Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas !!!

This is the fourth year I'm celebrating Christmas as a university student, and it is the most lonely one that I ever had in these four years. 

I could still recall back the first ever Christmas that I celebrated with my fellow TE 4-rians. The whole class decided to buy ourselves a Santa hat and wear it to lecture for a day and the job of buying the hats was completed by few of the TE 4-rians. On Christmas eve, we wore it in the campus and greet our lecturers Merry Christmas. And then, we also made ourselves dragon fruit and honeydew flavored glutinous rice ball to celebrate winter solstice.

#Last chemistry practical session with Ms. Leong on Christmas eve.#

#Public Speaking presentation day.#

#And finally, we celebrate Christmas by making glutinous rice balls.#

During year 1, I celebrated it with just a few of the TE 4-rians because it is already semester break and most of them went back hometown for holidays. And since the winter solstice is around the corner of Christmas, we celebrated both of the festival together.

#We celebrated the Winter Solstice with different shapes of glutinous rice ball...#

#... and a exciting brick game !#

#And together we celebrated Christmas with a true or dare game as well !#

Well... Christmas crushed with our internship during year 2, so what we did was sending greetings to each other only. But I had some fun time with my internship colleagues from UCSI during the month of Christmas. 

#Me and Yen Yee with all the UCSI colleagues at the office hallway.#

And this year, the last and final year I'm in UTAR... I celebrated it with my fellow colleagues from my working place. We did a countdown and greet each other Merry Christmas loudly after we closed the restaurant. And when I got back home, I found that the peanut plant flowered ! I'm not sure what does this means... a flower on Christmas... but I hope that it bring good deeds to me. 

May the God bless everyone with love and joy in this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!! Here by sharing a song to all of you. =D

Last Christmas I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I give it to someone special
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011







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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nuts !!!

Its driving me NUTS, I never thought that the peanut that I received from Sensei-sama grows that fast !!! Well... I think is illegal to ask for a peanut from her for my personal gain since those peanuts are her FYP samples in plant tissue culture. But anyway, as long as her supervisor didnt find out, I guess it should be fine.

Here's the picture of the peanut plant on the 3rd day:

#You can already notice how thick is the stem connecting to the roots, I guess it's already that thick since the second day I planted it.#

When I saw that it has sprouted some young leaves, I played some songs for the peanut for the rest of the day. And what surprised me on the 4th day morning (today) is, I never realized that it has grown soooooo much !!!

#Its has grown taller for at least 2 times since yesterday !!! No wonder Sensei said that she was shocked by the growth rate.#

Gotta continue on monitoring its growth from now on. I wonder what should I be doing once it is too large for the pot that it is growing from... save that for the future then. 

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recent Updates

Its been weeks since my last update... let me list down what I've been through in those days:

- Having big problems with the Internet connection lately, there is no doubt that someone is manipulating the connection or heavily downloading/streaming movies. I hate it everytime when I wanna use it for assignment/report, it get sucks. Feels like smashing the modem so the whole house couldnt go online. *Rawr~~~~~*

- You might noticed it already, UTAR COU just had their second concert last month, coverage of the concert can be found here. We also had a celebration dinner 2 weeks afterwards with a concert DVD given to those who're attending as a mystery appreciation gift. I received a copy myself but couldnt watch it using my old laptop. *Sob sob* Anyway, I had a nice meal on that day, and I filled my stomach till it almost exploded !

#Some of the memorable happenings compiled together by one of our concert committee member. Thank you for the beautiful work.#

#Celebration dinner at Grand Kampar Hotel Chinese Restaurant. Can you spot 2 hidden Mickey ?#

#Seriously... the cloth used to decorate the pillar was comfortable when hugged. Lol~#

#What is a celebration dinner without a big group photo ?#

#We just couldnt stop ourselves from taking pictures on that day... even with our hoods on ! And yes, there's 1 more hidden Mickey here too.#

- Lectures are as boring as ever... but it is a different story for FYP ! Seeing my apple samples are giving positive results for the antioxidant assays I did on them motivates me to continue on. The only problem I encounter is time and amount of solvent left. Hope that I can finish everything soon.

- Oh yes... I did quite some cooking with Rannie-chan and Freezie-chan as well ! We cooked ourselves dinner a week before semester starts and constantly having a cooking session once every 2 weeks on glutinous rice ball dessert, fried bread and sushi.

#This is one-of-a-hell big piece of maki filled with cucumber, carrot, tuna spread, crab stick and sausage.#

- Working seems like enjoying lately, though we still need to be serious when the big bosses are around it is busy time. Me and Harley-san celebrated our beloved colleague's birthday last Saturday with a chocolate cake. Announcement: December monthly promotion coupons are coming real soon !!! 

#Obsessed in working until taking picture with the cake AND the tray. LOL~#

#Oh yeah... making leaf-shaped wasabi is my specialty now since almost everyone is afraid of the smell. Credits to Harley-san for the picture.#

I guess thats all of it unless you wanna count "course registration sucks with turtle-slow connection" and "NDS game Professor Layton series are addicting". Here's a lovely and relaxing song I found today by Hebe of Taiwanese female pop artist S.H.E. to end this post. Enjoy~

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Monday, October 31, 2011




除此之外合奏的曲子也很丰富:《玻利维亚舞曲》、《达姆达姆》、《旱天雷》、《凤阳花鼓》、《小曲联奏:千王之王、铁血丹心和上海滩》、《金蛇狂舞》及 encore 曲子《男儿当自强》。其中《金蛇狂舞》这首曲子敲击组还特别配合指挥的要求用了几个晚上编写了新的敲击谱,可以说那首曲子是唯独我们拉大华乐团的。





#当晚演奏者的制服:白衣黑裤黑鞋 + 红色配件。#





#我们华乐团前指挥兼 Kai Ma (干妈)!#

#当晚的 helper 之一。#


#Foundation TE 4 的好朋友们也前来支持我们演奏会!真的很谢谢他们来捧场。#




谢谢 VIP 吃剩下来的茶点。
谢谢漂亮的 booklet。
谢谢 Kai Ma。
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Friday, October 7, 2011

純潔パラドックル - 水樹奈々

FYP gonna start real soon, and I'm still lagging behind of my schedule. I really didnt know what should I do after I done my extraction... to be precise, I havent done anything related to the methodology yet, I'm not even sure what kind of result will I be getting.

Life isnt as easy as you think. Seeing my fellow friends working on their gingers, bacteria and agar plates gave me an idea that FYP is going to be fun. We're all doing our own research all by ourselves with guidance from our supervisor. Once the whole thing was complete, we're writing our very own thesis for the experiment that we conducted, which might be handy one day in the future.

Anyway, I'm really lazy here. What I really wanna do is just lying on my bed hugging my pillow and nothing else... with some musics playing on my computer as company would be nice of course.

By the way, here's a song performed by Nana Mizuki titled Junketsu Paradox, which is the ending theme of the anime Blood-C, a collaboration project between Production IG and CLAMP. There's a Blood-C movie coming up in June 2012 too.

#Poster for the anime with the main character Saya and her sword.#

Here's the song that I've talked about, be warned that this is not the full song. 


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Sunday, September 11, 2011


等待,是辛苦的。昨晚放工后与同事们为了吃 McD Family Dinner Box,竟然吃到忘我境界,下起大雨来也不醒人事。最后我们在 McD 避雨... 就这样呆了有近四个小时才回到家。避雨当时我们真的很闷,也聊到没有东西可以再聊了。说真的,我们真的还差一点就可以吃了 McD 早餐后再走人叻。

#这个 Dinner Box 是四-五人份的,但是我们四个人就把它给搞定了。#


我啊,正期待着重逢的那一天。 =3

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

月饼! ^____^



#大同月饼! ^__^ #

打开这个很传统的铁盒子,里面摆着 4 个不同口味的月饼。

#除了我喜爱的豆沙口味,还有 3 个奇奇怪怪口味的月饼。#

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy National Day Malaysia !!!

Yesterday was Malaysia's national day, and I remembered that few years back while I'm still addicted to MapleSEA, all the players greet each other and jumping around with the event exclusive Malaysia/Singapore flag weapon. Its been so long now, I'm still keeping it in my inventory as a memory of the happy times while I'm Mapling with my friends.

#Found another female player wielding the same flag weapon inside an event map last year.#

Well... national day doesnt seems to be any meaningful again ever since  graduating from secondary school. I still remember that our school will be having a big celebration with speech, drama, music, choir, performance, dance and competition that last for the whole August. 

Since the whole Kampar is in the study mood now as the final exams are drawing near as Raya holidays approaches, everywhere I look seems to be quiet and empty. 

I guess I'll need to go and have a quick Pokemon game study before I take my nap now. 

#Happy National Day Malaysia, may Peace always be with you.#
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Precious - 伊藤由奈 (Yuna Ito)

Been listening to this song since the beginning of August. I guess I'm really got poisoned by my working place because they tends to repeat the songs played in the restaurant quite often, and I even think that I can recognize a single song change in the playlist although I do not know of the song names...

Anyway, click on the video and listen to Yuna Ito again performing the song Precious live. As far as I'm informed, they're 2 version of the song: a normal version and a wedding-extension-or-whatever-it-is version, which is more longer and sounds more peaceful and lovely. And of course, the one in the video doesnt belong to these 2 versions. 

Lycics can be found below as usual... its so good to have both hiragana and romanji lyrics together, coz it helps to learn the pronunciation of the kanji. 

Precious - Yuna Ito 伊藤由奈
Credits to this site for the lyrics !

Kokoro ga mie nakute 
Fuan na hi mo atta
Dareka wo aisuru imi 
Jibun nari ni kimeta
Subete wo shinji nuku koto

I promise you もう迷わない
I promise you mou mayowa nai
強くなる… あなたに証すよ
Tsuyoku naru...anata ni akasu yo
逃げないで 向き合っていく
Nige nai de muki atte iku
姿を見せてくれた to heart
Sugata wo misete kureta to heart

Shinji you
ふたりだから 愛しあえる
Futari dakara aishiaeru
あの空へ 願いが届くように
Ano sora he negai ga todoku you ni
見つめあい 祈る two of us
Mitsume ai inoru two of us
ふたつ重ねた想いが 今
Futatsu kasaneta omoi ga ima
Hitotsu no katachi ni kawaru
Your precious love
Your precious love

傷つき 苦しむなら
Kizutsuki kurushimu nara
分けあって 抱きしめ合おう
Wake atte dakishime aou
Mou hitori ja nai kara
全てを受け止めるよ true love
Subete wo uketomeru yo true love

Shinji you
ふたりだから 愛しあえる
Futari dakara aishiaeru
永遠に つないだ この手をもう
Eien ni tsunaida kono te wo mou
離さない 誓う two of us
Hanasa nai chikau two of us
ふたつ重ねた想いが 今
Futatsu kasaneta omoi ga ima
ひとつの形に 変わる
Hitotsu no katachi ni kawaru
Just the two of us
Just the two of us

幼かった ひとりよがりの愛
Osanakatta hitori yogari no ai
今は 強く信じあえる
Ima wa tsuyoku shinji aeru 
There can be truth
There can be truth
Atarashii hajimari 
I want to be one with you
I want to be one with you

Shinji you
ふたりは 今
Futari wa ima
愛しあい 此処にいる
Aishiai koko ni iru
光が 満ちるように
Hikari ga michiru you ni
抱きしめる あなたを
Dakishimeru anata wo

Shinji you
ふたりだから 愛しあえる
Futari dakara aishiaeru
あの空へ 願いが届くように
Ano sora he negai ga todoku you ni
見つめあい 祈る two of us
Mitsume ai inoru two of us
ふたつ重ねた想いが 今
Futatsu kasaneta omoi ga ima
Hitotsu no katachi ni kawaru
Your precious love
Your precious love

Pst pst .... it just so happen that when I was working today, the playlist shuffled out this song and Endless Story, and I was mumbling the lyrics while taking orders !!! XD Hope to listen to both of them again tomorrow then. Nights peep~
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Working + Song Sharing

Its been more than a month since I'm working as a part-timer now. Although I'm only working on weekends with little working hours, but still I found it fun hanging around with the staffs there. Besides, having chances to meet with friends that so happen to be having meals here makes my day even better. 

#Kawaii cat statue placed in front of the cashier.#

#One of my part-time colleague that usually works on the same time slot with me.#

#My first salary given by the manager in the envelope !!!#

Yeah... I know its almost been ONE whole month that I didnt update my blog. I'm just being lazy to update anything, since most of them are small stuffs... but hey, I did celebrated my birthday on my working day. It isnt a big celebration, but at least we had cakes, candles and presents. Gotta have another post to update that again sometime.

Anyway, I've been addicted to some of the songs in the working place lately. I managed to get enough information to find them myself on YouTube and would like to share it to you all here.

The song is Endless Story performed by Yuna Ito, it is one of the songs that can be found in Nana the live action movie of the anime/manga with the same title. Lyrics in both hiragana and romanji can be found below. Enjoy~~

Endless Story - Yuna Ito 伊藤由奈
Credits to here for the lyrics

If you haven’t changed your mind
If you haven’t changed your mind
そばにいてほしいよ Tonight
Soba ni ite hoshii yo Tonight

Tsuyogaru koto ni tsukareta no
幼すぎたの Everytime I think about you baby
Osana sugita no Everytime I think about you baby
今なら言える I miss you
Ima nara ieru I miss you
It’s so hard to say I’m sorry
It’s so hard to say I’m sorry

たとえば 誰かのためじゃなく あなたのために
Tatoeba dare ka no tame ja naku anata no tame ni
歌いたい この歌を
Utaitai kono uta wo
終わらない story 続くこの輝きに
Owara nai story tsuduku kono kagayaki ni
Always 伝えたい ずっと永遠に
Always tsutaetai zutto eien ni

Memories of our time together
Memories of our time together
消さなで このまま don’t go away
Kesa nai de kono mama don’t go away

あたたかく溶けだして 確かめるの
Atatakaku toke dashite tashikameru no
優しさのしずく この胸にひろがってく
Yasashisa no shizuku kono mune ni hirogatteku
切ないほどに I’m missing you
Setsu nai hodo ni I’m missing you
重ねた手 離さないで
Kasaneta te hanasa naide

たとえば 叶うなら もう一度あなたのために
Tatoeba kanau nara mou ichido anata no tame ni
歌いたい この歌を
Utai tai kono uta wo
終わらない story 絶え間ない愛しさで
Owara nai story taemanai itoshisa de
tell me why 教えてよ ずっと永遠に
tell me why oshiete yo zutto eien ni

たとえば 誰かのためじゃなく あなたのために
Tatoeba dare ka no tame ja naku anata no tame ni
歌いたい この歌を
Utaitai kono uta wo
終わらない story 続くこの輝きに
Owara nai story tsuduku kono kagayaki ni
Always 伝えたい ずっと永遠に
Always tsutaetai zutto eien ni
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Monday, July 25, 2011


已经快一个星期嘴唇那里生了两个 ulcer,也就在这一个星期里我只是吃着很淡很软的东西而已,要把稍微带点硬的东西放进嘴里咬都会成为问题。不要说吃,就连喝水说话都成了一个问题。因为吃东西困难,所以这几天里我都有在煲一小锅粥自己吃,今晚也不例外。


盛在碗里准备要吃时,我回想了好久好久好久以前一个女人曾经告诉过我的一句话:吃粥时要先拿在碗边的吃,因为那里的粥比较快冷... 很自然的我就拿起汤匙刮了在碗边的粥就放进嘴里啃了。吃着吃着,我对这个女人的回忆渐渐地浮现出来。

是她与我一起分享同一支巧克力口味 Drumstick 冰淇淋、







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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Studying vs. Working

Recently I started to wonder, is studying better or working better ?

Studying: I pay to learn.
Working: I'm paid to learn, and for my hard work.
Studying: I have friends. We share, we play, we laugh, we travel, we're doing most of the things together.
Working: I have colleagues. We cooperate, we work, we busy, we're doing our best to serve the customers.
Studying: Staying up late just to finish doing my revision or reports.
Working: Staying up late coz I just got back home from work.
Studying: Exams determines everything.
Working: Quality of your work determines everything.
Studying: More leisure time.
Working: Lesser leisure time and resting time too.
Studying: Got to rely on others for financial issues.
Working: At least I can handle partial, that makes a lot of difference !!!
Studying: I can join clubs and societies for endless fun activities.
Working: There's no such a thing in the working environment.
Studying: I'm tired without any reason.
Working: I'm tired with a reason.
Studying: You'll not get sacked. Even if you do, that means you're as worse as a rotten apple.
Working: You'll get sacked, if you're not doing at your best.
Studying: Everyday is the same old boring day.
Working: Everyday is a challenging day.
Studying: Facebook everyday !!!
Working: Facebook just to check updates.

The statements above are based on my own perspective, it might varies among different individuals. 

For my current situation, I think working would be a wiser choice to made, if I'm really given a choice between both. But it was studying who provides me with knowledge and all sorts of necessary skills for the working environment...

Since this is a hard choice to make after all... staying in between both of them will be the best solution at the moment. 
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