Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Studying vs. Working

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Recently I started to wonder, is studying better or working better ?

Studying: I pay to learn.
Working: I'm paid to learn, and for my hard work.
Studying: I have friends. We share, we play, we laugh, we travel, we're doing most of the things together.
Working: I have colleagues. We cooperate, we work, we busy, we're doing our best to serve the customers.
Studying: Staying up late just to finish doing my revision or reports.
Working: Staying up late coz I just got back home from work.
Studying: Exams determines everything.
Working: Quality of your work determines everything.
Studying: More leisure time.
Working: Lesser leisure time and resting time too.
Studying: Got to rely on others for financial issues.
Working: At least I can handle partial, that makes a lot of difference !!!
Studying: I can join clubs and societies for endless fun activities.
Working: There's no such a thing in the working environment.
Studying: I'm tired without any reason.
Working: I'm tired with a reason.
Studying: You'll not get sacked. Even if you do, that means you're as worse as a rotten apple.
Working: You'll get sacked, if you're not doing at your best.
Studying: Everyday is the same old boring day.
Working: Everyday is a challenging day.
Studying: Facebook everyday !!!
Working: Facebook just to check updates.

The statements above are based on my own perspective, it might varies among different individuals. 

For my current situation, I think working would be a wiser choice to made, if I'm really given a choice between both. But it was studying who provides me with knowledge and all sorts of necessary skills for the working environment...

Since this is a hard choice to make after all... staying in between both of them will be the best solution at the moment. 

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