Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sad (TT^TT)

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Haiz...we're having a consultation with Mr TT today. He looks terribly sick and not even answering all of the questions that we're asking them. After that, he allows us to go and collect our algae that we cultured, which was not very successful. I'm so happy coz at least there's some green spot and WHITE spot too ! Mr TT said "fungus" and "contaminated" to me. Well...I dont care about it, as long as there's some green spot, I'll be happy to keep it and take a good care of it.

I put it into my bag just to protect it and prevent it from lost. Went to economic lecture for revision after that and Ms "Malaysia" seems like giving us some so known "chapter scopes" for us. Life seems easier after knowing what chapter to revise and concentrate on to sit for the exam. After eating at the cafeteria (which all the foods are expensive than ever), we TE 4 split up into smaller groups and went to their heart desire destination for their what-so-ever works. I went to the reading room (usually its not for reading, coz its full of people chit-chatting and DoTA-ing) with SL and doing Biology pass year paper. when I saw "My"Chelle looking at her petri dish which contains some small spot of algae, I realized that my dish was in my bag and I search for it just to have a look at the algae (and fungus).

"Ah !!!"
The base of the petri dish cracked ! I told myself its still ok since its only the base, it'll not be a big deal after I sealed it with a tape. When we're going in the computer lab for the replacement tutorial for CS with Ms Y, I dropped the dish and the crack is larger now and the cover opened ! "Contaminated !" I shouted. I cursed the people who unseal the paraflim of the dish, which causes the opening of the cover. What a careless me, I almost destroyed my own algae and unexpected, fungus. Hope that the agar will not be too contaminated with unknown bacteria or sorta things coz I'm still hoping to grow it. What will be growing from the dish from now on ? Time will give me the answer.

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