Friday, March 5, 2010


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I just dont understand why izzit my Internet connection was so damn slow these few days while my housemate's connection was so normal. It took me 5 minutes to load Blogger sign in page and another 5 more to load the "create post" page. Zzzz...

Besides, accessing Facebook also a big problem. Cant go Restaurant City anymore (which is my favorite game !) and check up on Cafe World and Farm Ville. So sorry Freezie, as I cant load the game with this hell connection, I guess I'll sent you gifts next time then.

Oh yea, WBLE too ! This damn connection not gonna bring WBLE to me, so if there's anything new on it I'll need to get it from my friend through MSN... eh, I cant even login MSN because of this stupid connection ! UGH~~~

Report and assignments are stacking now, and I can go Google hompage after it loaded for 5 minutes, but not searching anything useful !

This god damn connection is getting me crazy. The more frustrated is that my housemate is getting a smooth connection while I'm not, even though we're in the same house ! I wonder if this have something to do with the settings or sort. So I guess its time to ... ? Mmm...if i cant go online, perhaps I can go practice my chinese flute till 1am in the morning !!! Not a bad idea I guess...

Before ending this crappy stuffs, a nice picture for all:

#A smiley captured while looking on the specimen using microscope.#

Whether is my imagination or not, I can see that its smiling at me. I hope you guys will have a brighten day after looking this picture.

Time to sign off (to sleep of course, I got no more energy for flute tonight after practicing it for the whole night).


kenwooi said...

smile back! =D

ohmywtf said...

oh my god..i must say the smiley did managed to put a smile on my face! thanks!

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