Friday, July 1, 2011

Cat, Ribbons and Song

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Everytime when there's ensemble practice, I'll found the same cat lurking around listening to our ensemble and plays with us. She's cute, quiet and doesnt afraid of humans unlike her siblings which jumps away whenever I approaches them.

I arrived early yesterday evening and I start my practice from the basics.  Moments later I saw her coming near my feet and she brushed herself on my feet. Her fur was soft, honestly, so the feeling was quite comfortable, haha~ Then she jumped on to the chair next to me and sat there staring at me. "I dont have any food for you, so sorry," I told her. She seems to understand it, but still sitting there listening to the songs I played. 

#Sexy back... Lol~#

They say she might be pregnant since she's having quite a big stomach. Talking about pregnancy, the First Aid Society organized quite a huge event this week around Block D and E, focusing on the HIV and AIDS prevention, awareness of personal health and first aid knowledge. I got some free gifts from their booth which I've been wanted for so long since last week.

#Ribbons !!!#

Yeah, it might sound silly... since almost everyone that I knew got it but not me, it gives me the urge to get one for my bag too. And how lucky am I to get one from Sensei (since she already got one and she's receiving another again) that she pasted on my bag

#There it goes the Red Ribbon and my Soul Eater, Riku's Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts.#

And by the way, we're receiving quite a lot of small gifts along the booths set up around Block D and E. Here're some of the bookmark design that I got from them.

#There's more design of the bookmarks given out, and the most funny design is the condom-shaped ones !#

Talking about condom, they're having a photo-shooting session with a Condom mascot which cost RM 2, and they claim that the money they collected will be donated to the charity

Then Rannie-chan tells us a joke: what do you call a person wearing a condom mascot costume ? A penis !!! But if the question was "What is the name of the person wearing a condom mascot costume", the answer could be Dick, Dicky or Dickson !!!

And lastly, I realized that they played a song that I liked very much but havent got it in my MP3 yet. Two is Better Than One, performed by Boys Like Girls featuring Taylor Swift. Too bad that Taylor isnt in the MV, but its still a great song though. 

And yes... I do believe that two is really better than one, and I really cant live without you. =)

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