Sunday, February 28, 2010

Interaction Day 2010 by Marketing Society

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#A brand new day ?#

Its been weeks ago since this event was organized by the UTAR Marketing Society, until now only I've got the mood to post some pictures of it. Haha~

#Bright and shine, all of us got tanned coz of the sun !#

Me and "My" Chelle went to the event not as a participant, but as a helper. And so early in the morning around 6am, we woke up and ready to meet the leaders at the Sports Complex.

Nothing much to say, just took out some tables, chairs, white boards, tents and equipments needed for each stations. Then we wait for the participant to arrive and we kick start the day with Banana Marathon.

#My "elder sister" Chester and her friend posing before the marathon.#

The marathon was fun, but we as helpers cant watch them finish the game and so we left the field and back to our own stations waiting the second part of the game to start.

#While waiting their opponents to come to my station, Chester's group member posed for me !#

Doesnt really matter whats my station about, since its quite gross. I dont even dare to touch that contents inside the pill ! Oh yikes !

After lunch at 11.30am, we continue on the final round of the station games. And this time, I got shades for my station and I'm very happy for it. This station was quite fun, easy to play and doesnt gross me out. Its plastercine, molding shapes of an object for the group members to remake one, and let the last person to guss the name of the object.

#Chester and her group member posing before starting the plastecine game.#

After the end of the event, its the closing ceremony and announcement of the winners. Chester's group won third place and I was happy with them. Yeah, congratz. And before we go, of course, we clean up the place as helpers. And finally, cookies and breads as tea time at 5pm !!!

#They're lots more which not taken in the form of pictures actually... what you waiting for, GRAB IT BEFORE IT'S GONE !!!#

When we're all full, the skies went dark and its time to go back home.

#Its always been a habit for us to look at the mountains before we're going somewhere (or just myself). When it looks like this, its better you hurry up or wait for the rain to fall.#

So far, this event was fun, even though I'm just a helper ! Thanks to the Marketing Society for organizing this wonderful event and "My" Chelle for coming along and dumped her sister alone going back to hometown. Lol~ jkjk.

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