Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pictures and MORE Pictures !!!

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#Stuck in Bond's car ! Total of 8 people in his Waja including himself going to Digital Mall ! And Rannie took this picture at the front seat.#

#Getting wu liao while walking back home and went kisiao ! Taking pictures on our shoes ! Starting "My" Chelle, Scott, Jolin, SL, Tweety and me !#

#Ah...lovely Thursday morning ! A Thanks Giving card from Freezie-chan ! She made it in the middle of the night just for us TE 4 ! Too bad Amsha cant get it...#
#Blur picture captured by Tweety. Though blur, but it made a very good effect ! Imagine that the guy in the picture (is Rannie actually) abusing the teddy bear...haha~#
#OH ! Watch out what to say to your boyfriend ! Some things that you cant tell your boyfriend are written here ! Trying to find another one for "Things not to tell your girlfriend". Found this on people's car, can see the reflection of me, TWeety and Scott.#

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