Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gag Jie (Gag 姐) Returns !!!

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For the previous post regarding to Gag Jie, I found out that there's actually more and more funny videos about the happenings in Hong Kong by him/her ! Today I'm gonna show 3 of the videos I found interesting to share with you lot. Get yourself ready as the videos are in cantonese.

So, since I'm such a 38 person, lets kick start with this video: Baikwaology !

Moral of the video:
We should practice a thing called "Self-baikwalization" so that those gossips will not be spread like a deadly disease such as H1N1. Stop gossiping to other people after you got the gossip yourself. Right...

Next up, the thing we always do, ONLINE~ There's a term for it: Sheongmonglization.

Moral of the video:
Online dating is very dangerous, and Gag Jie was so correct on the point "false pictures". Beware of the guys and girls we know on the internet such as Facebook and do not public out your MSN to avoid strangers which their intentions are unknown.

Final video of the day: Middleority !

Moral of the video:
Never thought of there's a term called "Middleority" other than minority and majority. Lol~ But good work to Gag Jie for introducing us this special term. I dont think I'm the Middleority person, but for those who are, brace yourself and let the minority and majority know your existance !!!

Until next time, see you. =D

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