Sunday, November 27, 2011

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Its been weeks since my last update... let me list down what I've been through in those days:

- Having big problems with the Internet connection lately, there is no doubt that someone is manipulating the connection or heavily downloading/streaming movies. I hate it everytime when I wanna use it for assignment/report, it get sucks. Feels like smashing the modem so the whole house couldnt go online. *Rawr~~~~~*

- You might noticed it already, UTAR COU just had their second concert last month, coverage of the concert can be found here. We also had a celebration dinner 2 weeks afterwards with a concert DVD given to those who're attending as a mystery appreciation gift. I received a copy myself but couldnt watch it using my old laptop. *Sob sob* Anyway, I had a nice meal on that day, and I filled my stomach till it almost exploded !

#Some of the memorable happenings compiled together by one of our concert committee member. Thank you for the beautiful work.#

#Celebration dinner at Grand Kampar Hotel Chinese Restaurant. Can you spot 2 hidden Mickey ?#

#Seriously... the cloth used to decorate the pillar was comfortable when hugged. Lol~#

#What is a celebration dinner without a big group photo ?#

#We just couldnt stop ourselves from taking pictures on that day... even with our hoods on ! And yes, there's 1 more hidden Mickey here too.#

- Lectures are as boring as ever... but it is a different story for FYP ! Seeing my apple samples are giving positive results for the antioxidant assays I did on them motivates me to continue on. The only problem I encounter is time and amount of solvent left. Hope that I can finish everything soon.

- Oh yes... I did quite some cooking with Rannie-chan and Freezie-chan as well ! We cooked ourselves dinner a week before semester starts and constantly having a cooking session once every 2 weeks on glutinous rice ball dessert, fried bread and sushi.

#This is one-of-a-hell big piece of maki filled with cucumber, carrot, tuna spread, crab stick and sausage.#

- Working seems like enjoying lately, though we still need to be serious when the big bosses are around it is busy time. Me and Harley-san celebrated our beloved colleague's birthday last Saturday with a chocolate cake. Announcement: December monthly promotion coupons are coming real soon !!! 

#Obsessed in working until taking picture with the cake AND the tray. LOL~#

#Oh yeah... making leaf-shaped wasabi is my specialty now since almost everyone is afraid of the smell. Credits to Harley-san for the picture.#

I guess thats all of it unless you wanna count "course registration sucks with turtle-slow connection" and "NDS game Professor Layton series are addicting". Here's a lovely and relaxing song I found today by Hebe of Taiwanese female pop artist S.H.E. to end this post. Enjoy~

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