Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Left 4 Dead 2 with COU Mates !!!

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Extending isnt as fun as it seems, but thanks to COU and my part time job, at least I can spend most of my "free time" leisure time on them. Been practicing my flute and (going to) percussion skills for the past 2 weeks as we're going to have our very own 3rd concert !!! With more experienced new members joining in, this concert is going to be so much fun !

And yeah, the already-past Monday was our Mr. Harley's birthday. Like usual, the conductor prepared a birthday cake at the end of the ensemble practice and everybody wished him a joyful birthday. Somehow I dunno why, I slipped my mouth saying "L4D2" during some of the conversation, and the next thing I know is: I saw a few blinking pairs of eyes looking at me

#Mr. Harley and his birthday cake !#

The next thing I know was, 4 of us went to Khakabo for a L4D2 game. 

#L4D2 loading screen.#

A normal No Mercy campaign seems to be very hard for the 4 of us, partially because we enabled cheat. So throughout the campaign I'm the only one spamming pain killer and first aid kit for the rest of the group and giving health to myself in the worse condition

Since this is the SECOND TIME IN HIS LIFE that our cute conductor entered a cyber cafe and his VERY FIRST TIME playing L4D2, we're considerate enough to guide him through all the basics he must know before he sets his foot into the warzone. I guess the best thing that I've taught him was "heal yourself with first aid and pain killer" and "slash zombies with your katana". 

At the end of the campaign, our conductor claimed that he wanted to vomit when he saw one of the zombie (Boomer to be precise) vomited on him. Oh well... though we both died in the game, but I hope that we can have another round again some day. 

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Jong said...

Hahahaha~~~maybe boomer have your conductor bayang~~~

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