Thursday, October 29, 2009

No Weekends For Me !? TT^TT

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Another week ended just like that for me, obviously... its true, although its Thursday today, I got the feeling like its Friday instead. Its been exhausted that having stuffs to do from the beginning of week 1 till end of dont know which week. There's always be something that stopped me from having a nice weekend lying ahead of me...

Friday: Yeah, since I got no class on this day, so basically this day will be used to go Tesco with Scotty, Tweety-chan, "My" Chelle and whoever it is for "restocking" noodles, vegetables, snacks, biscuits and sort. Else, it'll be used for doing assignments as most of my friends are free started from the afternoon onwards.

Saturday: Suppose to be a very happy day right ? But then I got to go for lecture and said "おはよう ございます" as I'm signing myself for Japanese Language class. Its been my dream to study Japanese since "dont know when" and I've been very happy to get myself a place for the class. So no matter what, I couldnt complain much about having the class on Saturday, its my choice to choose it. Another resting day went "poof" and disappeared.

Sunday: Last Sunday was lost because of attending one of the soft skill talk organized by UTAR. Cannot say like I've been cheated since I did learnt something through the talk. Hopefully for the coming Sundays will be a resting day for me before I attend the morning class on Monday.

They're 2 very important post that I should be writing by the end of this week. It'll be about the outing for tomorrow's "Late Mooncake Festival in UTAR" and Sunday's "Waterfall Trip in Kampar" with fellow ex-TE 4rians ! Its been ages that we all wanted to go somewhere else hanging out together. Thanks to Jest, our plan is now on the "O" stage in POLC. Oh, this is gotta be so much fun !


Ken Wooi said...

enrolled in japanese class?
cool! =D

SpiKy9007 said...

Yup...I enrolled it earlier than my friends coz I managed to get myself a place in the class. Its really fun to learn a language than math, science and management stuffs.

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