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Hermit ? Its Hermin ! [Offline Blog for 19/12]

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#Freezie and Hermin at Old Town (Ah ! Where's me ?).#

Seems like another year will be ended just like that with lots of mid term test and programming assignment. At the same time, with the leaving of some of my friends and some other events that happens lately ... Anyway, we must go on since time only moves forward, there’s no turning back, not even Hiro Nakamura can change the past. Playing with space-time continuum is something really disastrous.

Erm, well … since Hermin said that I’ve only crapping about other people in my blog but not her, so I decided to crap about her then !

When recalling back what name to call her, we TE 4 came up lots of weird names. From names like “hermit crab” to “peppermint” and even “min min”, which was created by me. She’s always the girl who had her pony tail and specs. For me, she’s the one who very determined to study well for exam and fully understand the topics needed to learn.

Because of the subjects or what sort, she seems to be very stress in studying or understanding the topic. Rannie started to call her “stress po (“po” is Chinese word, which means “old woman” in this case). Everytime seeing her and Freezie-chan having conversation about some subjects with strange phrases and words, it makes me scare.

Wah ! They study that lot till I think that I studied too little !” I thought myself…

#Is that the "stress-po" ? Eh...I mean Hermin in "stress mode"...#

Then with the help of fate or destiny, I sometimes got the chance to solve questions or problems with her. Just like that programming practical for instance, I sorta know how to write the coding, but not really sure what to do, since I know the coding in my head will give me errors. Then Hermin came to ask me, I told her about my coding and when I told her half way, she already got my point. Then she told me about the ways of solving the problem, when she told me halfway, I got the point already as well ! That’s the fun part, when we’re writing the coding, we’re kinda like reading each other’s mind. Even Freezie too was there doing the coding together with us.

There’s another time in Writing for Science lecture, the lecturer told us to write an essay, pair work. Hermin sitting besides me that time and she said “never been working with you before, we in a group lar.” Then started to write the introduction and sort, we’re very excited in writing it and when writing the conclusion, we lack of ideas.

As conclusionfor the sake of …”
Wah ! I learned a new phrase ! ‘For the sake of,’ nice phrase !”
“Yeah, in the manga I read, there’s a part where the character said ‘for the sake of,’ they said she’s saying sake, not saké, which is a kind of alcohol in Japan.”

Then I said “for the sake of saké,” which makes her laugh a while. When we’re thinking what to write after the phrase, both of us look at each other with a light bulb on our heads shouting “our new generation” out loud ! Really funny that time, and we finished the essay with the phrase.

Few days back when we’re doing the Biology practical, I’m taking pictures on my blood on the slides and I saw her besides me. I forgot what she said (kinda feel angry for my weak memory power, but sometimes I really remember something that other’s cant remember, strange…) and I told her “there’s been a little boring and down in my blog recently …” which is a fact.

“… you always write about other people, never seen you write about me…” she complained.
“That’s the word I need ! I’ll put that in the blog.”

#What does Freezie spotted on Hermin's phone !? Izzit ... #

Today after Biology tutorial, I found myself stuck in Bond’s car again and Bond is trying to get the car to the main road. There’s a woman which did not let us pass, I started to say “women is like that…” and “My” Chelle said I’m talking like Mr J already.

“But if that’s my aunt, sure she’ll let us pass through.”
“Your aunt is a women !” counter attacked by “My” Chelle.
“It’s a CARING women if you ask.”

Then we saw Hermin in her dad’s car at the back of the women’s car. We started to wave real hard and she noticed all of us. Suddenly saw her dad reversing his car back a little to let us pass through, the whole people in the car was like “wow, how nice of him~” and Bond finally got the chance to pass through.

“Ah ! A CARING man !”
“I told Hermin about that later on…” said Freezie to me with laugh.

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