Monday, September 29, 2008

Terrible, Horrible, Unbelievable, Incredible and Vegetable !

Yesterday I was called up by my aunt to go to help her clean my uncle's house. I heard that my uncle's house has been doing cleaning job and shifting furniture here and there due to the feng shui thingy stuffs, and most of the people needs to sleep in other rooms due to the same thing as well. In short, the whole family members are actually cleaning their room for other people while shifting furniture here and there...

After breakfast, we arrived there and started to clean my uncle's "store room" which full of the stuffs he bought from US.

"Compact Flash memory cards, keyboards, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW..."

Then my aunt handled me XBOX 360's remote control, two 20GB storage device and several game controller. Brand new and sealed. And later on, I saw my aunt carrying a XBOX 360 core system and put into the cabinet. Brand new and sealed ! Whats the purpose of buying it while you're not playing it, giving it or selling it ? Its been 4-5 years my uncle came back form the US, and if my calculation was correct, it was kept in that "store room" for the past 4-5 years and yesterday was the first day it "sees" the sunlight ! Terrible~

And so...continuing clearing those stuffs and put it into the cabinet. "Come help me carry this, its a computer !" I heard my aunt told me so for the nth time already. With each box of desktop computer I helped to carry, I'm wondering whats the use of buying all of these since you're not opening a Cyber Cafe. "Intel Pentium 4 with HT technology," muttered myself, can I consider it as "old" already ? Since we're having Dual-Core or Quad-Core now, or whatever it is for the computer nowadays. "Why not you give me one of your computer ?" thought myself. Kinda childish, but what I really want for now is something that truly belongs to me, not something that "I borrow you to use for now, until the day I really buys you the same thing." Horrible~

Later on, my aunt found a box full of shoes. Niki, Banana Republic, and some other branded shoe boxes were found. "You already wearing your 2-4 sport shoes now, what the use of the rest of the shoes here ? What'cha gonna do with it ? Open a shoe shop somewhere ?" thought myself, again. The box with the height till your hips was later fulled of his shoes. And My aunt actually took a pair of sport shoe out so that the box can be closed tightly. "Stylish, but it'll be useless once its broken if you keep it for another period of time."

What happens next was we're cleaning my uncle's father's reading room. "Shit !" thought myself ! There's really come crap there on the books that I found on the cupboard ! With the dust of 1 inch thick, I made a strange face to my aunt, even she's making the same facial expression to me. both of us carried the books and placed it into a bigger box for storage. And I found some of my uncle's stuffs there too, a few digital cameras, cam recorders and ... another XBOX 360 core system. Zzzz...

"Whats the use of these books when you're not reading it !?" said my aunt. its been full of spider webs and dust and also...kinda rude but...lizard and perhaps...mouse shits. I sneezed a lot when doing the second part of the cleaning. When I'm carrying those books out of the room, I saw my grandfather (I guess I should call him so, my uncle's father...) reading newspaper at the sofa. "We're throwing your books now, didnt you wanna help us and clean ? Its your stuffs anyway..." thought myself. Unbelievable~

After the books, my uncle found something behind the computer desk, and when he pull it out, its a box of aluminium tinned beer. The first box I saw was kinda new, but when he keep on pulling out the last two boxes, I'm going to vomit sooner or later. "The beer in the tin evaporated," said my uncle. And its true, some of them burst due to high pressure or what-so-ever, but some of the tin were empty, as if there's no beer in it at first. The area behind the desk was full of the smell of the beer, and its disgusting to look at. Grandfather has been reading and doing his stuffs here all these times, and he didnt even realized that the smell of the beer and all the dust on the books. Incredible~

"I'll clean these myself," the happiest thing I heard for the whole day. My uncle told us that and my aunt said OK. So we're having lunch at the dining room. Oh...what a vegetarian meal. Dont care about that, and we're off back home. What I found that night's dinner was, all vegetables ! OH vegetable~
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Life After Finals

#"Lets get going !"
Featuring Rannie y Char Siew Pao hugging.
(Not forgetting Hermin's hair, SL, Tweety and Scott !)#
#The "No Smoking" sign above should be replaced with "No Hugging"...#

Thats what I thought after going out of the exam room. Cut the crap when you're out of the room... Ah, for sure, coz its very sad and its there's nothing much to talk about. After series of events, we're on the bus going to Times Square. Its a total of 10 or 11 person if I'm not mistaken, too much people going for this trip.

"Char Siew Pao going out with us for today's trip..."

"HUH !?"

"Ai ya...pity him lar...his class nobody wanna go out...that day's birthday only our class celebrate with him ark..."

So other than we TE 4, Char Siew Pao was with us after Freezie-chan told me so at the morning, as well as SL's housemate, him Shen should be OK, coz the name "orang minyak" was too rude and I dunno why SL calling him so. Our original plan was going for bowling, but then when we're going for our lunch, Freezie chan decided to watch movies ! Since my wallet cant afford both at the same time, I refused to watch movies. The other reason was...the summer blockbuster movies ended long time ago and there's nothing interesting in the cinema recently. And actually I was thinking of buying myself a black-coloured shirt, since they lot want me to do so and claimed that I'm nicer in black.

And so, we meet Sl's GF at...whats the name of the restaurant ?...never mind then. We had our lunch separated and I end up with Freezie and Hermin (which refused me to use Peppermint as her name in my blog). We went to several places together and both of the girls found their shop and bought some of the items inside it. Its a nice handphone pouch (is that what it calls ?) and they looked so happy with it. Then we meet with the others and "My" Chelle wants to drag me and Freezie into the boutique and buy us a shirt. Thats her plan since she knew that Freezie and I shares the same birthday.

#Guess who ? Freezie-chan might found her favorite ! (While I'm looking for mine on the other side...)#

When I was looking around the shop I sense somethings not right, so I started to search for them. What I found was they lot actually left the shop and I'm the one left behind. What to do ? Rush to them ! It happened twice if I'm not mistaken...Although I did found my desired shirt, they're leaving ! What am I suppose to do ? Follow them where ever they goes...

When we're going back, I can see that "My" Chelle was disappointed coz her plan did not succeed at the end and Freezie actually saying "Lets go home, I'm tired" to her.

"I know you're waiting for this time for so long, I know about your plan for us, and I'll be waiting for it, be patient," I told her when we're crossing the road. She just smiled at me, a bitter smile.

And what happened that night ? YCW at his room Bleach-ing, those episodes were funny, and I stopped by his room watched a few minutes before drop by SL's house for Dota. We left early coz SL going to clean up the house since he's flying to NY the next morning.

Thats the first day after the finals...the rest of the stories will be posted once there's interesting incidents to share with...(Other reason : this post is way too long already !)
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The "Pyramid" Trip

[ Please note that this post happens after the post "Life After Finals," thank you. ]

For sure, that picture was not taken by me myself, and I'm not inside of the crowded people too.

But whats true are, I'm there skating with my fellow FRIENDS who said wanna go out so suddenly till I didnt have the time to think about it. Since its been half years time I didnt met them, I decided "yes" straight away. And we met each other around 11.30am+, we went to Sunway with Bao HT's car. She drove nicely with some shocking incidents along the way, which scares me a little.

Anyway, arrived Sunway with no harm and we're wondering here and there for about half an hour plus and finally decided to had our lunch at McD. Siao ! Fillet O Fish WITHOUT cheese ? Haiz...fine...just eat it.

And so, we're at the ticketing booth for ice skating. After realizing that my wallet was actually quite empty after going out with fellow TE 4s, SX helped me to pay for the bill. She's been helping me to pay bills since secondary school and I was glad that I'm with her when my wallet becomes really thin. Where're we next ? Heading to the ice for sure !

The first step on the surface of the ice scares me a lot, couldnt believe that its that slippery ! With the aid of the edge of the field, I managed to "walk" for 2 rounds. SX was pretty good on it, seems like she's been skated before. After that, I tried to stay away from the edge and went inner towards the center. Results was remarkable, I'm able to "walk" without help ! Its a good sign and I'm doing so for the next few rounds.

Unfortunately (there's always be an unfortunate event), I fell down for the first time ! "I wanna fell down too ! It means that I've been skated before !" shout out loud Bao HT when I told her. And soon, Au YH fell down right in front of me with her friend ! Her new-college-friend helped to get her up but then her friend fell down for the second time ! Au YH got a cut on her elbow and with the aid of her friend, she's going back and rest at the entrance.

After a few more rounds of "walking", I found myself on the floor again. And sooner after that, I heard a high pitch sound and I recognized it as Bao HT. She's on the floor and she actually looks happy with it. SX, which accompanying her looks embarrassing and get her up.

3 hours of skating = 3 hours of fun

We end up buying some of the crispy rolls and going back home with Bao HT's driving skill. How's the day ? Fun Fun and FUN !

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mathematics I Exam Eve [Offline Blog for 19/9/2008]

3 more hours till 12am, and its 12 more hours until the exam comes, but then I've still having the mood of blogging. Although I didnt have my own broadband yet, and I'm glad that I'm not having it with me now, coz I'll be started to go online chatting or downloading GBA+NDS games now ! YCW was not at house today, I think he went out with his friends or ... new housemates ... ? Heard some voice chatting with him along the way down the stairs this morning, so my guess could be correct.

So...what happened actually was not on me, was on Ang, my housemate that havent been mentioned before. He was walking back from his lunch and according to him, someone with a motorcycle stopped there and handled him a letter, a WARNING letter from Indah Water, "the company that helps to clean the crap water for us" discribed Ms. Malaysia in her lecture. And that guy wants the owner of the house's name and phone number, for sure he dunno about it, so he had no choice but to write his own name and contact number.

His room mate Joe knocked my door and my door was half close, so he just pushed open it before I reach it. I taught he was gonna ask me math but then I realize that he was showing me the warning letter. Once I had a look on the amount needed to pay, I almost fainted, it was RM 1000+ ! And we decided that we must take this letter to Mrs. Lee, our house owner.

What we get from her was she's actually not the real owner of the house, she just rented the house and then rent out all the rooms for us. And she said that the bill was supposed to be cleared by the real owner. The bill suppose to be RM 96 per year, and so its RM 1000+ printed on the bill, which makes the time period havent paid the bill was ... 10 years+ !!! All 3 of us just had a shock of our life !!! The owner told us that the real owner was dead long time ago and she just get to know it few years ago, and the house was passed down to her daughter. For the 10 years time, could it be that the real owner died for that long period and thats why the bill was not cleared ? Hey, since you're the owner of the house now, why not you clear the bill for your mother ? If not, you just gotta sell it to other people since you're not caring about the house !

"... Sei yeh ... so irresponsible !" #Abstracted from Freezie's message after I told her whats happening to Ang and our house#

Well yeah ! Freezie was right about that ! I like the way she write "sei yeh" and I was imaginating the situation where she acts funnily and said the word out loud. This incidence had finally awakes the guts deep inside me to look for another room to rent. Few reasons to move out from this house :

1. Dirty ! What to do with it ? I cant go and paint the whole house again. I cant go and clean up the whole house and every corner since I got no help. Haiz !

2. No kitchen ! Without kitchen, I cant cook instant noodles, I cant cook oats for breakfast, I cant even reheat the food that I bought !

3. LIZARDS ! You might think that this is hillarious and funny, but its really irritating and makes me unable to sleep at night. They likes to search for food in my dustbin and they always makes the plastic bag move and thus produced sound, irritating sound ! Somemore they always makes noice under the cupboard and I cant find them when they're making it. "Tsk tsk tsk ..." Oh stop it ! Grr~~

4. Washing machine + Fridge ! The nessecity for a house was not found here.

5. Television ! Lucky YCW's room got it, so I can request to watch some movies or something. Since he was moving out, no more TV now. (TT^TT)

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Go Fishy Go ! [Offline Blog for 18/9/2008]

Actually that day morning we're having Chemistry I exam. It was too bad until all of our mood became so down. When I walked out of the examination room, my legs lost their balance and I felt so dizzy...40 marks gone, and I havent included my careless mistakes yet ! Will my goal to get at least 30-40 marks so that I can pass my Chemistry I with 2.0000 CGPA can be achieved ?

"That half-life question I know how to do, but I forget the formula !" shouting Freezie once we meet her.

"I never done Chemistry questions till so happy before !" said SL with confidence, which makes me scare coz I didnt do my exam well...

We're planning to go back and then straight away sleep till dinner time, and so Bond fetch us back without waiting Rannie, "My" Chelle and Tweety. "Lets go lunch first before we go back home," suggested Jes. Hate her for saying so, coz my stomach suddenly felt so hungry, but I agreed with her, I hadnt ate anything since last night's dinner, and my breakfast is just a bread.

We sat at the restaurant and few minutes later started "hitadakimasu."
"Where're you lot ... Ah ? Lunch ark ? ...Coming !" said "My" Chelle in the phone.

And few minutes later, Freezie, Jes, "My" Chelle, Tweety, SL, Scott and me were sitting together, started eating. My appetite suddenly grows and finished the dish, I felt more energetic now.

"Chemistry so 'Kanasai' leh...haiz~"

"Scott, your apartment got swimming pool right ? When we'll be going there ?"

"This Saturday night after we come back from our trip ?"

"Later at 5pm."

"Good idea !"

And thats how we planned for swimming ! Although we confirmed that 5pm meet at SL's house, but then we're arriving Scott's apartment at 5.45pm, according to either "My" Chelle or Freezie, I forgot. Reason ? SL forgot to inform Rannie about it. Haha~ What we do when we saw the pool ? JUMP IN ! All of them are good swimmers but then me, Tweety and Scott are not. So Jes, Freezie and SL becomes the trainer, somehow we're like rejecting SL's teaching coz he want us to dive (izzit so ?). At least Jes teaching us how to kick the water and floating...not very good at first, but we all improved a lot.

#"Hime, I'm here to kiss you, to save you from your deep sleep !"#

So, its the swimming lesson now ! Starts to learn how to swim to the other edge of the pool. Jes taught me lots of techniques but her last one really helps, put one of your leg touching the edge of the pool with your hands closed and in front of you, take a deep breath and kick the pool ! Next thing you know is you're swimming and the legs must keep kicking the water or it'll be a beautiful disaster - drink water ! Well, POOL water that is...

#Ah ! A light bulb above my head, use Jes' Last Technique !#

#And did works ! Victory sign !#

After drank lots of water using my mouth and nose, finally I can get the idea of swimming and I did it too ! When I kicked the edge, I felt like I'm not swimming, coz I cant felt I'm moving forward. And it seems like I'm swimming forever to reach the other edge, but somehow I made it. Then I started with a higher level, swim in the middle to the edge. I saw what they all do, and I mimic their movement.

"Jump and swim to the edge !" I told myself. And I did it too ! Just that I was lack of air and inhaled some...water ? I coughed a lot when I reached the edge. When I look back, Tweety improved a lot too, from robot-kicking-water till fishy-legs and heavy rock till floating boat. Maybe I'm not learning how to float first, everytime when I starts to swim, I felt like I'm a bit like dropping down into the pool.

After 2 hours of water splashing and drinking water, we're out of it and having a bath. We straightly went to the restaurant for dinner. After that, we went back to our house separately and probably, sleep. Jes keep saying that she's happy that she taught a person at least how to swim, which was me.

"Which means I'm having another sensei then !" I said.

X-tra : The post before states there's a Sensei there, which refers to Yvonne, she taught me Mathematics I before, so I call her Sensei.

Deleted scene :

#Rannie-chan, watch where your hand goes !#

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Day With Fly FM

What day is it ? I forgot, its kinda like long time ago now. But the memories of it still very clear in my head, at least I remember who are with me that day.

SL, Tweety, Rannie and "My"Chelle, 5 of us are actually walking back from UTAR. What day is it ? I really cant remember it, but somehow what I remember was we had our lunch with Jereen (Our Ex-TE 4 friend) and her gangs at PC block coz we're bored with the menu at PA Block. Well yeah, lunch time and dinner time was the time I've been waiting for the whole day coz thats the time where I can have chit-chat with those crazy friends.

Forgot whats the time again (Probably around 3-4pm), we decided that we'll be going to print and photocopy the lecture notes for Biology I (Now I remember ! Its a Wednesday, it happens after our Economics presentations !) since all of us didnt have it. Its gonna rain soon, so we're thinking of rushing to the photocopy shop that we trust the most but we're stopped by the crowded people outside the Fireman at Jaya One. Actually its not those people who stopped us, its just the view of the crowded people and of course, the uncle security guard that doesnt likes me to call him UNCLE.

"Hey, you see your princess are watching, why not bring your princess go and have a look !?"

"They are the princess, then will I be the prince ?" whispered myself...

And so, we became one of the crowded people now, too bad we cant pull Jereen in the fun, she's rejecting to join ! So its Fly FM then, having those road show or whatever it is, for the purpose to bring their listeners closer to Fly FM or something, playing games and sort. Those two DJ were kinda funny and all of us went crazy with both of them. "Kon !" shouted the male DJ when he saw the file that I was holding with the drawing of the madness Kon.

#SL making the "Ultimate Water Pose" !#

#Me, SL, Rannie and Fly FM DJ#

After all the madness and getting our prizes, we stayed with the DJ and had some little chat. And that male DJ asked me something, "why not you go and shadow your Kon ?"

"I'm good in copying it, not shadowing..." (=.=)

"I'll do it for you, got a pen ?" (O^O)

"Sure." (^_^)

"Seriously ?" (@.@)"

"Yeah..." (^3^)

And thats how the Kon that I drawn with the shadowing on it, not really nice at first, since he was rushing with time, so when I got back, I darken the part that he shadowed, the result was awesome ! I requested him to have a sign at the bottom of the drawing, and write "Fly FM" with it, and so he did.

#No skill people taking picture for us...what to do ? All the people in the picture so small...haiz...#

What a day with Fly FM, too bad Freezie-chan went back after the presentations, she was complaining that she cant get herself in the madness. At the end what happened to our lecture notes !? We arrive the shop at 5pm+ and soon after that, went for another round of eating - dinner time !

~~ X-Tra ~~

#Rannie being "ma lat" by Fly FM DJ...the consequences of taking picture without the people beside you. Hohoho~#

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3 Songs That Affected Sensei-sama's Life

The title saids it all ! It was a total of 3 songs that affected Sensei's life, and it was non-stop played by her housemate day and night, making her life miserable. The song listed below comes with order.

SONG NO#1 - Touch My Body from Mariah Carrey

She claimed that her housemate non-stop singing this song from morning till midnight with the highest volume ever ! Imagine in the situation like that with the lyrics "touch my body...touch my body..." it sounds so disgusting and I told Sensei that ...

"You go knock his door and said 'I'll touch your body,' then hit him with your fist."

Makes sense, she's touching her housemate's body with her fist right on the head.

"Oh hohoho~" laughed Sensei.

SONG NO#2 - "Give Me Give Me" from Britney Spears

This is actually more disgusting than "touch my body", the lyrics sounds "give me give me, give me give me..." So what's that suppose to mean ? What should I give you ? From day till midnight non-stop giving and giving, should Sensei give him a hug ? Or perhaps giving him a bag of money ? A kick on the speaker would be a better choice if you ask.

"Sensei-sama, go back and knock his door again and said 'I'll give you THIS !' and kick him with all of your might."

Makes sense again ! She's giving her fellow housemate something ! A pain killing kick !

"Oh hohoho~"

SONG NO#3 - "Outta My Head" from Jessica Simpson

When the song was played non-stop from day till midnight, you'll be sure to want this song to "get out of your head". And IMAGINE (sounds like Ms. T pulak), the song sings "outta my head outta my head," but it will never be "getting out of your head," how terrible was it ! It sounds like a suffering more that enjoying...somemore her housemate still wanna sing out loud.

"Knock his door again and tell him to 'get out of my head !' and punch him."

Makes sense once again ! When the song plays, you think of the stupid lyrics that keep circling in your head, you want it to get out of it, and you'll think of your housemate for playing that song over and over, which makes you angry and feels irritating...

Oh ! Thats all for this post. I hope there'll be no more irritating songs ever again for my Sensei. She said that it disturbed her studying ! Oh hohoho~~~
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