Saturday, December 27, 2008

Celebrating X'mas...with Tang Yuan !?

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Oh ! Its Christmas eve ! But...we need to attend the replacement class for chemistry practical ! Hey wait a sec, Ms L said we could go back early if we finish it fast. And so we finished our experiments (on time) with homework - partial report ! How nice is she...usually we only gets full report...and so we took a picture of her !

#Hey, Ms L posing very cool wat...a very nice pictures starting with me at the back, Lyenn, Jolin, Rannie and Ms L.#

And then, we went to our shopping for our Christmas Eve Steam Pot ! Bond be or driver again and we went to quite a number of place to buy our magic ingredient for the steam pot. But wait a that ...

#...oh ! Its the Ragu pasta sauce that we saw in the catalog few weeks ago ! Just in case we never meet him again, I took this picture quickly.#

Then, we go to SL's house for the ultimate party ! Most of the TE 4rians were there and all of us contributed our help for the steam pot.

Pictures regarding the steam pot will be posted in another post due to the picture supplier delayed delivery. But never mind, there's another picture supplier that delivered something else to me...

#Ah ! What is that !? Its the rice flour mixed with dragon fruit for making tang yuan. We made it on Christmas day, the day after our steam pot...#

#Its Freezie-chan again ! Its been successful and we're looking forward for another flavour !#

#Erm...not this flavour that I mean ... but ...#

#...honeydew ! But wait, something not right with the rice flour...too many water !#
#Since the colour was too pale, Freezie-chan cant hold herself to add some chopped pandan leaves into it.#

#WOW~ Making it round and round and round and ... round.#

#Since all of us were hungry, SL and Rannie went out and bought us something ! And they're making the food for us !#

#Looks like the watery flour seems better now. POSE !#

#The dragon fruit tang yuan is here ! Looks like cherry balls ! I can taste the sweetness just by looking at it !#

#Jolin making a cute face while Freezie and SL comes along for a photo session ! Aww~ its just too delicious !#

#Thats the cube tang yuan that I made earlier ! So it survived from the hot sugar syrup ! Hey, whats those at the back, looks like pineapple...#

#Well, actually its not pineapple, its ginger ! Take a look here, its the honeydew tang yuan with dragon fruit tang yuan ! So beautiful~#
Aww~ I'm not in those pictures ! I should take picture of myself too next time...^0^

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Anonymous said... unlucky on that time i sick jor...u all dun let me make the yong yun...haiz...i like the honeydew rather than the pinky 1...hehe~~~

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