Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thinking of Countdown...

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Well...never been to countdown before.
As the first time ever I may had the chance to go countdown with FRIENDS this year, they didnt really have the mood to go countdown.

"How's the discussion about our trip ?"
"I'll let you know tomorrow."

What to do ? Wait for their respond lor. Actually there's another thing I can do, DONT GO at all. This is not the first time that the trip was canceled, there's been many trips been canceled in the past. Eh...cant remember all, but at least I know 1 or 2 of them. I spend my time thinking of hanging out with them for the trips that they organized, but then at last they said "sorry, too little people going, so its canceled." Just like that day, they SMS me telling me that we're going 1U, and I can go back Puchong since they're driving and it sounds like a good plan for me. On that day afternoon (its a Friday, I still remember it, the memories are coming back !) when my fellow TE 4's are thinking of going Mid Valley, they told me that the trip to 1U canceled.

Fine, so I'm going with my fellow TE 4s to Mid Valley.

I'm now back at Puchong, didnt really got the mood to go out countdown with them already. And its almost raining now, my granny sure wouldnt let me go out at this moment. Thunder strikes ! ! hour ago its still bright and shine ! Not fair, its been raining since last 2 weeks.

"Its raining !"
"NO, Rannie is here, he's not outside," said Ms T during chemistry practical.

She really brings me into her world full of particles and bondings...I really hope to have a consultation hour with her. Guess I should send her an e-mail and see of I can have consultation with her. Time to go, thunder + lightning is approaching !!! @.@

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