Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ray of Light - Shoko Nakagawa

Time does pass by very fast, its been the 5th and final ending theme for the anime series Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The story has been following the manga quite close now, and since the manga havent finished the storyline, I wonder how would the anime end the series in just less than 10 episodes from now...

Less talking, load the official music video below for the song Ray of Light from Shoko Nakagawa.

Small info:
Shoko Nakagawa (中川 翔子) born in May 5th 1985, is a Japanese actress, idol, seiyu (voice actor), singer and illustrator. She's a fan of Bruce Lee and had met Jackie Chan when she met him by chance in the restaurant that he opened in Hong Kong. Jackie Chan was now keeping a picture she drew on display at his office in Hong Kong !

She also owns a blog of herself, check out her blog here. And of course, her blog will be writen in Japanese !

Listening to this song does give me a "ray of light" kind of feeling, suddenly the world is full of hope and you're fully recharged and energized for the days coming ahead. At least thats the feeling I got while watching the anime's ending... And before I forget, the romanji lyrics for the song can be found below. Couldnt search for the kanji/hiragana lyrics, too bad.

Ray of Light - Shoko Nakagawa
Lyrics thanks to http://lyricsanime.wordpress.com/2010/04/24/ray-of-light/

Ano hi kara zutto
Nakanai to kimete kita kedo
Itami wo kasanetemo
Nanika wo yurusezu ni ita

Mou modorenai ikutsumono hibi
Boku wa mada nanimo dekizuni
Kimi no ita kioku no kakera
Mata hitotsu kiete yuku

Kyou yori motto tsuyoku naritai
Kono koe ga itsuka todoku you ni
Arukitsuzukete kaze ga yandara
Kimi wo sagashite sora miageru yo
Yoake no saki ni hikari ga sasu yo

Kono mune no dokoka
Tojikometeta hazu no koto mo
Ima nara sukoshi dake
Wakaru you na kigashita

Dokomademo tsuzuiteku michi
Atarashii keshiki ga fuetemo
Kimi wa mou dokonimo inai
Tada toki ga sugiru dake

Kyou yori motto tsuyoku naritai
Yatto mitsuketa omoi no tame ni
Namida no tsubu ga ame ni nattemo
Kawarazu hikaru hoshi miageru yo
Nagareru kumo ga irozuiteku yo

Kigatsukeba boku wa mata
Otono no natteku kedo
Imademo wakaranai koto bakari de
Soredemo tooi sora no kanata ni wa
Tsunagaru to shinjiteru

Kyou yori motto tsuyoku naritai
Kono koe ga kimi ni todoku you ni
Arukitsuzukete kaze ga yandara
Kotae sagashite sora miageru yo

Yoake no saki ni hikari ga sasu yo

Niji ga kakaru yo
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Sunday, April 25, 2010


I remember having a post title "ユメ" in the very beginning when I started this blog, so I've put "二番" to differectiate them. Hopefully I didnt have any grammar mistakes here, as my Japanese was not even reaching Level 1 !!!

(Eh hem)

Well, I had this dream again; at the very familiar huge and tall shopping mall, where all the escalators are so damn long, the elevators are so damn big and fast when going up. The shopping mall was familiar coz it appeared in my dream for quite a lot of times already, but bear in mind that this shopping mall doesnt even exists in the reality as far as I know...

Everytime I got myself inside this shopping mall, the only thing I can see is the long escalator that looks like the roller coaster track, and the huge gold coloured double-door evelator. The walls of the shopping mall was made of glass, and it was always dark outside...

I know the back door of the mall, some restaurants, shops and even the washrooms. I remember passing by the clothes department and toys department a lot to reach the escalator...

I always end up finding myself taking the evelator to the top most of the mall, the place with lots of people. It gives me the feeling just like the casino, but there's also an arcade gaming place for the kids too.

I've never been liked to go there, but somehow there's always some event that takes me there and stucks me there without letting me take the evelator back down again.

Wonder whats the meaning behind this shopping mall, somehow familiar, but it was not found in the reality... yet, at least not by me. Would my next dream leads me to the same old evelator that shoot up to the top within seconds and show me what it wanted me to know ?

Better quit dreaming and starts to pack up and do some revision !
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Friday, April 23, 2010

What the HECK !?

There's been tons of interesting posts waiting for me to finish it off, but THIS, I couldnt hold myself to just sit and wait for it to happen again. I must blog it out before I become a big erupted volcano like the Yellowstone !

I've tolerated with the issue of the chocolate last time (read here for the details) and I started to think that I've been making a wrong conclusion. As my new observations told me, there's been third party who came in and uses the kitchen.

So perhaps, it was really the third party who came in and used whatever the ingredients inside the fridge to cook their meals. And if they found some tit bits, they'll just eat it. You filthy mudblood, you're borrowing your friend's kitchen doesnt means that all the stuffs inside the fridge belongs to your friend too !!!

Ugh... dont know what to write anymore. I guess finding a new room really is a good choice afterall ...
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Monday, April 19, 2010

What Does a Science Student Do in the University Laboratory !?

#Please keep your phones and MP3s away while conducting the experiment. Wait... those are mine !!!#

Well... there's actually plenty of stuffs a student can do inside the laboratory other than just following the rules and carry out the experiments as writen in the lab manual. Wonder what it would be ?

#Snowball fight !!!#

There's a ice maker in our Chemistry lab, and while we're conducting the freezing point thingy experiment, we taken out some of the ice and made ourself a snowball.

#Watch out SL, the snowball is melting !!!#

#Consequences of playing the snowball: freezing hands !!!#

As Dr Chee has said, nowadays student are so advanced until we're recording everything in our handphone or digital camera, which is quite to be true. We record the lecture, take picture of the specimen and ... the faces of our friends and lecturers while they're not even realizing it !!!

#Wonder what the lecturer is writing down there. Mmmm....#

#Never pay attention to the briefing for the experiment ? Why showing such a blur and shocking face here ? Lol~#

#Oh yeah, do conduct the experiment correctly Hui Min, or else we're gonna repeat the experiment again !!!#

#Measuring the temperature of the solution...hoping it to drop to -10'C so that it'll freeze.#

#The ice bath that we used to cool down the temperature of the solution inside the boiling tube...#

#Praying for a degree of temperature drop ? More like dancing "Sorry Sorry".#

Other than the Chemistry lab, the camera has a bigger role in the Biology lab ! We take down the pictures of the specimen and microscopic slides so that we can study them for the lab test !

#I thought we're taking down microscopic slides, but this one really looks like salmon. And with this reason, we went to Sushi King at the end of the class for dinner. Details on this Sushi King outting can be found here.#

#While I'm trying to flatten the tapeworm above, it snapped into 2 ! "Ini panggil GANAS la !" said the lecturer...#

#This is not a piece of shit rock, but a piece of Sponge.#

#A life specimen of a typical fern.#

#Everyone was surrounding the lecturer's table... it looks like as if there's an alien lying there being dissected and studied by all of them.#

Looking at the slides and preserved specimen can be quite boring, so we're now becoming a "predator" preying on our "prey" in this foraging experiment.

#I thought it was a foraging experiment...but why are we now building sand castle in the Biology lab ?#

#Or perhaps not... they look like they're making some real delicious cookies on the tray !#

#Gotta prey all the green and red beans you can find buried under the sand in 10 seconds !!!#

While someother people are having so much fun doing the experiment, they're some other people who're just so damn bored with it and tried to create their own experiments to do in the laboratory.

#Spotted, "My" Chelle stalking and studying other people's behaviour.#

#Gossip gossip... Sensei is creating lots of null hyphotesis ready to be rejected by the truth !#

There's one exception for this ambitious guy... he created his own experiment outside the lab.

#Will wearing the lab coat backward helps to prevent sun burn and dehydration while cycling back home from the university ? Who knows, it might just work...#
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

RM2 Sushi King Card BONANZA !!!

#What the heck is wrong with all of these people !?#

Well, there's actually nohting really wrong with them, we're all just lining up to get a seat inside Sushi King to enjoy our beloved sushi with the cost as low as RM2 !!!

Rushed to line up after we finished our chemistry class (rather boring, mostly mechanisms...) and found ourself standing quite far from the Sushi King front door, quete up for our turn.

#OMG, is that actually true !?#

#Can you see it ? Yeah man !!! SALMON~~~#

#Picture taken from the outside while waiting for our turn.#

So after 10 minutes, we're finally in the restaurant with a nice seat infront of the belt and chef !!! How lucky is that ? And with this opportunity, we helped our friends to pick up their favorite sushi when it arrives. Something quite funny today, they played quite a few of the anime theme songs including Bleach, One Piece and Gundam instead of the usual boring oldies.

#Just what the heck is wrong with you, after finish making it, just pass it on to the hungry man, not stacking it !!!#

#My moral assignment group member Potato with her friends ready to grab their beloved sushi !!!#

#Octopus and prawns ready to be served !!!#

#Camwhoring before continuing on the "sushi-hunting".#

#Where's my sushi ... ?#

Since just by eating a few plates of sushi is not gonna satisfy my stomach, so I ordered a main dish and ate a few plate of the sushi. At least I had some cheap sushi to eat, although I couldnt get a plate of the salmon, which is my favorite. *sob sob*

By the way, I've recorded a video of how the people rush, grab and probably steal their beloved sushi when it was ready ! Still uploading it now, so it'll be available at the end of the post when it was ready.

#Yay, pose for the camera !#

#Define happy: when you got yourself a plate of fried shrimp sushi after a tight competition.#

After we're still not satisfied witht the meal, the waitress came and gave us a bill. Well, I guess our time has finished then ! So we went out and have a little shopping inside Tesco. While choosing cucumber, "My" Chelle found a very interesting shape...

#Hello hello baby you call I cant hear a thing, I have got no service in Tesco you see see...#

Yeah, it shaped just like a telephone. Just that it was a small sized one. And wonder what Sushi King looks like when we're passing by ?

#Still flooded with tons of people, even it was already 8pm !!!#

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Update

Welcome to another post of random updates, where you'll find everything random randomized up in this random post ! lol~ Cut the crap, since this week is much more relaxed than expected, so its good to blog about it.

After all the lab tests, mid term tests, science reports, presentations and assignments... its finally coming to a more peaceful week now, even though there's 2 more lab test next week, probably on the same day too ! Whether you realize it or not, when the study week comes, which means the finals are coming nearer too ! OMG~

Yesterday was such a mess. Forgot to bring my own water bottle, forgot to bring my beloved Sony and most importantly, the lab manual to study on for the test that day !!! But then the questions are quite OK with me, as I've done some revision with "My" Chelle in the library till it rains. And talk about raining, it creates a series of wave on the surface of the lake of UTAR !!! Its beautiful and yet a little scary. Gotta post the video on the next post.

And and, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood has a new opening and ending theme now !!! So damn excited with it !!! Once the romanji/kanji lyrics are available, I'll post the song up here too. So stay with me !

Well, wake up in the morning by "My" Chelle's morning call today (she's been my morning caller since dont know when... a huge thanks to her ^^) and went off to buy myself breakfast. Guess what ? I saw SL on the way ! He looks moody or what-so-ever, have a little chat and waved goodbye.

So... I think I better start to pack up and blog about stuffs later in the night. Prof. Sh (Shhhhh) ... OK then, Dr. HAN is waiting for me in the laboratory now... never be late for his class or you'll be the center of attention in the whole class.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010


そう、今週は 大変です。
先週と先々週も 大変です。
来週も 大変です!!!

私は テストと ラボテストと アサィマンが 嫌い
私の 休日は どこですか?

私の 休日を 返すして ください~~~


*My first full Japanese post ! Thanks to the help of Google translator, for helping me search for some verbs, but for most of the time, it didnt helped much though, lol~*
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spotted: "My" Chelle's Twin Sister in Library

#A very blur picture of the "twin" picking up a phone call.#

There's something I learnt from the movies and dramas that I've watched:

They're many worlds outside there beyond our imagination, some from the future, some from the past, some even from the present, but leading a totally different lifes as we are now. And in each and every single of these worlds, there's an identital being that looks like us living their own life out there. Their life may not be the same with us, they're not exactly ourselves... but somehow, we're the same.

#A clearer picture of the "twin".#

The above picture shows the twin of "My" Chelle; and below shows her real self without the glasses.

#Oh, Teddy was here too !#

How I spotted the twin ? I was in the library busy thinking of a way to solve the mystery problem that has been circuling inside my head since I got the urge to finish it up. And then Sensei asked me to look over to the side...

"Isnt that Chelle ? Why is she sitting over there ?"

"Ya hor... she said she's making a phone call, I thought I just saw her outside the window just now..."

"Go ask her come over la..."

*Going to move the chair aside.*

"Eh, I thought she wears blue shirt today ?"

"Eh !? Ya hor !"

*The twin picks up her phone call.*

"OMG, she even got Chelle's old phone colour, white !"

*Snap pictures...*

When "My" Chelle was back, we showed her the twin, and she wasnt sure if its real she looks alike with her twin.

"Side view got la...", she commented.

There's been a guy looks like Rannie-chan spotted by Sensei; a girl who almost got the face of Freezie-chan, Scotty who is the real-life person of the main character in the animated film Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs; and a lecturer that looks alike with Sensei from the eyes and facial expression... I wonder when I'll found one.

Tomorrow gonna present the moral assignment to the lecturer... hopefully everything works smoothly and he didnt bomb us with loads of questions which we dont know how to answer it !

#My moral assignment group member. Left to right: Kalai, Potato, "My" Chelle, me and Kosalai.#

Oh yea, its April Fool's day today, its also the birthdays of Syaoran, Sakura and Watanuki Kimihiro of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle by CLAMP !!! So happy birthday to you trio, may CLAMP will release more manga and anime about your journey soon !!!
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