Sunday, February 28, 2010

Interaction Day 2010 by Marketing Society

#A brand new day ?#

Its been weeks ago since this event was organized by the UTAR Marketing Society, until now only I've got the mood to post some pictures of it. Haha~

#Bright and shine, all of us got tanned coz of the sun !#

Me and "My" Chelle went to the event not as a participant, but as a helper. And so early in the morning around 6am, we woke up and ready to meet the leaders at the Sports Complex.

Nothing much to say, just took out some tables, chairs, white boards, tents and equipments needed for each stations. Then we wait for the participant to arrive and we kick start the day with Banana Marathon.

#My "elder sister" Chester and her friend posing before the marathon.#

The marathon was fun, but we as helpers cant watch them finish the game and so we left the field and back to our own stations waiting the second part of the game to start.

#While waiting their opponents to come to my station, Chester's group member posed for me !#

Doesnt really matter whats my station about, since its quite gross. I dont even dare to touch that contents inside the pill ! Oh yikes !

After lunch at 11.30am, we continue on the final round of the station games. And this time, I got shades for my station and I'm very happy for it. This station was quite fun, easy to play and doesnt gross me out. Its plastercine, molding shapes of an object for the group members to remake one, and let the last person to guss the name of the object.

#Chester and her group member posing before starting the plastecine game.#

After the end of the event, its the closing ceremony and announcement of the winners. Chester's group won third place and I was happy with them. Yeah, congratz. And before we go, of course, we clean up the place as helpers. And finally, cookies and breads as tea time at 5pm !!!

#They're lots more which not taken in the form of pictures actually... what you waiting for, GRAB IT BEFORE IT'S GONE !!!#

When we're all full, the skies went dark and its time to go back home.

#Its always been a habit for us to look at the mountains before we're going somewhere (or just myself). When it looks like this, its better you hurry up or wait for the rain to fall.#

So far, this event was fun, even though I'm just a helper ! Thanks to the Marketing Society for organizing this wonderful event and "My" Chelle for coming along and dumped her sister alone going back to hometown. Lol~ jkjk.
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

SCANDAL - 瞬間センチメンタル

I think I just found my babes, 4 of them ! Lol~

Eh hem...

Well, its them, a Japanese-pop band with 4 members called themselves SCANDAL. Their latest release was for the all time favorite anime Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood's 4th ending theme. Here's the romanji and kanji lyrics. Enjoy the song with maximum volume on your speaker, you wouldnt regret it.

SCANDAL - 瞬間センチメンタル

Kawashita hazu no nai yakusoku ga
Kyou mo bokura no mirai o ubaou to suru
今日も 僕らの未来を奪おうとする

Hoshigatteita mono o te ni shitemo
Sunao ni umaku waraenai no wa naze darou
素直に うまく笑えないのはなぜだろう

Afureru namida wa yowasa ya koukai janai
あふれる涙は 弱さや後悔じゃない
ITAMI ga unda KAKERA de

Donna shunkan datte unmei datte
Hitotsu dake tashikana mono ga aru to shitta
Hitori de kangaechatte ima o mayou yori
ひとりで考えちゃって 現実(いま)を迷うより
Ashita o mukae ni ikunda
明日を 迎えにいくんだ

Zutto mottetai kokoro no jirai SUICCHI wa kittenai
ずっと持ってたい 心の地雷 スイッチは切ってない
カワラナイミライ コワシタイ
Itsumo boku o miteru arifureta MERODY ga
いつも僕を見てる ありふれたメロディが

Kudaranai to hito ni warawaretemo
くだらないと 人に笑われても
KIRAKIRA naosara kawayaku no wa naze darou
キラキラ なおさら輝くのはなぜだろう

Nani ga hontou de uso ka RIKUTSU janakute
何が真実(ほんと)で嘘か リクツじゃなくて
Kanjiteitai KOKORO de
感じていたい ココロで

Kitto aijou nante gensou datte
Gomakashitakunai yo kizutsuita to shitemo
ごまかしたくないよ 傷ついたとしても
Wakariaitai to tsuyoku negau hodo
分かり合いたいと 強く願うほど
Butsukaru koto mo aru kara

Nakeru kurai aozora kousaten de te o nobashita
泣けるくらい青空 交差点で 手を伸ばした
Juu nen go mo konna fuu ni irareru kana isshouni
10年後もこんなふうに いられるかな 一緒に

Donna shunkan datte unmei datte
Hitotsu dake tashikana mono ga aru to shitta
Genkai datte konran datte akirametakunai yo
限界だって困難だって あきらめたくないよ
Kono mama hanasanaide

Kataku nigirishimeta kimi no migite no nukumori
かたく握りしめた 君の右手のぬくもり
Koko ni aru kara
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Lady GaGa ft. Beyonce - Telephone

Although this video was not an official music video of Lagy GaGa, but it can be served as an entertainment tool. A very big appreciation to those who make this video a success. Enjoy.

[Added Post]

OMG, I cant believe myself that I'm once again hooked to Lady GaGa after her "Bad Romance" !!!

Eh eh eh eh...(Hey, stop singing it.)
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Questions For Bloggers

I encounter this questions while I was blogwalking around. I found these questions interesting and they should be shared with other bloggers too. There's no need to be shy, just copy-paste those questions and type out your own answers.

1. How long have you been blogging ?
Since secondary school, starts when I was about Form 3 or 4.

2. What made you start ?
Wanting to improve my english writing skills...and I've met my objective.

3. Who inspired you ?
No one. Blogging was kinda like a trend back in those days, and so I wanted to improve my language, so I blogged.

4. About how many hours a week would you estimate you spend on your blog ?
Not sure, but everytime when I blog, it took me around 1 hour to finish it up for the post with pictures; around half an hour for post without pictures. And I blog 1 to 3 times a week, depends on situation.

5. What kind of experience or background do you have with writing ?
Nothing, I remembered that I've been writing a short story about vampires and vampire hunters, but stopped as writer's block. Lol~ Never published out before to anyone, never kept a copy to myself either. . .

6. Talk about how you come up with blog topics. Where do you get your ideas ?
Mostly from my friends and daily happenings on me. When I found some nice movies, musics and games, I'll share it on my blog too.

7. What or who inspires you and your blog ?
YCW. He used to blog a lot during the Foundation times. He's the reason that I created a Blogger account rather than using the Friendster's blogging service. But he's blogging lesser and lesser these days, busy with assignments and school work I guess...

Well, other than him, is my friends and daily happenings.

8. Where and/or how do your brainstorming for your blog ?
Where ? Inside my brain !
How ? Just think of what am I gonne write for the topic and shot to go.

9. Do you have any blogging rules or guidelines you follow ?
Oh yeah, sure !!!

Rule #1: Do not use real-life name of my friends. They might not wanted to be able to Googled through their real names, so I prefer using lots of nicknames on them.

Rule #2: Do not expose too much privacy and private matters on the blog. You do not know who's stalking your daily life through the Internet other than those whom you know, so its better be safe than sorry to keep your private matters as low as possible.

Rule #3: Do not use rude words ! The most you'll get from my blog is "what the heck" and "shit". Never use @ss and fcuk or any sort of similar words on my blog.

10. Is there anything you will not blog about ?
Religions and believes related topics. Its very sensitive and a slight touch might just got myself killed by thousands and millions of comment on my blog.

Oh yeah, those private matters and gossips I got from my friends and sort. I'm applying self-baikwalization, do not spread the gossips after getting it.

11. Do you have any sort of a publishing schedule in terms of day of week or topic ?
Nope, but I tried to blog with at least 1 to 3 post a week.

12. How many drafts of potential blog posts do you have right now ?
Right now: one, the one about my Chinese New Year post.

13. In what medium do you draft your posts ?
When Internet was not available to me, I'll use Word Pad; but if Internet is available, I'll just sign in and blog about it without draft.

14. How often do you completely scratch or delete drafts or blog post ideas ?
Nope...quite rare I do such a thing, unless I think that it exposed too much of private matters or its a very lousy post.

15. If you had to leave your blog in your will to another blogger, who would you choose ?
No one. I will like it to be stopped with a final post.

16. Are there other blogs that you feel are similar to yours in content, style, or voice ?
Some of them, but their style are much more simpler and lesser words to express their feelings. I use lots of words to express my own feeling about something, and turns out the whole post was full of craps. The thing I need to learn now is to simplify my post, but still holding the main point in it.

17. Has anything surprised you since you started blogging ?
Yeah, i never thought there might be so much of people reading my blog ! Till now, I still thought that I'm the only reader of my own blog with a few others that I knew they're following it. Its amazing how your blog can influence people and in the mean time, got influenced by other blogs too !

18. What are your goals or plans for your blog going forward ?
I hope that I can blog until I feel like stopping it. And for my goal, I would like to gather more traffic and earn more money through my blog !

19. Do you make any money from your blog ? (optional) about how much a month ?
Hell yeah !!! The income was not stable, sometimes I might get a few Ringgits a week, or a month... it depends.

20. What blogging system do you use ?
Blogger, duh . . .

21. How did you come up your blog name ?
When I created this blog after got inspired by YCW, I start to think that I'm now a university student and since all the stuffs I've been blogging are all about my friends and my life in the university, so i decided to name it "My Life as a University Student". After I learnt some Japanese last semester, I think that I should change my blog name to Japanese, and so it became "私の大学生のLife".

22. How many blogs do you have? What was your peak ?
Currently 2, one from Friendster and another is this. And sorry, I dont think I understand the second question.

23. Are you having as much fun as when you started ?
Nope, I had MUCH MORE fun as when I started ! Always be amazed by other people's blog and their blogging was so much fun to get to know them and making friends with the bloggers worldwide !

24. Where do you find other bloggers like you ?
They leave a comment on my post and Chat Box. They visit me, and I visit back, fiar and square. Besides, I also post my blog post on Nuffnang's Innit. You can meet all sorts of pro blogger there blogging about anything !

25. What’s your one wish when it comes to blogging ?
To make my blog a place where I note down all of my happy memories together with my friends and happenings that I've once encountered. And of course, I wanted to earn more money too ! So remember to click on the ads you found in my blog ! Thanks in advance.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Left 4 Dead 2: First Time Experience

#Left 4 Dead 2 box art.#

Left 4 Dead 2, a coorperative first-person shooter game is the sequel to the award winning Left 4 Dead by Valve Corporation. The game was launched for the PC and XBOX 360 on November 17, 2009.

The name of the game may sound scary, oh yeah, the game was a little scary too ! But, as long as you got your rightful equipments and coorperation with your allies, the game is just a piece of shit.

Just like the previous title, Left 4 Dead 2 is set during the aftermath of the apocalyptic pandemic and focuses on the 4 survivers of the infections, known as the common name of ZOMBIES. For every campaign, they're several safe house and a certain objective must be fulfilled to finish the level.

Yesterday "My" Chelle dragged me along to Rannie's house to play Left 4 Dead 2. Since I've seen how she plays, and thought of it would be fun, so I agreed.

With the help of Rannie, Shawn and Orang Minyak, both of us are in the game fighting our way out of the zombie swarm in this campaign:

#The Dark Carnival, left to right: Rochelle, Nick, Coach and Ellis.#

The whole carnival was a mess made by the zombies and I would not be going there unless its really a neccesary for survival ! Started off in the safe house, but since "My" Chelle isnt leading, a mere Left-4-Dead-2-virgin like me opened the door and started to kill my first zombie.

It took us 2 hour+ to finish off the campaign (since we died a lot) and we killed 4000++ zombies in that period of time. Although I died the most, but the game was pretty awesome. Easy control, navigate around and killing, looks like I'm hooked into it !

Gotta kill all son of bitches huh ? Definately...

Thanks to Rannie for his laptop, and "My" Chelle for dragging me along.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gag Jie (Gag 姐) Returns !!!

For the previous post regarding to Gag Jie, I found out that there's actually more and more funny videos about the happenings in Hong Kong by him/her ! Today I'm gonna show 3 of the videos I found interesting to share with you lot. Get yourself ready as the videos are in cantonese.

So, since I'm such a 38 person, lets kick start with this video: Baikwaology !

Moral of the video:
We should practice a thing called "Self-baikwalization" so that those gossips will not be spread like a deadly disease such as H1N1. Stop gossiping to other people after you got the gossip yourself. Right...

Next up, the thing we always do, ONLINE~ There's a term for it: Sheongmonglization.

Moral of the video:
Online dating is very dangerous, and Gag Jie was so correct on the point "false pictures". Beware of the guys and girls we know on the internet such as Facebook and do not public out your MSN to avoid strangers which their intentions are unknown.

Final video of the day: Middleority !

Moral of the video:
Never thought of there's a term called "Middleority" other than minority and majority. Lol~ But good work to Gag Jie for introducing us this special term. I dont think I'm the Middleority person, but for those who are, brace yourself and let the minority and majority know your existance !!!

Until next time, see you. =D
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Friday, February 5, 2010

What A University Student Always Do In University ?

#Recording the lecture.#

Well, not everyone do so...but since the lecturer is not giving out the subject's lecture slides, we got no choice but to take our own camera and snap the presentation slides and record the lecture.

The camera is kinda useful too when it comes to a lab experiment, like this !

#Snaping a picture of the specimen, or ...#

#... snap your friend's picture !#

At the beginning of the semester, there's always those clubs making signboards and stations all over the cafeteria to recruit more members. And this is the club that I joined as mentioned in the previous post.

#Xiao Rou and her friend sitting infront of the Chinese Orchestra club recruitment signboard.# comes the interesting stuffs:





Where else to go after lecture ? Library of course ! That is the best place for sleeping !!! Outside the library, I found this signboard while putting my bag in the locker...

#Whats reserved ? Parking ?#

The most "interesting" class of the semester... Biodiversity and Concepts of Ecology ! How interesting is this class ? Proofs captured below...

#Pose before the lecturer come in.#

#Sensei was so happy to be captured by the camera...#

... and the worse nightmare come when the lecturer came in the class ...

#She's gonna kill me for taking this without her permission or knowing !#

#Well, roughly you're getting the idea. People starts to get sleepy in this very "interesting" class.#

#While Bond got enough of his sleeping, its time for Sensei to sleep pulak. Zzz...#

#When boredom starts to hunt you, you must express it out or else you get eaten inside boredom.#

#After showing my boredom message to Sensei, she replied this...#

#...and a few more minutes later, this ! It seems that I'm not the person feeling "dead" in the class too.#

At the end of the class, I spotted Sensei ...

#... concentrating on taking down notes......
or something.#

And I found out that she was actually drawing a portrait of Bond.

If you still doesnt really sure what do we university students are doing at the university ? SLEEPING is the answer...
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