Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lazy !!!

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Its getting more and more lazy these few days:
- lazy to blog
- lazy to wake up early in the morning
- lazy to cycle 
- lazy to concentrate in the lecture
- lazy to move around the campus
- lazy to do my assignments
- lazy to finish up my reports
- lazy to complete my tutorials
- lazy to practice my dizi

Oh yea... when you're talking about dizi, we Chinese Orchestra Unit of UTAR Perak campus just had a small performance as part of the event planned for the CNY dinner night organized by the Institute of Chinese Studies the past Wednesday. Well, the performance wasnt that bad actually, just that the stage was quite chilling and it makes me shiver during the ensemble. More details can be found here

Talking about CO again, it reminds me that we're organizing an inter-competition TOMORROW and I'm one of the fellas being cheated asked to join it. Havent practice the songs that I used for the competition yet, but I'm not that nervous about it since there's another thing to be worried about: my throat.

Been having sore throat since yesterday morning after having 2 pieces of cookies offered by Sensei (which she said it was given to her by our dizi teacher) before we fly the lanterns to the skies above. Tried to fly it twice, twice it failed. But at least for the second attempt the lantern did flew across the Westlake houses before it drops. 

Random update: done.
Sleeping mode: on.


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