Sunday, March 28, 2010

Field Work Around UTAR

#Danger: the content inside this plastic bag might cause biological-incurable disease. Avoid making contact with the content and if you did so, please quarantine yourself for 7 days. If itchiness, scrappy skin, hunger for raw meat and unconscious occurs, you might wanted to commit suicide before you turned into a living dead: zombie.#

Nah...just kidding. Its just a plastic bag with something inside afterall.

We've done 2 field work this semester, the first field work was drawing quadrants and count the number of species of plants outside the field of UTAR's gate. We done it under the hot sun and most of us eventually got darker a little. While the second field work was done around the edge of the pond in UTAR. The weather was hot too, but at least we got some shades from the trees around us.

No need to know much details on how we done it, but there's some pictures here I wanna show.

#"I hear a Hunter..." -- L4D2.#

#Yeah, this is the Hunter I'm talking about !#

And then, for some other interesting stuffs...

#Kalai was helped by SL and Rannie-chan to get down to the sampling area.#

#The lecturer told us to scoop up some living specimen of animals, and we end up scooping up an aquatic plant.#

#I smelled sh... *shhhh~*#

#Counting number of shrimp/snails caught.#

#And lastly, wonder what Rannie-chan caught at the back while Sensei-sama posing ?#

#A big snail !#
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Favorite Surfing Spot: Where Else, My Room Of Course !!!

Ever since my house owner starts to keep his dog outside of his room, the whole second floor starts to be awefully smelly. I'm not gonna go through this complain again since I've already done it in my previous post here, so I'll talk about some other stuffs now...
As a university-level student now, my favorite surfing spot would always be my own room. Everything that I needed can be found here: my fluffy pillow, my warming bed, my comfortable chair... where else could I go surfing the Internet other than my own room !? XD

But, there's always been a problem to the Internet connection lately:
- Slow
- Slow
- What to expect, its so zetta S-L-O-W !!!

Well, there's been a day where I cant go online to search informations for my science report (which I'm gonna pass it up on the next day !), and when I went out and check the modem, something terrible and horrifying happened. . .

#The telephone line connected to the modem was... cut !#

The curious doggy chewed the telephone line into two ! OMEG~~~

To avoid this problem from happening again, my house owner actually bought us a P1 W1max and not to use any telephone line again.

#Not this Wiggy of course...he might went bankrupt eventhough we're paying him rental every month !#

#Yeah, this is what I'm talking about, the P1 W1max that we got in our house !#

I was shocked to see that we're using P1 W1max instead of the old modem when I got back from lecture class the other day. To be curious, there's no telephone line plugged on the P1 W1max modem ! Curiosity arouses, and hence I quickly tried the Internet connection by opening Facebook. Within seconds, the main page of Facebook shows up ! Wow~ it was really amazing that without a direct telephone line, this black-coloured box can be used to surf the Internet !

There's been a lot of convinence since he bought P1 W1max into the house.
- No need to afraid of the telephone line got "potong" again
- Better connection speed
- Higher download speed
- Best of all, I can now surf Facebook without lagging anymore !

Ever since, I've been hanging out at my favorite surfing spot for MSN chatting, Facebook-ing, gaming and downloading musics a lot ! Wanna have a picture ?

#My writing desk.#

#Sometimes when I got tired of sitting, I'll just shift my laptop on my bed ! Lying there with my teddies while checking on news on Nuffnang is the best thing I ever had !!!#

Ah~ I felt like I'm in heaven everytime I come back to my room. What else can I say, its my favorite surfing spot !

And by the way, Project Alpha season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where's My Missing CNY Post of the Year !?!?

Its been almost a month since the Chinese New Year passed, and there seems like something missing in my blog. Hell yeah, my CNY post !!! Wonder where did I went during CNY this year ? Check it out now.

#Gohtong Jaya Strawberry Park, Kite's City. Pointer: my dad !#

Well, I'm kinda like working as a part-timer during this year's CNY along with my brother and sister on the merchandise stalls inside Strawberry Park being asked by my aunt. With a happy thought of finally getting myself some experience on jobs, I helped them out during the CNY.

#Spin windmill, spin !#

#Beautiful balloons that I decorated ! Credit to my brother who pumped them up.#

Looks like being a part-timer wasnt that easy as I thought ! All these pictures were taken during the opening of the stall and when there's no customers around. And so, I was teached to use the casher machine by my aunt and some basic stuffs about the products. 10 minutes after the briefing, I'm ready to serve my first customer !

#Cute penguins.#

"Kites, mahjogs, keychains, umbrellas !"

Some curious customers came in and have a look around the stall. When they found their desired item, I scanned the bar code and return the change to the customer. There it goes, a transsaction was done !

#Smiley keychains.#

#Variety of kites.#

#More kites.#

#Couple keychains.#

#Variety of other keychains.#

#While having a drink, I took this picture ! Pointer: my aunt.#

After a whole day hard work, we have steamboat for our dinner at the nearby restaurant.

#Wild mushroom soup for steamboat !#

#I know the picture wasnt clear enough, left top right: my brother, me, my sister and my grandma by the pool side of the restaurant.#

#The view on the pool.#

#While walking back to the apartment, I simply took this.#

After a few days of working as part-timer, its time for me to go back Kampar. My aunt brought me to the bus station nearby and I went down Genting. When I reached KL Central, I went for a lunch before catching the train back Kampar.

#My lunch: Fliet o Fish small set and side order chocolate sundae. Seems like I've got quite a lot of chocolates in it !#

#I bought the sundae because of THIS notice !!!#

Well, that was a month ago, wouldnt know if they're still having this right now.

Not really having much fun during the CNY, but at least I got some experience on some jobs ! Haha~~

Time to sign off.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Lady GaGa ft. Beyonce: Telephone Official Music Video

After watching the fake fan-made music video that I've posted last time, the real music video of the song Telephone performed by Lady GaGa and Beyonce is now available !

Well, I didnt expect such a long music video, and it took me quite some time to load it (and I'm still loading it while I'm writing this post).

In this music video, Lady GaGa was standing out of all the people around her by stucking aluminium tin cans and telephone on her head and burning cigarates on her specs !

Well...nothing much to say. It just ... wow !

Favorite quote from the music video:

"I've told you she didnt have a dick."
"Too bad."
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Friday, March 5, 2010


I just dont understand why izzit my Internet connection was so damn slow these few days while my housemate's connection was so normal. It took me 5 minutes to load Blogger sign in page and another 5 more to load the "create post" page. Zzzz...

Besides, accessing Facebook also a big problem. Cant go Restaurant City anymore (which is my favorite game !) and check up on Cafe World and Farm Ville. So sorry Freezie, as I cant load the game with this hell connection, I guess I'll sent you gifts next time then.

Oh yea, WBLE too ! This damn connection not gonna bring WBLE to me, so if there's anything new on it I'll need to get it from my friend through MSN... eh, I cant even login MSN because of this stupid connection ! UGH~~~

Report and assignments are stacking now, and I can go Google hompage after it loaded for 5 minutes, but not searching anything useful !

This god damn connection is getting me crazy. The more frustrated is that my housemate is getting a smooth connection while I'm not, even though we're in the same house ! I wonder if this have something to do with the settings or sort. So I guess its time to ... ? Mmm...if i cant go online, perhaps I can go practice my chinese flute till 1am in the morning !!! Not a bad idea I guess...

Before ending this crappy stuffs, a nice picture for all:

#A smiley captured while looking on the specimen using microscope.#

Whether is my imagination or not, I can see that its smiling at me. I hope you guys will have a brighten day after looking this picture.

Time to sign off (to sleep of course, I got no more energy for flute tonight after practicing it for the whole night).
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Report: A Missing Chocolate Bar !

Title: Missing Chocolate Bar

Objective: To find out the cause of the missing chocolate bar.

The missing chocolate bar known as "Choc" was bought weeks ago by myself and kept inside the fridge for storage. Chocolate has always been my favorite as it gives me a boost of energy for some rushy morning and a healthy snack for depression and stress relieve purpose. But last week when I'm happily hopping to the fridge to have a bite, the whole bar was gone.

More than half bar of the chocolate was dissapeared and the remnants of the packaging could not be found anywhere inside the fridge, kitchen and even the rubbish bag. The mystery behind the missing chocolate bar was then been investigated.

Apparatus and Materials:
A new chocolate bar
Sticky memo pad

1. A new bar of the same brand of chocolate was bought.
2. A note was written on the sticky memo pad and stick it on the chocolate bar like this:

3. The chocolate bar was then placed inside the fridge for storage.
4. Any observable changes on the chocolate bar and the fridge was recorded down as time goes on.


Doesnt matter what the note was about if you cant read it, the main thing is I never expected to recieve a note myself after a night time.

The missing chocolate bar's location will never be known. And it doesnt matter anymore, as the note I received stated that he himself doesnt eat chocolate. Hence, another hypothesis might be useful since the note stated that "your friend" who ate it.

Since my fellow friends will not dare to take any stuffs from the fridge as I told them not to, so its almost impossible that they'll took the whole chocolate bar away without my notice. Besides, they're not some chocolate lovers since they think that chocolates are fattening.

So another hypothesis can be formed: the cleaning maids.

I witnessed one of them peeling my apple as if it was theirs after their cleaning work in the kitchen. Its obvious that the apple was mine because I bought big apples that time, and an apple was missing in the fridge. So it might be the maid who took the rest of the chocolate bar away without my realize.

So precautional steps should be taken to overcome this problem. We should not mix up our own stuffs with other people's stuff. Even if we can differenciate our stuffs from theirs, they might not be able to do so. Its better be safe than sorry.

Who cares about a small piece of chocolate, I do. We should respect people's belongings and do not take them without their permission. In the case of food, it is harder to apply the same concept as "who cares where the food went, as long as I eat them and when you're looking, disgustion already taking place right now, so no big deal even you found out it was me that eat your stuffs" exists. So we should be careful of our own stuffs to avoid the same incident from happening again.
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