Monday, May 31, 2010

Back !

Its been a while since I updated my blog...well, since I'm busy having my holidays and Chinese Orchestra camp, I guess I'm forgivable as long as I write about them huh ?

I'll take that as a "yes" and I'll leave it for the coming post.

In case you dont know, a new semester had just started and guess what, I'm now a year 2 senior ! Lol~ Saw lots of freshies around the campus today and there's also a lots of bicycles and cars and motorcycles around the Westlake area. Never seen that much of people since the day I'm in Kampar... @_@

But anyhow, this semester's subjects are quite to be tough and almost related to each other. While you'll only need to remember the name of the process in subject A, you'll need to know the whole process in subject B... or something like that.

So... for a better tomorrow: sleep early, rest well and spend every single minute you got to do revision while you still could !

Hence... I bet this easy piece of Japanese wouldnt counfuse you:

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Trip to Ipoh: 2nd Gig !

Go go go !!!

It was a real fun day hanging out with TE 4-rians again to Ipoh Parade. And of course, we took the Kampar Old Town bus to the bus station in Ipoh, and changed another bus to reach Ipoh Parade.

#Its early in the morning, we visited the bakery shop nearby for some breakfast !#

#Hermin-chan having her warm-and-puffy Siew Pao ! You can tell how tasty is the Siew Pao from her expression.#

#Passing by some really old unopened shops. Looks creepy there...#

#Just as we're so happy heading towards Ipoh, this guy stopped us...#

#Hermin caught this through the window. That big thing there was making a lot of black smokes... Hermin said she saw they're from Jabatan Alam Sekitar or something...#

After stopping for 10 minutes or so, we're on the road again and reached Ipoh bus station. Then Freezie-chan found something interesting...

#A really old cupboard !!!#

#Mean while, Hermin caught this while we're waiting for the next bus.#

We reached Ipoh Parade few minutes later and we went to the cinema to buy tickets. Since the movie starts at 3pm and its still 11am++, we went for bowling instead of shopping.

#Gotta be weird, since all of us were wearing the same shoes !!!#

#Down down, down down the hole...#

#The guys.#

#The girls.#

Of course, we're hungry now, and there's nowhere else other than Sushi King that we'll go into ! But before I went in, we found that the stage was decorated with tons of balloon that combined into a beautiful art.

#A huge heart, 2 cherry blossom tree and other decos !#

Alright, we're inside Sushi King afterwards. While we're waiting for our order, I keep on starring at the belt... WHERE'S MY SALMON !?!? Then I saw one approaching, but it was smoked. I wanted FRESH RAW SALMON !!! And hence asked the waiter for it.

When the waiter approaches me with the freshly made salmon sushi, I got shocked of what I'm looking at !!!

#Well, its not that there's only ONE of them (coz I ate the other one already)... But its about the THICKNESS of this salmon ! Its at least 0.5 cm thick !#

A bite-ful from this salmon really excites me. I couldnt resist it and took another plate that I found on the belt later on.

#The mess we left...#

Of course, we went for the movie later on: Iron Man 2 ! Didnt thought that it would be that interesting since I havent watch the previous movie before. And thanks to Yahoo! Entertainment, I got the information that at the very end of the movie after the credits, there's a short peek at what's gonna happen for the coming movie. 6 of us waited till the very end and got to watch the less than 1 minute peek...

#Iron Man and War Machine.#

I went back and searched for the nemesis of Iron Man, and found that the coming movie will be about the villain Mandarin, who mastered an alien science and got control over 10 powerful rings.

The whole movie was logical, so I'll give a 9 out of 10 for the movie. And thanks to Wikipedia, I finally knew that War Machine and Iron Man are from the same comic but not separate ones under Marvel.

Oh yea, did I mentioned that we got ourself some "dan dan" again ? While I was thinking of getting myself a Hitsugaya Taichou, I saw Full Metal Alchemist besides it ! Guess what, I got myself an egg from it !!!

#Available choices, left to right: Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang, Alphonse Elric B and A...#

#... Edward Elric C, B and A. Guess which one I got then ?#

#... RIZA HAWKEYE !!! Though I wanted Mustang more, but thats the fun of "dan dan"-ing ! You'll never know what you'll get from the machine !#

After the movie, we went back by bus again.

#Waiting at the bus station again while reading Sony's latest catalogue.#

#Clay pot chicken rice with Chinese sausage and salted fish as dinner in Kampar Old Town.#

#Close up... Oh yea, we ordered a plate of vegetables too ! The picture wasnt that clear, since my right hand starts to shake... aftermath of playing bowling !#

It rained after we finished our dinner. We called the cab and went back Westlake with the oldies played by the driver. Overall was fun, even though we're not doing much stuffs there. Gotta have another trip again for the coming semester again if we could !!!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


*Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. . . . . .(tapping on the calculator)*

You've got 15 minutes left.

And thats the end of the world since you got not enough time to finish up your calculations for the statistics paper.

The weird thing about this paper is: the question doesnt seems to be hard, but why am I not knowing how to solve the god damned questions !? And, having the lecturer of this subject as your invigilator seems to be funny. I've been wondering whether she's afraid of our final results while looking at us answering the questions, since we're all doesnt understand what the heck is she talking in the lecture hall...

Doesnt matter about it anyway, after the exam I did a very kiasu act that I never done before in the previous semesters. And by the way, I went to the library to accompany Sensei and "My" Chelle as they're returning books, and Sensei found something that caught my eyes: Dear John written by Nicholas Sparks. Brand new and never been borrowed by anyone before !

#Dear Dear John, your virgin is mine ! Hahaha~~~#

So excited with this new found book, never thought of having it in our library before. I guess I'll save my trip to look for it elsewhere in the bookstores now ! And I think it'll help me to spend some free time while I'm in the holiday too, thanks Sensei again for finding the book.

Since today is the last day of our finals, I agreed to join Rannie and gang to L4D2. While I waited and waited for their call (since I forgot to ask whats the time) and I over slept. Zzzz... but at least I got a whole night long to sleep now, and I'll be refreshed for the Ipoh trip tomorrow with Freezie-chan, Hermin, Tweety-chan, Scotty and Rannie.

If you cant get a thing after reading this post, here is it:

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

5 Down, 1 More to Go !!!

Guess whats that ? ITS STATISTICS !!!

Seems easy, thought of the whole subject is gonna just bear with all the mean, median, mode, cumulative frequency and draw some histrogram or ogive and some table... but its not !

Nightmare approches when it comes to the chapters of Probability, introducing back all those Possidon, Normal Distribution, z-score, p-score and sorta stuffs. Worse thing coming to us are the Chi-square, test hypothesis, ANOVA table, regression and corelations and all sort of crazy stuffs too !!!

So dear statistics: you'll found yourself dead in the middle of the night by the roadside, killed by me. Just wait and see, after I've studied and revised all of them...

At the meantime, I guess I'll go to bed first. Ciao~
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Movie Review: Dear John

Just finished watching this movie and I think I should come and write a review on it to share it. Well, the poster says it, Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried are the main character of this movie, who protrays John Tyree and Savannah Curtis.

John is a US Special Force army who're having his holiday in his hometown and he picked up the bag that Savannah dropped into the edge of the ocean from the pier. As appreciating his effort, she invited him over to her house for the party. Ever since that night, they become very close and 2 weeks later, they're separating coz John is going back for duty and Savannah's school starts soon. They're separating 1 year apart and they scare something might happen in that period.

#Got caught in the rain inside a roofless house, a hot kissing scene !#

So to strengthen their relationship, John promised that he will write often to her to let her know about the happenings around him; in return, Savannah will do the same too.

A year passed by and thinking of he could reunite with Savannah again, the incident 911 happened. War and terrorist and sorta things brings John back into the battlefield after the short meeting with Savannah.

What would be the ending of this tragedy ? How will they cope with each other to maintain their relationship ? Will Savannah got tired and give up on John ? All of these answers could be found in the movie of course.

First thing: I found a nice song in this movie, written and performed by Amanda Seyfried - Little House. She sings this song while playing guitar to John in the movie. It was touching and beautiful. Here's the song:

Second thing: When the story go into John's father, I got touched and almost shed a tear. The scene is warming and you should go look for it yourself while watching it.

Third thing: Of course, the ratings ! 7 out of 10. This is a romance movie so dont hope for many humour or funny stuffs here.

And in the end, just for your information: Dear John is the movie adaption of the novel with the same name writen by Nicholas Sparks in 2006.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

You Call That an ICE KACANG !?

It was yesterday that I shifted most of my belongings to the new room down the street. Million thanks to Sensei, "My" Chelle, Ah Hua, Bond and the suddenly showed up yLeong, who helped me to shift my stuffs. Without them, I gotta carry all the boxes and bags and notes all by myself !

The new room's environment was quite OK, just that those housemates there are quite scary. Talked to them twice, got shocked and scared twice.

Anyhow, as an appreciation, I decided to buy them a drink, and we end up in a mamak stall somewhere near KTAR (you'll know where izzit if you're paying careful attention on the words...).

We sat inside and waved for a menu, and Sensei starts to order her favorite ice kacang.

"Ice kacang satu."

"Tak da."

All of us went "..."

"Kita mau makan ice kacang...kalau tak da tak pa la..."

Just as we wanted to get up, the waiter went into the kitchen and returned.
"Ice kacang ada."

Pointing at the menu. "Ini semua ada ?"


"Ice kacang biasa satu."
"Peach longan ice kacang satu."
"Soursoup longan ice kacang satu."

Then the nightmare came.

We thought that they're lazy to make the ice kacang for us at first, and by the judge of the beh song look after taking our order, we concluded that the ice kacang that we order might be strange. 

The truth:

#My so known "peach longan ice kacang".#
Name and logo of the restaurant is taken at the back ! P/S: the restaurant was numbered "2".

For sure, that wasnt the ice kacang that I had before !!! The ice was not soft, it was a rock hard half melted ice with longan and peach sea coconut !!! It took me almost forever to finish the whole thing. The only taste I got from it is the sweetness of the sea coconut, when it was finished, the whole thing went tasteless.

While having this "ice kacang", I started to poke the rock hard ice with the spoon. What I found is that this ice is actually a huge ice cube !!!

OMG... we paid the bill and leave for good. I dont think I'll ever step into this mamak again for any food. Its just better to go to the other stalls than this mamak.
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