Sunday, August 31, 2008


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Well, when I read through my post, I found out that there's been too much words that only I can understand it. So I'm thinking of posting this to let you lot know about something that I wrote in my blog as reference. ^0^

No alphabetical order :

-FRIENDS : A group formed by me myself during Form 1 with permission of my 6 other fellow best friends. Each of us are given a title from the word "friends", and we named our self FRIENDS.
-YCW : My fellow housemate from SS17 which likes to shift to other house soon (probably coz of no washing machine, fridge and rental fees...?)
-TE 4 : The class that I'm in now, consists of 16 students (excluding Mr Su, which is an odd number 17 and never attend to lecture, shaming our class for being barred for all subjects in final exam).
-Ms "Malaysia" : My Economics lecture. Once called by her student as Ms Malaysia, so I use that title to refer as her.
-Ms T : Chemistry EX-lecture and practical lecture. Always brings me into her world of chemistry but I cant understand it fully unless I do some homework.
-Mr TT : Biology lecture and sometimes practical lecture too. Having his PhD in a very young age, with that level of knowledge, always scold us "no skill".
-Ms Y : Computer Studies lecture and EX-tutor. Kinda nice to chat with and funny.
-Ms L : Math lecture and tutor. With her evil laugh, she'll makes our life miserable and good in screwing up people. Her "processor" will be slowed down if the weather is hot.

If you notice, I love to use strange names and titles to refer as the person I know in my real life. This is to let people guess who's the person I'm writing about, and making it more interesting ! Hohoho~

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