Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy National Day Malaysia !!!

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Yesterday was Malaysia's national day, and I remembered that few years back while I'm still addicted to MapleSEA, all the players greet each other and jumping around with the event exclusive Malaysia/Singapore flag weapon. Its been so long now, I'm still keeping it in my inventory as a memory of the happy times while I'm Mapling with my friends.

#Found another female player wielding the same flag weapon inside an event map last year.#

Well... national day doesnt seems to be any meaningful again ever since  graduating from secondary school. I still remember that our school will be having a big celebration with speech, drama, music, choir, performance, dance and competition that last for the whole August. 

Since the whole Kampar is in the study mood now as the final exams are drawing near as Raya holidays approaches, everywhere I look seems to be quiet and empty. 

I guess I'll need to go and have a quick Pokemon game study before I take my nap now. 

#Happy National Day Malaysia, may Peace always be with you.#

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