anymore, but *tick tock tick tock*, time is running out as I'm going back Puchong real soon and I havent write my favorite "last post of the semester" yet. I think I'll just cancel it for good.

Yeah, just as I said, just got myself back from Ipoh Parade today with Sensei and Scotty. Been out for the whole day and we're so exhausted but we had a lot of fun walking around. During the trip, I found some funny signboards or post... lets start with:

#Please take one ?#

Its a small envelope glued on the pole with some advertisments on it. Sensei took one and read out loud, and threw it away after walking a few steps away from it. The ads is about facial mask. Ugh...not my cup of tea.

#Bus stop sign.#

This is common, just post it out for fun. =]

#On the bus...#

We're not going Buntong actually, and this is for fun too... the real fun is coming right away.

#Do not litter, else fine RM 500...#

As if its gonna be working. As you can see, lots of rubbish found under the signboard, looks like the town people do not get the purpose of the signboard and the signboard itself was not working well too. I thought I only can find it in KL, never thought I could find it in Old Town too...

#Isnt that cute ? Wait, no photo ?#

This is funny, found it inside Ipoh Parade after we had out lunch at Old Town. Its a gift shop and its full of cute plushies and soft toys and whatever stuffs you can get as a present...but the shop is full of "no photo" sign. What do blood type B person does always ? Break the rules while people arent watching !


There it goes, a "no photo" sign was caught in my camera under a surveillance of a CCTV above our heads... And lastly, the most interesting signboards I found for the day goes to:

#来来, 鸡蛋糕 ... *Smells good, I'm buying some of it so that Sensei could take a picture of the sign for me.*#

鸡蛋糕 (pronounciation: ji dan gaou), aka egg cake, cake made from eggs and flour.

Well, whats so special and funny of the word ? The first thing that gets into my head is Rannie, as he's the one that introduced the word to us back in PJ foundation. According to him, 鸡蛋糕 is used to scold people. So basically its same level as fcuk and as$h0le and 白痴 and sorta words.

So... no further explaination is needed I guess.

More pictures of the trip tomorrow. Ciao~
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Slacking !!!

Well, I know I've been a slacker since that 17th December post of mine. I thought after getting myself out of the "studying mode" and "exam mode" I could be more active in writing my blog, but it turns out that I'm getting lazier to do so. Zzz...

But anyway, I found a nice clock from here which I displayed on my right side of my blog. Syaoran and Sakura, the perfect match for CLAMP's creation. This clock is kinda like a present given from CLAMP's official website to the fans to celebrate the finishing of their project Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

What am I doing since that day onwards ? Slacking around while all of my friends already updated on the latest happenings and events that we had together.

Anyway, gotta post up all those pictures sometime ! I'll try to do so before I go back to my hometown. So for the beginning of a lovely day (its midnight now, so I can say its the beginning of the day...), a song which I know its existance from one of my friend.

Enjoy...if you do, since its a Golden Oldies.

Smoke Gets Into Your Eyes lyrics - The Platters

They asked me how I knew
My true love was true
I of course replied
"Something here inside
Cannot be denied"

They said someday you'll find
All who love are blind
When your heart's on fire
You must realise
Smoke gets in your eyes

So I chaffed and then I gaily laughed
To think they would doubt my love
Yet today, my love has flown away
I am without my love

Now laughing friends deride
Tears I cannot hide
So I smile and say
"When a lovely flame dies,
Smoke gets in your eyes."
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sunset, Dinner and Rain

As promised yesterday, the skies of Kampar !

#Sunset taken outside KTAR main gate.#

Well, I guess I'm pretty bad in taking this, but it looks nice to me though. This picture was taken while me, Freezie-chan, Rannie and Sensei ware going for our lunch around 6pm.

#The place where we had our dinner.#

We all ordered our dinner and something catches me...

#To my left, the beautiful mountain with quite-clear sky.#

#To my right, the beautiful sunset that I met earlier...blocked halfway by the KTAR student's hostel.#

Moments later, our food came and lets see what we ate that day...

#Freezie-chan squizing lime juice on her chaw-kuey-tiaw. [RM 3+]#

#Rannie posing with his claypot yee-mee. [Around RM4]#

#Sensei enjoying her chaw-kuey-tiaw without "si ham"... [Less than RM3]#

When my dinner arrive, everyone came and have a piece of it.

#My claypot vegetable and toufu with rice. [RM5]#

All the food taste great and we had a full stomach while we're cycling back home. And thank goodness that we finished our dinner fast enough, because ...

#The view of the sky when I reach home.#

... the sky went dark and the rain falls down when I get into the house. Lucky us !
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Its been long that I wanted to post these beautiful pictures of the flowers that I caught during the Batu Berangkai Waterfall trip with my fellow ex-TE 4rians. You can read the excitment that I had here.

Anyway, I do not know most of the names of the flowers that I caught, so if you do please do not feel shy to let me know and remember to leave it in the comment section. Thank you in advance !

#According to Jest and gang, this is buah ciku or duku...something like that.#

#Malaysia's national flower, hibiscus !#

#Not sure about this but my grandma once planted it before. Usually come in pink, white and purple.#

#This is not a morning glory !#

#Looked like rose, but I dont think it is...#

#Pineapple ? Not really actually...#

#Some orange flower with white stones at the back.#

#This is very common to be found in bushes. I even spotted a foreign blogger posted a picture of this flower on his blog while blogwalking.#

#Really got no idea on this...the flower looked like a pagoda to me.#

Wow...it was so nice to have a camera with you while you're going out, you can snap a picture whenever you go as a memory. Stay tuned for beautiful skies of Kampar tomorrow !
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Yes, I know I've abandoned my blog again after the "baichilization" and "debaichilization" post... the thing is I'm studying for my final exams (as if its true) !

Eh hem...

Anyway, my last paper was finished today officially at 11.30am morning and its time to celebrate ! (Wohoo~~~) How ? Watch the video below !

Dont tell me you dont know what is this... its Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' movie teaser trailer ! How could you so simply missed the big fact ! OMG~

#Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie poster.#

According to Wikipedia, this movie teaser was released along the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince's blue ray disc. And for the first time (and the last time too) ever, Deathly Hallows is going to be a 2 part movie, which will be released on November 2010 and July 2011 as stated in the teaser.

Original cast was back and we'll be seeing our favorite Chosen One: Harry Potter once again with his best friend Ronald Weasly and Hermione Granger.

Spoiler Section

Warning: If you havent read the final book or wish not to be spoiled or both, please leave immediately as the information below might be ... explosive.

Whats the scene I was waiting for ? Let me list it down...

1. The Seven Potters' broomstick scene.
2. Dumbledore's will.
3. Wedding ceremony of Bill and Fleur (and the chaos after that).
4. Mr Lovegood telling the story of Deathly Hallows.
5. The trio hiding in the forest.
6. The trio hiding in the ex-Order of Phoenix headquarter.
7. Ministry of Magic scene (with Polyjuice Potion !).
8. Malfoy's Manson (and the sacrifice of Dobby the Great House Elf).
9. Silver Doe of Snape's (since Sensei said it looks very beautiful !).
10. Dumbledore's past.
11. Hogwarts final battle (Lets see how Yates finish up the mess of not showing Harry keeping Advanced Potion Making inside the Room of Requirement...the book mentioned a tiara, and the tiara was used in the final story. Wakaka~)
12. Dumbledore meeting Harry at the King's Cross.
13. Death of Lord Voldermort and Bellatrix Lestrage.
14. Snape's memory.
15. Reparing of Harry's wand.
16. Return to the Chamber of Secrets.

Well, there's more if you remind me of it ! Haha~

So, its time to wait for the movie to come and hopefully this one last piece of the movie is the one that will not dissapoint me as the last few one did.

Special thanks to Sensei for notifying me this news. >w<
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baichilization ... Debaichilization ...

Yes, its a double post for today ! Its rare and there's always a reason behind this double post and guess what, before you get yourself comfortable on your seat, please remember one word: baichilization. Pronounciation: Bak-chee-lai-zae-shyen.

Now, lets take a look at the video.

Warning: The video is in cantonese. If you do not know cantonese, please find a person you know and sit beside you while the video is loading.

If it doesnt work, please try to view it on Facebook here.

Yes, the video is quite to be 白痴 (meaning: stupid, idiot, insane) but the main thing of this video is to get yourself a laugh.

So next time while I'm taking my own photo, I'll not be:

Instead, I'll be:

So, lets debaichilization ? Funny funny...
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Finally Updated !

#Me and my Japanese lecturer + tutor, Chong せんせい (and another student at the back) during the last lecture class on Saturday.#

Being able to use Japanese to have some very basic conversation and writing all these time either in Facebook, MSN or blog, all the hardwork thanks to Chong せんせい for her teaching.

She's not a full-time UTAR staff, so she can be said as a part-timer of UTAR.

Chong せんせい studied for 5 years in Japan while she was young and because of this, she always talk about her life in Japan to us while we're in the tutorial class. And when she starts, we'll just listen to it and forget about the tutorials already...

"Is hard to enter a University in Japan, but is easy to get out of it."

Its fun to listen to her past experience of life in Japan; all those festives, foods, events, attitude of the people, hard time and even ... earth quake and hurricane !

 #Me and Stephanie aka Xiao Pei, one of my Japanese assignment group member, camwhoring each other...should have used my left hand though.#

#Half of the tutorial class student of Chong せんせい. Others ? Back in hometown already I guess...#

It rains while we're still in the middle of the tutorial class, and we're lucky that it stopped when we finished the class. So its time to cycle back home ! One thing that I always wanted to do is...

#View of the sky from UTAR Westlake.#

The view of the lake really beautiful when its a sunset or sunrise (never got the chance to see a sunrise though, since I didnt wake up that early to see it...). Well, gotta bring along my camera next time when I have some evening class just to catch the beautiful lake with a sunset...

And when I reach home, I found this !

#I'm not sure about the name of this tree's flower, but it looks nice..."

Well, not found though, since its been planted at the front of my house. The flower was covered up by water droplets ! I got a close shot of it and it looks quite of beautiful.

Its study week now, so to be said, the semester havent end unless we finished our final exams ! So the usual post of "last post of the semester" still can wait. Haha~

Talking about final exams, when will our examination slip gonna come out ? My Japanese paper is on 12th ! And whats more, when can we register for our next semester's subject !? I cant take the risk to lose a war to snatch the place for my subjects just because of those stupid barbarians who already waiting for the time to come and strike ! And then ...

#Information correct to date 6th December.#

...since when I'm a Master student now ? I thought I'm still a Bachelor Degree student ...
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