Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Meaningful Chat

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I had this chat again with my Maple friend Lyn, MSN. Its Math 2 final exam eve and she's been asking me about my recent happenings. I was having my dinner while chatting with her, below is some of the stuffs that we chatted, since other content are a little ... privacy. =D

Busy ark ?

Nope, exam havent finish yet. Tomorrow got Math, then Public Speaking...

I see I jyjy lor~

Sure.'s your mom already ? Got better mar ?

She passed away 2 weeks ago. Before CNY...

So sorry ! I...I didnt know...>"<

Its ok, I didnt inforn anyone and my friend also. I'm getting better le.

Your mom sure is a very good mom lor...

Yup, miss her every night.

She'll be guarding you and your sis, dont worry.

She will de...

Dunno why, I'm crying for you leh.

Sorry, making you cry. Shouldnt tell you de...

Well...can ask you another question ? How's your dad then ?

He drink every night, I know he miss my mom so badly.

So kelian, hope that everything will be alright again.

Time will heal de...sorry, brb.

Well, I'm not really sure if she's crying after she said "brb". But I can feel that I asked about her mom's condition in the wrong situation.Shouldnt have been asking her about that the day before my Math final...

I cant imagine that situation happening to me, my families, not my mom, who... Anyway, I dont think that I'll be facing the problem as strong as Lyn.

You gotta be strong for whats to dear friend from Singapore that I never meet before...Lyn

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