Thursday, August 16, 2012


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My camera's dead. 
Not literary dead, but "dead" dead. 
Its not functioning like before,
and its been like this for a week now.

Googled "CameraFailed ErrorMessageHandler.handleMessage (-1)",
but what I found was not really helpful.
And it seems like it happens to all Galaxy series too.

"You must hard reset your phone... update...
...uninstall any app that uses camera...
...switch it off and take out the battery for a few min...
...something wrong with your SD card..."

All those just doesnt make a sense to me.

Was thinking to send the phone for checkup,
but not sure whether I'll be charged for it,
since most of the feedback in Google said:
"the phone dealer fixed the phone for me",
and they didnt mention a fee.

Just hope that it'll be alright in a few days time.
I miss my camera. 


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Jestrine Lau said...

hey, if u wanted to get a digital camera, just to inform u dat station 18 jusco r having camera fair. i saw the price start at RM250 =)

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