Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh My **** ! Deliciou-so !

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After my dinner at somewhere near Section 17 with Tweety-chan and Scott, we started went kisiao and ... something happens ! Lets guess whats the stuffs below...its kinda fun coz you'll not know whats those stuffs are. Hehe~

#Oh ! Our pirate ship is on the go ! [Guess whats that grey thing and the green thingy stuffs]#

#Gosh ! The pirate ship is under attack !!! DEFENCE !!!#

#Ah hahaha, ATTACK !!!#
#After playing "pirate ship" we went on decorating the surrounding area of the ship.#
#The "winter" version of the pirate ships.#

#Looks very grand, beware of the ultimate pirate ship !!!#
#Oh my...seeing Scott eating that "ho fan", makes me hungry ! [Guess whats he eating]#
#Alright alright, there's a larger view of the "ho fan" that Scott eating. Can you guess whats that now ?#
What a day ! Chun weh~~~ ^0^
(Thanks to my picture supplier for this very SUPERB pictures !)

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