Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Outing Before CNY [Offline Blog for 31/1]

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For sure, I think that I've been getting braver to meet up with my Facebook friends which I do not know them in real life, and I just had that again yesterday with one of them. To hang out with someone who shares the same birthday, having a few common interest and not know of seems to be weird, but I take it as getting to know a new friend.

Three of usBoth of us meet up at Mid Valley early and went to Red Box for karaoke. We do have fun singing out loud, though I’m not a very good singer. After few hours of singing, we went to arcade game centre for a few rounds of game. While Loke Loke was having fun on the dancing arcade, I found the percussion-based arcade more interesting.

The “hit-the-drum” game was easy: just hit the drum according to the rhythmic note displayed on the screen. With tons of classical, remixed, Chinese, English and weirdly Chinese New Year songs, this game could be used to practice your beats. Despite of being in the percussion team for the upcoming Chinese Orchestra performance, I played the game and found that I still need some practice on my drum-skills for Hard Mode.

#Homecoming movie poster.#

Afterwards we went for the Singaporean CNY movie Homecoming. The story wasnt that bad and some parts of the plot do touches me. Overall, I give this movie a 7 out of 10 rating because of its comedy.

Yeah, we went back to the arcade game centre again later on because there's one more token left for me to play. After the tiring gaming session we went for makan at Kenny Roger's roasters and a small visit at Puzzle World. I saw your puzzle there YYH, but I found Kingdom Heart's more interesting. Haha~~~



Happy Chinese New Year !

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