Sunday, March 28, 2010

Field Work Around UTAR

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#Danger: the content inside this plastic bag might cause biological-incurable disease. Avoid making contact with the content and if you did so, please quarantine yourself for 7 days. If itchiness, scrappy skin, hunger for raw meat and unconscious occurs, you might wanted to commit suicide before you turned into a living dead: zombie.#

Nah...just kidding. Its just a plastic bag with something inside afterall.

We've done 2 field work this semester, the first field work was drawing quadrants and count the number of species of plants outside the field of UTAR's gate. We done it under the hot sun and most of us eventually got darker a little. While the second field work was done around the edge of the pond in UTAR. The weather was hot too, but at least we got some shades from the trees around us.

No need to know much details on how we done it, but there's some pictures here I wanna show.

#"I hear a Hunter..." -- L4D2.#

#Yeah, this is the Hunter I'm talking about !#

And then, for some other interesting stuffs...

#Kalai was helped by SL and Rannie-chan to get down to the sampling area.#

#The lecturer told us to scoop up some living specimen of animals, and we end up scooping up an aquatic plant.#

#I smelled sh... *shhhh~*#

#Counting number of shrimp/snails caught.#

#And lastly, wonder what Rannie-chan caught at the back while Sensei-sama posing ?#

#A big snail !#

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