Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nuts !!!

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Its driving me NUTS, I never thought that the peanut that I received from Sensei-sama grows that fast !!! Well... I think is illegal to ask for a peanut from her for my personal gain since those peanuts are her FYP samples in plant tissue culture. But anyway, as long as her supervisor didnt find out, I guess it should be fine.

Here's the picture of the peanut plant on the 3rd day:

#You can already notice how thick is the stem connecting to the roots, I guess it's already that thick since the second day I planted it.#

When I saw that it has sprouted some young leaves, I played some songs for the peanut for the rest of the day. And what surprised me on the 4th day morning (today) is, I never realized that it has grown soooooo much !!!

#Its has grown taller for at least 2 times since yesterday !!! No wonder Sensei said that she was shocked by the growth rate.#

Gotta continue on monitoring its growth from now on. I wonder what should I be doing once it is too large for the pot that it is growing from... save that for the future then. 

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