Monday, August 27, 2012

A New Journey Lies Ahead

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After all these years of studying in a university which I never really thought that I COULD be in one, the day finally comes to an end. Yeah, I'm gonna graduate soon, and guess what, I got no single thought of what should I do next. Ok, at least I got half a thought of what should I do next, but the future scares me a little. Guess this happens to all my other graduated friends eh ? 

"Lets go to Singapore and work together after we graduate !" my friend told me during Foundation 4 years back. I was like, "sure, why not... having friends working together in a foreign country would be nice".

When I searched for vacancy online, I found that most of them are not very suitable for me, or perhaps I think that I'm not qualified enough for it. But still, I gambled for a chance that I might be the chosen one. 

Its a bit hard to leave this lonely town after staying here for 3 years, but come to think of it: wouldnt it happened once when I'm leaving PJ for good ? 

I'm gonna miss the people here, the memories that we created and the stuffs we used to do. And I'm definitely gonna miss my COU and Shunka, which I had most happiest memories with them. 

Here's a song to share, she's a Malaysian Chinese artist that always mistaken as Taiwanese or China Chinese. Her song comforts and gives me strength when I'm moody. I hope the same happens to you lot too. 

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