Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Have We Done In Our Sem 2 TE 4 !?

And so TE 4rians...its the end of the semester 2 already (well...almost) !!! Before I handle the broadband back to its rightful owner "My" Chelle, here's the post with the most pictures I ever created so far ! So, what have we all done in our semester 2 !?

#Seeing Mr P playing with 2 big knifes ! Is he an assassin during the night !?#

#A good pose Lee Yen ! We should know how to pose when the camera points at you ! Good job ! (claps...)#

#Well, eat more to gain weight (looks like thats the thing I need to do...) ! Just EAT !#

#Group discussions is all about team work ! Eh...dont give me the weird look, its not like my points doesnt make sense...erm...did my points make sense ?#

#Sending cards to your love ones ! In this case, our TE 4rians ! Thanks Freezie for your Thanks Giving Cards !#

#Getting too wuliao until we're taking the pictures of our shoes...#

#I wouldnt forget this, we're all stuck in Bond's car ! I dont think we can do it again after the law changed...#

#First time featuring Kalai with such a close distance ! Looks like Charlie's Angel to me...out of a sudden. @@lll#

#"Food delivery !" Since when all of us became delivery boy and girl !?#

#Happy Sunday ! Sunday is always the sad day, since the day after Sunday is Monday, we need to go for lecture !#

#Drink plenty of water...#

#Shouldnt be posting this...thats my "very boring, dunno what to to" look.#

#See a nice cloth somewhere while you're shopping !? Why not try it out and take a picture of it in the changing room !#

#Been thinking what is this innit !? Well...the brain of a mouse that is ! Open the head of the mouse...the Sylar way !#

#Last but not least, the big picture featuring all the TE 4rians ! Have a nice semester break then !#

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Meaningful Chat

I had this chat again with my Maple friend Lyn, well...in MSN. Its Math 2 final exam eve and she's been asking me about my recent happenings. I was having my dinner while chatting with her, below is some of the stuffs that we chatted, since other content are a little ... privacy. =D

Busy ark ?

Nope, exam havent finish yet. Tomorrow got Math, then Public Speaking...

I see I see...so jyjy lor~

Sure. Eh...how's your mom already ? Got better mar ?

She passed away 2 weeks ago. Before CNY...

So sorry ! I...I didnt know...>"<

Its ok, I didnt inforn anyone and my friend also. I'm getting better le.

Your mom sure is a very good mom lor...

Yup, miss her every night.

She'll be guarding you and your sis, dont worry.

She will de...

Dunno why, I'm crying for you leh.

Sorry, making you cry. Shouldnt tell you de...

Well...can ask you another question ? How's your dad then ?

He drink every night, I know he miss my mom so badly.

So kelian, hope that everything will be alright again.

Time will heal de...sorry, brb.

Well, I'm not really sure if she's crying after she said "brb". But I can feel that I asked about her mom's condition in the wrong situation.Shouldnt have been asking her about that the day before my Math final...

I cant imagine that situation happening to me, well...to my families, not my mom, who... Anyway, I dont think that I'll be facing the problem as strong as Lyn.

You gotta be strong for whats to come...my dear friend from Singapore that I never meet before...Lyn
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Tsubasa Shunraiki and xxxHOLiC Shunmuki's Pix

Here's a quick review of the coming up xxxHOLiC Shunmuki's with pictures ! Well...I'm hoping to view the trailer though, but the official website havent post the trailer yet. Having pictures is better than having nothing ! ^-^

#Ok...whats wrong with Watanuki in the dream world ? Well, he meet Yuuko-san there and...perhaps Sakura too !?#

#Watanuki teaching ... (whats the name already !?) ... erm... her, cooking.#

#If you write "Watanuki Kimihiro" in Japanese you'll get "April First" !#

#Crossing over with Tsubasa Tokyo Revelation OVA. If not mistaken, Watanuki was holding a package here.#

#Watanuki meeting Doumeki's grandfather in the world of dreams.#

Now, let me show you some pictures of Tsubasa Shunraiki ! I've been waiting it for so long already ! Seems like the story continues from Tokyo Revelation, skipping Infinity and Celes's plot. Interesting to see how it relates to each other by skipping the important plot.

#By right, should be after Sakura ripped her soul to the world of dreams, her body was found in Celes and bought back to Nihon Country.#

#Syaoran, the REAL Syaoran, fighting his master Seishirou in a kekkai.#

#Princess Tomoyo at the back, and Tomoyo's sister at the front.#

For your informtion, xxxHOLiC Shunmuki's releasing date in Japan is 17th February and Tsubasa Shunraiki will be on 17th March. There'll be another episode of both the OVAs in May and June too ! Dont miss it !

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Day in Maple

Well...Valentines Day is coming very soon. Here with my Maple character Harry9007 with 3 freshly hunted Valentine Roses (its a pole arm rose-shaped weapon), I wish those who're reading my blog a VERY HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

By the way, I just completed the Maple Necklace quest and I felt so happy, since I'm getting my first necklace armor for my character. And below is the quest item gained after completing the task given and the stat of the necklace.

#The discription says it brings luck for those who wears it. Will it brings luck to me to sit for finals !?#

#Ok...thats the stat. Wait a sec, the necklace only useable till 5th of March !? So unfair...you can see me making a weird face at the back.#
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Harry9007 Fighting Dong Dong Chiang

Well...its not the time for me to play Maple, I know it. But the curiosity pushed me over the limits and hey, I found myself Mapling later on. The world of Maple is full of Chinese New Year's decorations. Every where you go, there's an event quest for CNY.

I logged in as Harry9007 and walked around and found this what sort "Yuan Bao Fo" somewhere and I accepted the quest. I found myself in a new portal later on and Yuan Bao Fo gave me a Stick Cracker. When I checked it, its a weapon, but its a claw ! I'm a mage and I'm asked to use a claw to hit the mob !

#Well...thats the mob found inside the portal. I'm a mage using a claw, throwing stars named Cracker Shooter. The stars was not rechargeable, and how am I supposed to be killing the mob with each hit only cause 100 damages !#

#Ah ! Here comes evidence ! Each hit on the mob using the Stick Cracker is 100 ! The mob has a very high HP and I dont know I need to hit it until when...#


Fine...I quit later on and went to sleep. What a day...
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