Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Update !

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Finals is coming real near and I'm still slacking around like a parasite. Things has been going on and on these few weeks, here's some updates:

- Finally went to practice Dizi at Sensei's house... on a rainy day !
- On the same day after the practice, I helped my housemate change the car tyre... in the rain with an umbrella.
- Few days later, its Weng Siu's turn to change his car tyre !!!
- Had burgers as breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2-3 consecutive days.
- Just finished MUET exams lsat Saturday. (What a relief !)
- Scared my life out of my brain after watching trailers of NDS game "Dementium", a first-person-shooter survival horror.
- Twice I saw Rannie-chan while I was having lok-lok with my friend.
- Twice I left my bike at campus, and twice I walked to lecture class through KTAR with short pants.
- Happily washed my clothes, hanged outside, and collected them back when its about to rain.
- Influenced my friends to bought the special offer "buy 1 free 1" fruit juice from the convenient store.

And the best of them all... I got another recording of myself playing Dizi !!! Here it goes, Theme of Love from Final Fantasy IV DS.

The quality isnt that good, but its the best I could do. I'm here dedicating this song to Polly Chong and Cammie Tang, whom I met them during my industrial training, to wish them a happy belated birthday. Hope you all enjoy then.

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