Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 1: Seremban


跟Sensei 坐了有四五粒钟的火车,才到芙蓉。



下次再来update update一下我的快乐旅程。

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Holiday: STARTS !!!

Its always been nice to know that after all the hard work you paid during the exam period is gonna be paid back with relaxation, fun and excitement as the holiday starts !

Well, to celebrate this holiday, I just updated our Chinese Orchestra blog with a small notice. You can find the link posted on the right-hand-side or click HERE to visit the main page. Gonna be missing the whole blogging, Facebook-ing, MSN-ing, YouTube-ing, downloading and reading people's blog as I'm not be able to access to Internet during my Internship period.

So anyway, its holiday !!! And Tweety-chan invited me to have some fun with them on the night of my final exam day. So after my final paper, we had lunch together and discussed about what to do on that night ...

... and the next thing we thought of is: Monopoly !!! Shocking news is that, the Monopoly that Scotty bought was still new and boxed !

#The token that I used for the whole game.#

#All the Monopoly pieces.#

#And hence the game starts with 3 of us and one of her friend. And she's the first to pass go and collected $200 from the banker !!!#

#Then I landed on the Community Chest, and invited Scotty to shuffle the cards before I pick one...#

#... and I picked up a "Go to Jail" card, becoming the first player who go to jail for the game.#

#As the game proceeds, all of us end up being thrown into the jail except Tweety. And by chance, she landed on the same space too, but she's "just visiting" us.#

#After having 2 whole hours of laughing and shouting, its 2am and we cooked ourself Tong Yun in various soup ! Top to bottom: Shine Mango Yogurt juice, lo hon go soup and honeydew juice.#

Never thought of getting all these weird soup-base for the Tong Yun, but it end up quite tasty ! Just after we finished having the dessert, we decided to stop the game and see who's the big winner.

I went back home around 3am and directly went to bed. Its tiring, but its fun ! Its been long since I had so much fun with them already. Haha~ Gonna miss it and, see you two after our Internship !
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Echoes - Universe

I've been wanting to post this song for quite some time already. And I know today isnt really a good day since I'm having my FINAL final exam paper tomorrow. *laughs* But anyway, there it goes.

Bleach anime series' latest ending song, Echoes by Universe. You may heard the TV-version many times, but have you listened to the original version ?

The song itself does start with an echo-like feeling and overall the song was really nice. As usual, lyrics below. No hiragana lyrics today, sorry.

Echoes - Universe (Bleach Ending 24)

kotoba no imi sae mo kokoro no okiba sae mo
koe sae ushinatte mo boku wa koko de utau darou
koko kara hibike tooku…

miminari ni kesareta seijaku no yoru
mikazuki no akari ni te wo nobasu
kensou ni tatazumu ano hi no kimi wa
KATACHI nai mirai wo oikaketeta
sono te wa kuu wo tsukande kita kedo

(listen to it) deai ga tsumuideiku MERODII
(listen to me) oto ni kawaru

ima wa mada konna ni chiisa na kono koe ga
itsuka wa tsuyoku hibiite iku kara
meguriau kokoro ni sosogu you ni utau our song
Kimi to kimi ga omou Kimi e

hikari ga shikai wo ooi sekai wa mawari hajimete
okubyou na kokoro wo kakusu tame no kamen wo sotto kinou ni nugisuteta

(listen to it) yasashiku yuriokosu MERODII
(listen to me) oto ni kawaru

daisuki na uta wo kurikaeshi kurikaeshi
kuchizusanda ano koro wo oboeteru?
muku na hitomi ni utsutta AATO no you ni mabayui uta
ima utai tsugu yo

kotoba no imi sae mo toki to tomo ni
itsuka wa usureteku mono dakara
takusan no kokoro wo tsunagu you ni hibike our song
Kimi to kimi ga omou Kimi e
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Trailer is OUT !

With happiness and joy, I present to you all one of my favorite movies of the year: Harry Potter ! Its coming into our cinemas on November 19th as shown in the trailer.

Without further delay, do watch the trailer first.

If there isnt any video to watch or unable to watch the video on my blog, please click HERE to watch the video on YouTube, or HERE on Yahoo! movies.

This is gonna be one of the must watch movies in my list for the year other than a few of other notable ones.

The trailer spoils us about the 7 Potters scene at the beginning of the book. Some other remarkable scene is the at the Ministry of Magic, wedding of Bill and Fleur at the Burrow, Mr Xenophilius Lovegood's betrayal, meeting between Voldemort and the Death Eaters at Malfoy's Manor, Olivander the wandmaker, Dobby, Dumbledore's white tomb, the glance on the broken piece of mirror, retriving the Griffindor Sword under the pool and destroying the Horcrux...

...and lots more to be noted !

"I have seen your heart... and it is mine," said the Horcrux Voldemort to Ron. Opps, spoiler here !

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1's ending will be somewhere around Chapter 24 of the book titled The Wandmaker, which covers around 2/3 of the book.

Cant wait for the movie to come already, although I know I may be dissapointed by the plot just like the previous movie title does. But anyway, I'm still very excited about this movie !
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunset II

#Another photo of the sunset in Kampar that I loved so much...#

When looking back all those pictures I took during my Degree times, I found that there's quite a lot of pictures that are missing coz the memory card keep on corrupting, hence some of them were erased while recovering the data inside it.

Found this picture of the sunset that I took around 6pm+ in Block E walking to Block C in UTAR. I clearly remember its a Thursday as I'm heading to Block C early for our usual DiZi practice.

A week passed... and I'm still so stressed with the stuffs I'm facing now. In less than 3 days time, the misery will end and I'll be free once again.

To the place that we've planned...
To the place that I wanted to go...
To the place that we'll find beautiful scenery... de-stress... relaxation... comfort...

Where ever it is, I'm ready to go anyplace for my holiday before the Industrial Training starts !!!
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Monday, September 20, 2010

PhotoScape !!!

I'm finally getting myself a photo-editing software to edit those not-so-nice photos !!! Wondering which photo to edit, and hence chosen the sunset I took yesterday while having dinner.

#Before editing.#

#After editing.#

Made it black and white, and added some effect on it. I wonder if its something nice, since I'm just a beginner ! Please do comment and give me some suggestions and tips in photo editing.

Gotta keep on doing revisions now, hectic final exams starts tomorrow till the end of the week.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010


#This may not be the best sunset I got... but at least I got it before it sets down.#

Its been long since I'm taking pictures of the beautiful sunsets in Kampar. Gonna be going back my hometown real soon for my Industrial Training, and I'm sure I'll be missing this boring place...

Just before everything ends for the semester, we DiZi gang of Chinese Orchestra had a dinner gathering as most of us are going for their IT too.

#Just before the sun sets down on the other side of the Earth...#

When all of us gathered, what else is better than a photo taking session !?

#The BioChemistry ladies !!!#

#Senior dont bully Junior ya !#

#Teck Hoe and Weng Siu... dont know what they're laughing at.#

#Of course, Sensei and me took a picture together too !#

After we all finished our dinner, of course, we had lots of chatting. And jsut before we're heading back to our own house, one of us had an idea to put a perfect ending to this gathering: another photo shotting session !

#Found a car just opposide the lamp post. Placed the camera there, set the timer and we posed !!!#

#OK, you can see the moon at the back ! I wonder if this is a very skillful picture...#

And there it goes our final DiZi gang gathering for the semester. Gonna see you all again next year January then !!! Miss ya all.
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Friday, September 17, 2010









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Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 1: PWNED !!!

When I thought Day 1 of the exam should start off easy and getting tougher and tougher for the day onwards... who knows, we're all pwned. . .by Genetics.

Question 1:
OMG ! What the heck is all these about !?

Question 2:
Just draw some cross and ... how to draw it for this type of question !?

Question 3:
Since when did I learnt to calculate something like this !?!?

Question 4:
Okok at first, then got pwned on the last few sub-questions. I thought I know how to draw out the crosses... Zzzzz

After leaving the exam hall, I heard people said there's actually people who're gonna cry out loud as they dont know how to do all the questions. I personally blanked almost half of the question paper. Sensei just told me that our Genetic Master doesnt even got the mood to "smile" anymore when collecting our answer booklets.

Talking about "smile", I dont think I'll got the mood to do so too. But hey, listen to this song from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie, performed on the orchestra on the Tour de Japon Final Fantasy concert back in 2007.

The video quality is nice, and the music recorded is very clear. And of course, the best thing is still the music itself, performed beautifully by all the orchestra members. Enjoy, Cloud Smiles, composed by Nobuo Uematsu-san.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Something Weird I Found ...

Its been days I've been lying on my bed, pretending that I'm still alive and living on... but the truth is I'm half dead. BORED to death, that is...

And its so good to see Wednesday coming, as Wednesday is the pasar malam day for us in Kampar. Called up Sensei and yLeong and we're off to go. Having a small rain though, but it stopped after a few minutes.

6pm is still very early and not all of the stalls are opened. So we take a detour to a nearby restaurant had our dinner first. Later around 7pm, we went back pasar malam again for shopping.

I bought 2 short pants while the others got some foods and mooncakes. The short pants that I got almost cost me RM50, I think the design is okok for me, will post it out when I finished washing them.

And there it goes, the weird thing that I Sensei found when we're about to cross the road towards our bikes:

#KungFu books ?#

Yeah, the design may be looked like the KungFu-teaching books, or the books of herbs in the old Chinese movies/dramas... but the truth is, this is actually a notebook. I think the book is around 100+ pages thick, and it is made up from recycled paper. The cover and the binding are handmade, you can even request for a notebook with your own name on it ! You can visit their online blog store here to made your order if you cant find them near your pasar malam.

Oh great, now what can I do with these 2 notebooks ? Where shall I use it on ? @_@"
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

When the Whole World was Doing Revision, I'm ...

...waiting for holidays.
...waiting for dinner time !
...waiting for someone to chat with in MSN.
...thinking of exams.
...thinking of who to Webcam with in MSN.
...thinking of where to go to play.
...thinking of playing Resident Evil 5 on PS3 !
...not doing any revisions yet.
...not starting any revisions too if you exclude reading a few pages of notes.
...FACEBOOK-ing !!!
...FRIENDSTER-ing a bit coz too bored.
...still lazying around the bed.
...still mumbling before going into sleep.
...wanting more relaxing days like the one I'm having now !
...wanting hugs.
...wanting more formal wears.
...wanting to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife in 3D !!!
...cursing the shitty Internet connection.
...practicing my flute skills.
...needs warmth.
...need to burn some fats ?
...needs party or outings with FRIENDS.
...needs money to pay the damned tution fee for next semester.
...needs G-key DiZi.

...needs YOU to keep on reading my blog ! =D

#Start to brew your coffee to fight for the day and ... happy revisioning for your exam folks !#
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Friday, September 3, 2010

3 Good News !?

"Your hair is getting very long..."

Yeah I know, even myself also found it long enough and its hard to style it using wax. So I went for a haircut just before the badminton game starts. And here it goes:

#Before hair cut.#

#After hair cut.#

Of course, I'm missing my old hairstyle much more. But when my new hair grows back, it'll be much more better then the current state. Just wait and see...

Its been a real long time since I'm in a good badminton game with my friends. Me and Sensei booked the court in KTAR and we played badminton with our CO chairman and his gf and Harley.

2 freaking days, 4 freaking hours, 2 freaking tired hands and legs... but in the end, we had fun.

#The beauty of Kampar - clear blue sky with clouds and sunset !!!#

#From back to front: Sensei, CO Chairman's gf, and the chairman himself.#

#This time with me at the back.#

While people are scratching their heads thinking hard what to do with their industrial training same as me, I received a miss call from the company that I went for the interview. Since its a miss call, so I called back the company looking forward for a good news.

"Hello, I didnt received the call from your company this morning..."

"May I know who's on the line ?"

"_____ (my name here)."

"Oh ! We're here to let you know that you're accepted for your industrial training placement."

"What ?"

"You're accepted for your industrial training placement."

"Oh !! Thank you very much !"

I asked a few more question back to the officer and ended the call in less than 1 minute. I was so freaking happy that I was accepted. Since I'm in a middle of a chat with my temporary roommate (should I just gave him a name already ? Lawrence that is...) Lawrence with the damned Internet connection, I told him the news and he was glad. Next stop is telling my grandma, and she was glad too.

What a beautiful day, isnt it ?

I'm hoping for my 4th good news coming up: the result of my Resident Evil: Afterlife blogging contest hosted by Nuffnang ! If my post was chosen then I'll be able to go for the premire screening of the movie in 3D ! My first 3D movie ever watched in cinema... Best of luck then.
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