Saturday, August 23, 2008

First post !

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Oh ! My second blog's first post ! Feeling a bit excited and happy. Should be creating my blog here long time ago instead of that Friendster's blog, which restricts me to write a certain MB of post only. Want more ? Pay to them ! How horrible is it...

I guess I'll write something interesting then, my economic presentation !

Its a Wednesday, and I found out that there's 7 groups gonna present in 2 hours, and I'm the last group to present my topic. With almost 20 minutes + each group, for sure my group will not be able to present it in time. So after the 6th group, Ms "Malaysia" let all the students to leave the class. I thought there'll be no one would like to stay back and see our presentation, but I was shocked to see all the fellow TE 4 stayed back for our group ! How nice was them. ^0^

Its better than having nobody to look at the presentation slides that my housemate YCW edited. With Kon on the cover and within the slides to make it more interesting, we begin our presentation. It was fun to see them laugh at the slides which YCW purposely made it funny and even Ms "Malaysia" laugh at certain slides too. I'm glad that his work had some feedback from my fellow classmates. Hopefully it will be just like he said, we'll be getting a slighly higher marks for our presentation due to our creativity.

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