Sunday, February 1, 2009

Harry9007 Fighting Dong Dong Chiang

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Well...its not the time for me to play Maple, I know it. But the curiosity pushed me over the limits and hey, I found myself Mapling later on. The world of Maple is full of Chinese New Year's decorations. Every where you go, there's an event quest for CNY.

I logged in as Harry9007 and walked around and found this what sort "Yuan Bao Fo" somewhere and I accepted the quest. I found myself in a new portal later on and Yuan Bao Fo gave me a Stick Cracker. When I checked it, its a weapon, but its a claw ! I'm a mage and I'm asked to use a claw to hit the mob !

#Well...thats the mob found inside the portal. I'm a mage using a claw, throwing stars named Cracker Shooter. The stars was not rechargeable, and how am I supposed to be killing the mob with each hit only cause 100 damages !#

#Ah ! Here comes evidence ! Each hit on the mob using the Stick Cracker is 100 ! The mob has a very high HP and I dont know I need to hit it until when...#


Fine...I quit later on and went to sleep. What a day...

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